Day 25 – Cringeworthy Moment

There’s only one scene that makes me cringe whenever I see it or even think about it. It’s a scene from the first season of DOCTORS Saikyou no Meii.


In episode three one of the patient is suffering from pseudomyxoma peritonea, basically it’s a tumour that produces a lot of mucus in the abdomen. So Sawamura Ikki’s character, along with another doctor, do the surgery to remove the tumour and help save a life. The moment they cut the abdomen open, all of this mucus mixed with blood is pouring out.

It’s disgusting. Facinating and mind blowing, but disgusting. Just thinking of it makes me cringe. I think the reason why I feel this way is because the thought of your abdomen doing this due of a tumour is scary. That and I absolutely hate going to the doctors. If this happened to me, I’d probably burst before giving in and going to see someone about whatever is ailing me. After watching this episode, I remember feeling a pain on my stomach and thinking, “What if it’s pseudomyxoma peritonea? What if I burst open? If someone stabs me, would I ooze out mucus?”

Still facinating though. I never knew that there was a tumour like this until I watched the drama. But yea, the scene was cringeworthy because of how disgusting it was.


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