Nobunaga Concerto episode 11 (jdrama) – What a dirty cliffhanger!

Final episode!

The episode starts with Tsuneoki telling Saburo to leave the Oda clan and blah blah blah I’m someone who is so into order that I can’t seem to see reason. Anyways, before Saburo can reply back, he gets word that Asakura and Azai have teamed up once again to attack the Oda clan.

nobunaga concerto3

With that, Saburo heads over to the retainers and suggests suggests that they try to make peace and stop the endless war between them, but Hideyoshi is really pushing for war. It’s fine if they make peace with Asakura, but Azai should pay for betraying Nobunaga. Plus, if a peace treaty happens, then Hideyoshi’s treacherous ways would be exposed. Hanbei asks if he can go speak with Azai, but Hideyoshi quickly suggests that they send a letter instead. Saburo agrees, but this move rouses Hanbei’s suspicion of Hideyoshi even more than before. Our little detective better work fast in figuring out the truth, because Hideyoshi is planning on being the one to kill Hisamasa.

Saburo promises to leave after this situation between Asakura and Azai is over and Tsuneoki is fine with this arrangement. Once he leaves, Micchi will be able to be Oda Nobunaga again. Tsuneoki wants this and the old man who is always with Micchi wants this as well. Even if Saburo is Nobunaga now, this is Micchi’s birthright. Only, Micchi is aware of the harsh realities that is waiting for him. He knows that the retainers love and admire Saburo, so if he takes over then a lot of them will turn away. He may want his position back, but he also knows how important Saburo is to the Oda clan.

Meanwhile, Azai gets the letter and Nagamasa asks his retainers for their opinion. All of them want to fight, but we know that Nagamasa is a pacifist and very much like Saburo. If he can avoid bloodshed, then he would gladly take that option. His retainers are not happy, but he still sends a letter saying that he’d accept the truce and meet up with Nobunaga. I’m happy for him, but his death flag has already been raised on numerous occasions so….that isn’t going to work. And just like that, the truce is over. One of the retainers who was against Nagamasa agreeing to Nobunaga’s terms commits hari-kiri. He did this to protest the truce, which seems really weird. The other retainers want to avenge him and not make his death in vain, so with a heavy heart Nagamasa heads to Nobunaga’s place and tells him that he’s rejecting the deal.

nobunaga concerto2

Kichou notices the change between Saburo and Tsuneoki and confronts the baka retainer about it. She asks him if he realized the truth, which means that Kichou knew that Saburo isn’t the real Nobunaga. She’s known this since the Enryaku-ji incident, but this knowledge doesn’t make her want Saburo to go. To her, it doesn’t matter if Saburo is a fake, because the current Nobunaga is her Nobunaga and that’s all that matters. If Saburo leaves, then Kichou wants to go with him.

If he rejects her offer, then she’ll stay behind and fulfill her duties as Oda Nobunaga’s wife. Micchi overhears this and he doesn’t look happy, but I mean, can you really blame Kichou for her feelings? Micchi may be her real husband, but he abandoned her. It’s been years since they’ve even been together and during that time Saburo was there. If he just did what he had to do, then he wouldn’t be in this mess and still have his wife.

There’s a cute scene where Saburo asks Kichou for advice on what he should do and through her words he makes he decision to fight Nagamasa even if it means killing his friend.

nobunaga concerto4

The fighting starts and Asakura already lost. As for Azai, they’ve lost as well. That sure was a short fight. Hisamasa is killed by Hideyoshi and Nagamasa’s castle is attacked as well. He tells Oichi to take their daughters and go back to Nobunaga, but she wants to stay with him. He tells her to live for his sake and to look after their kids and she finally leaves.

With Oichi is safe, Saburo switches places with Micchi, so he can stop Nagamasa from killing himself. Tsuneoki also accompanies him, but it’s no use. Nagamasa says his piece and then does seppuku. Saburo then finishes him off.

nobunaga concerto5

With the war done, Saburo leaves. He plans on going without saying a word to anyone, but Kichou makes sure she says her goodbyes first. They both avoid saying what they really want, but Saburo does tell her that he loves her and that she’s his favourite. I know he’s going to end up coming back, but if he didn’t then why say this? It seems cruel, since he’s leaving and she’s going to be with Micchi now. Plus, she loves him too, so they’re both going to be miserable. I guess it’s better to say that then to keep quiet though, so I can’t blame him for that.

Meanwhile, remember that one guy from Azai who killed himself in protest the truce? Turns out that Hideyoshi killed him and then worked with a retainer from Azai to say that the guy killed himself. That way, Nagamasa would have no choice but to reject the truce and go into war. Everything went according to Hideyoshi’s plan. He really is like the Aizen of Nobunaga Concerto, only not as awesome in a trollish kind of way.

Now that Hanbei knows what the deal is, he rushes out to tell Nobunaga everything. I’m nervous though, because Micchi is currently Nobunaga. Hanbei is smart, so he’s bound to figure out the truth behind the change. What’s even worse is that Micchi and Hideyoshi have a deal. Even if Hideyoshi did an underhanded thing and tried to kill Saburo, I don’t think Micchi would mind. As long as the Oda territory increases and they’re closer to taking over the country, he’s fine with anything. But they can’t kill him, right?

nobunaga concerto

Tsune-chan is back! He wanted to become a ronin, since he can’t serve under Micchi at the moment. Instead of allowing him to do this, Micchi tells him to bring back Saburo. Tsune-chan is more than happy to do this and rushes out. Saburo returns, everyone is happy, and they all make mochi together. Ieyasu is also there too.

That’s all fine and good, but what happened to Hanbei and Micchi? I hope he didn’t get killed. Ah dammit. Hanbei does his duty and tells Nobunaga what really happened, but Micchi just calls for Hideyoshi. With this, Hanbei is surrounded and things don’t look good. He then realizes that the Nobunaga in front of him isn’t his lord. He then learns that it’s actually Mitsuhide Akechi, but it doesn’t matter anymore because Micchi kills him. As he looks at the dead body, he starts laughing and says, “No, I’m Oda Nobunaga.”

Two good characters are now gone.

nobunaga concerto6

This is pretty shocking in itself, but there’s still some time left in the episode. We see Saburo and Micchi together and Saburo apologizes for being Nobunaga again. Micchi doesn’t mind and tells him that he’ll support him as Mitsuhide Akechi and that he better take over the country. This is kind of like the ending of the anime. Saburo walks away and… Ahhhhh?? Wahhh??

Show, you can’t leave it at this cliffhanger. You can’t. I won’t allow it! Okay, it’s not like I have a choice, but why! Why must you do this to me show?? As Saburo walks away, suspense like music plays as we get a close up of Micchi. The camera pans to a sign that reads Honno-ji.

For those who know the history, then I think you’ll agree that this is a dirty cliffhanger. If you don’t, then you can wait for the movie, or highlight the text between the spoiler tags.

[spoiler] Honno-ji is where Nobunaga gets attacked by Mitsuhide and subsequently dies. Mitsuhide then becomes the leader. His reign doesn’t last long though, because soon after, Hideyoshi attacks Mitsuhide and takes over. [/spoiler]

Such a dirty, dirty cliffhanger.

nobunaga concerto7

I want to know what happens next. Well, I know what happens next (because I read up on the history) but I want to see it happen on my computer screen. But for now, Nobunaga Concerto is officially over. I’ll have to wait till December of 2015 to see if the show follows the history or not. I’m not sure if the manga is still ongoing, but the show has deviated quite a bit from it, so I dunno what will happen now.

In other news, the Nobunaga Concerto movie is coming out on December 2015.

The more we see of Micchi, the more I empathize with Nobuyuki. His hatred for his brother seems to make a lot more sense now that we’ve seen his true colours. It is interesting to see how quickly he became an antagonist though. He didn’t start off that way and seemed kind of cool, but the more power he saw and the more Hideyoshi whispered into his ear the more he wanted his position back. In a way, I feel bad because no one wants to see a fake do better than the real thing, but at the same time he ran away and relinquished his rights. The only one he should be blaming for this mess is himself.

With the show now done, I have to say I enjoyed it. It is very different from the anime though and while I liked some changes, I was a bit iffy with others. I kind of wish they mentioned how much time has passed since the first episode. One moment Oichi was pregnant with Chacha and the next she has three kids with the oldest one looking like they’re between the ages of five and eight. As someone who isn’t all that familiar with the history, some dates would have helped.

Overall, I did like this. I think it helped that I stopped seeing this as an adaptation of the manga/anime series and more of its own story that took inspiration from its namesake. I don’t really watch historical fiction, but I stuck around for this so I think that says it all really. Nobunaga Concerto had a great story, a star studded cast that was fantastic, and the entertainment value was good. I laughed when I was supposed to and felt down during the more bittersweet moments.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this, I still think the ending was dirty. Especially since we have to wait a year to see what happens next.


9 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 11 (jdrama) – What a dirty cliffhanger!

  1. Kichan

    January 23, 2016!

    I wonder when I’ll get to see it in America. The trailers are out on youtube now. It looks funny but it seems one of the Nobunaga will die as he had in history. I hope Saburo get to go back to the present with Kochou.

  2. Nazhira Nissa

    I do hope when Saburo is killed, he will somehow go back to his own time, 2014. So, it won’t change the history that Oda Nobunaga died at Honnoji, but also give a decent end to Saburo. I really don’t want him to die… I pray for his life.

  3. Just passing by

    Have you seen another really good series like Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku? If not, please do. You will love it. It have Oda Nobunaga too.

  4. kebiru

    I’m currently teaching a program about Yasuke and Black Characters in Anime/Manga. I know in the anime Yasuke/Young has been introduced, but has he been in the drama yet. I noticed Luis Frois in ep.9.


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