Day 26 – Most Badass Scene

There’s this scene in The Queen’s Classroom when the students have had enough of their teacher. She’s mean, she’s strict, and she’s constantly disciplining them. School isn’t meant to be like this! So they tell their parents and all of the moms gather to confront this horrible teacher.

queen's classroom


The kids are excited because if a parent complains then the teachers usually get in trouble. and at first things seem to be going exactly as planned. The principal can’t say anything as the parents threaten to go to the school board, but then the teacher appears. She doesn’t confront all of them, but instead asks to see them one by one.

At the end of it all, she’s won all of the parents over and the kids are back to square one.

I loved this moment. The kids tried so hard, but Maya-sensei reminded them of who they were up against.

There’s another badass moment, but it’s at the end of the movie Confessions. It has a huge spoiler attached to it, so I won’t mention it though. The only thing I’ll say is that it involved another teacher putting a student in their place.



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