Day 24 – Funniest Moment

Sorry for not having this out earlier. I usually schedule this to be released in the morning, but I’ve been way too hooked on Tokyo Ghoul. Such a fantastic manga! Initially, I only wanted to read it till the place the anime stopped at but once I got going I couldn’t help myself. I stayed up late and woke up early so I could finish it.

Twas good!

Anyways, the funniest moment would be…Woo Jin’s hair?

liar game8

That always makes me laugh. Actually, I’m going to go with Risou no Musuko mainly because Suzuki Umi’s strong desire to raise a momma’s boy so that he can one day buy her a house. The beginning of the episode, she tells off someone because she decided to raise her kid. At this point, it seems like she’s a sweet single mother who is trying to do right for her son. It isn’t until she watches TV and notices a baseball player say that he’ll buy a house of his mother that her views on her son changes. She’ll work hard so he can pay her back ten folds.

I never finished the drama, because it got repetitive, but I did find the scenes when Umi and her son interactive to be quite funny.


4 thoughts on “Day 24 – Funniest Moment

    1. mochirochi Post author

      That’s what makes it so funny. Sometimes if I’m feeling down, I just look at that picture and laugh. If they ever do a sequel, they should make sure he’s dressed like that.


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