Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 12 – Vacation is over, so let’s go Hiking!

After all that fun in the sun, it’s now back to school. The episode starts with Mitsuki teaching them about the history of confections and how everyone needs to be more creative. Class ends, with no food being shown, and the everyone gathers around Ryou to ask him about his arm.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (1)

Random thing, but it seems like Ryou can’t talk with both of his eyes open. In factEven though nothing has been said, it looks like there’s a strain between Ryou and Sayuri. When someone asked him if it was true that he got hurt protecting a girl from the class Ryou just denied it. Even if they were on good terms, I think he’d still deny it because that’s just his personality type, but Sayuri looks sad and very much on the outside of his circle.

Mitsuki-sensei notices the change in Sayuri so he suggests they go out hiking. He says it’s to get inspiration for new treats, but everyone was already on vacation so I think we all know what he’s really after……inspiration for his treats. And maybe he’s also trying to bridge the gap between Ryou and Sayuri too. For a show about pastries and baking, they hardly spend any time in the classroom actually learning about it do they?

Even in their outing, Gilbert-sensei suggests that they have a photography competition when they’re supposed to be gaining some material for their sweets. I should be annoyed that this is another episode with no food, but I also love photography so I’m okay with this.

Mitsuki-sensei and Suzumi-sensei do a good job with it, while Gil-sensei took a lot of weird pictures with some of them being under exposed. As long as he’s having fun though. The last photo we see is if the class bully who ends up with the most interesting shot since a ghost seems to be featured in it.

Overall, this was a lighthearted episode but I’m still missing my food porn. I do hope that Ryou and Sayuri are able to make up, since he’s funny when he’s in love. I will say that it’s nice that Sayuri wasn’t with a guy and instead spent time with Ran, her best friend.

No guy being featured meant no love line and no advancement in their relationship with Sayuri. After everything she’s been through and the mess with Ryou, she needs some time alone so being outdoors and hiking is a nice change of pace for her. I guess Mitsuki-sensei’s plan worked and it didn’t even involve any illegal sexual relations.

Last week I made a cupcake cookie and this week I made some pudding. The inspiration for this pudding came from a youtube channel I’m subscribed too. It’s called Dark-Chocolate and Avocado Pudding and it’s super easy to make and healthy too.


I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, since I added some milk to lighten it up but it’s still good. Sorry for the bad picture, I used my phone.

Not sure if I’ll make another sweet dish next week, mainly because I have no idea what to make. We’ll see though.


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