tvN’s Valid Love episode 8 – I should be sleeping, but I wanted to know what happens next

Now that Hee Tae suspects that Il Ri and Kim Joon are dating, I have a feeling like he’s going to do something stupid. It’s to be expected. Il Ri is doing something horrible with the cheating, so Hee Tae needs to do something bad to balance things out.

I would have waited to do this later on in the day, but I wanted to find out what happened so I stayed up to watch this. valid love2

5-Line Recap:

1. Kim Joon and Il Ri continue their bonding time during their outing and Hee Tae has calmed down a bit.

I liked that Il Ri pushed Kim Joon back when he kissed her the first time, but at the same time I think she expected it to happen which is why she let him continue the second time around and let him hug her a bunch of times as well. I’ve been reading some comments that Il Ri is oblivious to what’s happening and isn’t thinking clearly, but I think she is. Il Ri has never been the type of person to just go along with the motions. She chooses a path to go down and goes down swinging. When Kim Joon invited her out, she dressed up and was disappointed that it was for work. I think that right there shows that she wanted something more.

I know a lot of people will defend Il Ri’s relationship with Kim Joon, but it goes back to my question that I asked after watching the first episode. Is cheating okay as long as the other party is hot? Going by what the comments I’ve read for this show, it seems like that is the case.

After being married for so long, Hee Tae is obviously angry at seeing the pictures. But once he has time to think about it, he starts to wonder why he ever suspected Il Ri to begin with. Instead of worrying about the pictures and the ‘what ifs’ he’s decided to just ask Il Ri the next time he sees her. Before he can say anything, Hee Soo is rushed to the hospital and his family all head over there to see her.

2. Hee Soo is super sick and Il Ri blames herself for what happened.

I liked what Hee Tae’s mother said after Il Ri started blaming herself for Hee Soo’s sickness. Instead of yelling or acting like a jerk, she just says, “You promised me that you’d forgive me for the harsh things that I said to you. It’s not your or my fault, so don’t blame yourself and don’t blame anyone else. Then there would be no end to the blaming.”

Even thought this is about Hee Soo and how she got sick, I think it’s something that Hee Tae and Il Ri needed to hear as well. Not only them, but the viewers of this program as well. The majority of viewers, at least judging by what I’ve read, are blaming Hee Tae for not taking care of Il Ri. He’s an absent husband. He cares more about fish and not his wife. He allowed his wife to be near his horrible family. He’s boring, etc…. On the other side, people blame Il Ri for not speaking up, for chasing after an older man due to ideals and nothing else, etc…

The thing is, we could blame both of them for the relationship falling apart, but it would always go around in a circle. Humans make mistakes and Il Ri and Hee Tae will make a lot of them before the show ends, so instead of focusing on who is at fault just look at them as flawed characters who are not bad but sometimes do some bad things.

valid love1

3. Hee Tae gets some pointers on how to catch a cheating spouse, once he learns the basics he starts tailing Il Ri.

Il Ri only heads to the hospital and we get a lovely scene of Hee Soo dancing. We saw this at the end of the last episode, but it’s still nice to look at.

Now that Hee Tae is now following his wife, he’s acting cold and distant. He then changes gears by hugging her from behind, but she doesn’t take too kindly to that. She says that she doesn’t like it when he does it, but she didn’t seem to mind in episode four and when Kim Joon did it to her.

In any case, it seems strange that he’s already in stalker mode. He’s still not 100% sure at this point.

4. Il Ri’s bully turned friend confronts her about the cheating Hee Tae confronts Kim Joon.

Il Ri tells her that she’ll deal with the situation and Kim Joon lies about his feeling and his relationship with Il Ri. Hee Tae knows that there’s something more, but he’s afraid of what he’s going to hear so he leaves it at that.

He heads home and forcefully kisses Il Ri which surprises her and then takes her to the bedroom. I think that this scene might anger some people. I read a few thoughts on this before watching the episode and a lot of people were saying that he raped her, that it didn’t look consensual, and that he forcefully had his way.

valid love5

I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this, but it wasn’t that bad. We didn’t really see anything, other than him kissing her and Il Ri being surprised by it so I don’t think it’s fair for one to say that this was rape or not consensual. She did try to get him to stop, but when he did he brought her to the bedroom and the scene went black. I don’t think the scene is meant to be hot, but Hee Tae’s pent-up frustrations and trying to see if Il Ri still loves him. If Il Ri accepted, then yay for them, but if she didn’t, then I don’t think Hee Tae is the type of guy to force his wife into having sex with him. He did stop last time with the hug.

To be honest, it kind of seems like there’s a double standard here. I mean, wasn’t Il Ri forcefully kissed twice by Kim Joon, threatened by a hammer, and dragged around a bunch of times? When Kim Joon does it, it’s hot, but when Hee Tae decides to act like an alpha male and not a passive guy then it becomes rape? Come on now. The hammer kabe-don scene, in particular, was scary and it was meant to come off this way. And yet, a lot of people loved it.

Plus, if we’re going to look at unwanted kisses in a bad light then Il Ri started it first by kissing Hee Tae when she was still a student. If he got caught, then he would have lost his job.

I think, and I could be wrong here, that some fans are doing the same thing Kim Joon did in the last episode. They’re painting Hee Tae in a bad light so that all of his actions seem 100x worse than it really is. If anything, the spying and stalking is much worse than him kissing his wife and trying to initiate sex with her. I’m not trying to defend him here, I think all of the characters, save Hee Soo, are flawed.

valid love4

5. We’re back to the first scene of the series with Il Ri heading over to Kim Joon’s place and Hee Tae spying on them.

He’s still being pestered by the mysterious text messages and even went to the police to see if they can do anything about it. The last scene is of Hee Tae spying on Il Ri, but it seemed a bit sudden. How did we go from him hiding from the truth to going back and spying again?

Preview: Hee Tae starts flirting with his co-worker and beats up Kim Joon. Il Ri looks like she’s leaving somewhere and I think it’s her sister (?) dumps a bowl of noodles on Hee Tae’s head. It looks like Il Ri and Kim Joon share a moment, but he’s also stopping her from walking away. Maybe she’s breaking things off, but Hee Tae only saw the beginning and jumped to conclusions….for this particular incident. Not when it comes to everything. She did still cheat, so he does have a right to be angry about that.

I don’t think we’ve seen Hee Tae completely lose it yet, as that seems to be happening in the next episode. I still don’t hate him yet, but I do hope he doesn’t let his anger and sadness take him over the edge. This mysterious texter though…he/she seems kind of annoying. It’s one thing to try to warn someone about a cheating spouse, but it’s another to antagonize them to the point that it drives them crazy. What exactly are they trying to do here? I thought that it was to make Hee Tae aware of the cheating, but it seems to be more than that.

Not sure how many episodes Valid Love will have, but I wonder when Hee Tae/Il Ri’s love story will start. We’re already at eight episodes and it looks like next week Hee Tae is in rage mode. If the love story starts on the following week, then I hope they take their time with it and don’t rush it.


23 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 8 – I should be sleeping, but I wanted to know what happens next

  1. lclarakl

    Love your recap–love it. You’ve expressed a lot of my own thoughts and especially the comment that if the guy’s hot, it’s okay to cheat. I saw it in Temptation and Secret Lovers. I can’t bring myself to watch this drama anymore, but will definitely read your recaps.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I actually think the drama is good, because everyone is flawed. It seems like the writers are trying to make everyone human instead of just having a bad guy or good guy. I’m hoping the writers continue to surprise me and make this a satisfying experience. Hope you continue watching it and even if you don’t, thank you for reading my recaps 😀

  2. Ranoa

    love u recaps. I love this show to the point i rather to skip every scene about Ilri and Kim Joon cheating because to beautiful and poisoning my mind too….i lose my word here.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I think Il Ri and Kim Joon are cute together, but I still feel like Il Ri is using him while he’s falling in too deep for her. She needed someone who takes her away from her life and he was more than willing to do that for her. If it was someone else, I think she would have done the same thing, which is why I’m not sure if Il Ri loves Kim Joon as a person or as some sort of ideal to be free from everything.

      Even though I don’t like the cheating aspect, I think their scenes are interesting just because of how they show the characters.

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. preciousobaro

    I agree with all your points and tbh I want to see the relationship between il ri and hee tae because so far we haven’t seen much of that. The scenes between il ri and kim joon are interesting but I agree that I feel she is using him as an escape. I’m also afraid the writers will make people turn against hee tae by making him cheat with his childhood friend and paint him as the bad guy…that will spoil the show completely for me. Once again you’re recaps are amazing and I’m interested to see what you think about all the characters in the show.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m still surprised when commentators say that they agree with me, because I’m in the minority with a lot of my views hehe.

      I think the show is showing how everyone is human, so there’s no bad guys or good guys just people making mistakes. I think Hee Tae is a lot like his mother. I don’t know if he’ll cheat, but he seems like the type to lash out at his spouse when he’s angry and try to make nice after. Il Ri and Hee Tae really need to have a proper talk and not run away from their problems. The show is at a point where their relationship is strained, but they don’t realize it. Instead of communicating Il Ri found comfort with someone else and Hee Tae is ignoring the situation.

      Both are escaping the problem, but in different ways. It will be interesting to see where the writers take us now.

      1. sparklingcosmic

        The minority people that comfort me a lot when visiting your recap about the serie.

        Having married for more than 8 years, i could understand a little bit of il ri’s feeling. Marriage can be tiring. There’s always something out there waiting to destroy our marriage. Someone like kim joon is very hot and seducing, but if ” i “chose him over “my husband” with whom i share many years of togetherness, that would be close to chose an infatuation love. Risky! Would Kim Joon stays hot and carring after years of marriage? Falling in love is always wonderful in the beginning, after years, people change, relationship does as well. My husband was extremely handsome when we first started the relationship. Now he is ageing.. But so am i. LOL. Nothing is perfect in life, depends on what you are looking for.

        Il ri has all he right to go to kim joon, but wait after she settles things with her husband. She chose to be with him for 7 years, normal that she starts having doubts, after all the hardships. I just don’t agree with two timer. Quit the first one first, and be honest to your husband.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          I agree. I’m not married, but I feel like every relationship goes through it’s ups and downs and right now Il Ri and Hee Tae are going through a down period. Her feelings are normal, but if you’re an adult then I think you should talk to your husband and explain your feelings before jumping into new territory. I don’t know if Kim Joon is seducing her though. In the beginning, he wanted nothing to do with her and tried to scare her off a few times but she kept coming back. Even though he’s the one kissing her and taking her on trips, Il Ri is the one who made it seem okay. If she didn’t, I don’t think he would have done anything.

          I kind of wish that the writers showed us a montage or something of Il Ri and Hee Tae’s marriage instead of just taking us to their rough path.

          Thank you for commenting!

  4. Mbebzz

    Ahaa.. Really really like your Recaps, finally I found “the Minority Group” hehehe.. 😛
    I have not seen episode 7 & 8 yet, becoz after epi 2 I feel little dispointed with the writer, She portrayed Hee Tae like “minority character” and I will take breaktime before I continue to watch this drama (Seriously, this drama make me Stress).
    So, I decided to visited your blog (and found awesome recaps), Now I know the latest development from all characters.
    I Agree with you, Hee Tae have flawed too but I the writer not portrayed He sudenly become abusive husband or cheat too..
    You know how SURPRISE me when I read coment about HT Rape IR?? Like meteor sudenly fall at my head, Lol.. But after read your description about the scene I Can Calm down.. Hehehe..
    Now, HT & IR need to talk heart to heart, asap..

    *once again thanks for your recaps, sorry for my bad english 🙂

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Hey Mbebzz, thanks again for commenting and your English is fine (and a lot better than my french) so don’t worry! 😀

      I think the show is good, even if the cheating is happening. I think the writers are using Kim Joon as a catalyst to bring Il Ri and Hee Tae together. The writers showed how they met and got married, but we saw nothing of their married life. I wanted to see it, but maybe the writers want to show how these two had ideals of one another and never truly loved each other?

      Hee Tae loves Il Ri, but because of his family I don’t know if he’s ever fully trusted her. Il Ri loves Hee Tae, but her ideal of her Pollock might not be what reality has given her. They really need to talk though. The longer they don’t, the more pain they’ll feel.

      1. Mbebzz

        Happy.. Here I can meet peoples who seems more Open Minded than other place 😛

        yeah.. Same with you, I want to see how their married life exactly, becoz until now we never trully saw it, how can the writer showed more scenes IR-KJ but soo little scene IR-HT together??? Especially limited screentime for HT?? *sigh* I know this drama about cheating but it is soo much and weird for me, Oke maybe for the next epi we see HT’s Angry (become stalker) then I hope the writer can handle that not so long to showed HT’s mature and can deal for their problem (TALK), Please.. Writer-nim don’t dispointed us 🙂

        *Btw, can I share Link your blog to local forum at my country?? 🙂

  5. sparklingcosmic

    I loooove your recap. It sounds so mature unlike all the comments i have read somewhere. Every character in this serie has flaws and i just love it. You are so right about kim joon forcing to kiss.. I feel that most viewers are trapped in the idea that it’s ok if the guy is hot, but if it’s her own ageing husband hat she has been married on her own consent, then it’s disgusting.

    It doesn’t seem like a rape for me either. Il ri doesn’t look like she’s trying to let go he husband’s wrist grabbing either. And we really cannot know what has happened either.

    Good and sharp recap from ur part!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. I don’t know if I sound mature, but thank you for saying that.

      I think some fans think that because Kim Joon is hot then it’s okay, but others feel like his relationship with Il Ri is okay because of how he is to her. He may be a nice guy and I do like his character, but he’s had more screen time than Hee Tae so it’s obvious why people will like him better.

      Kind of sucks for Hee Tae though. Now that we’re seeing more from him, he’s gone into stalker mode and in the next episode he gets a bit out of hand. That’s not going to help his cause, but I do understand why he’s doing what he’s doing. No one would be okay with finding out that their spouse of seven years cheated on them.

      Hopefully the writers show Hee Tae in a good light though, because everything we’ve seen from him seemed to indicate that he’s a good guy.

  6. Pls Dont Follow Me (@babyniallgirl)

    It’s 3am from where I am and I should be sleeping too but I got too engrossed with your recap and your thoughts, I had to leave a comment. 😅
    I came across your recap for episode 7 while searching for that epsiode since the site where I usually watch it had problems with the subtitles (what a blessing in disguise!) and I enjoyed reading so I continued to episode 8. And wow, you hit every nail in the head. 👍
    I may be a bit biased on you though, since we have the same thoughts on most stuff especially with the ‘it’s okay if the other party is hot’. Hehe Before visiting your blog, I left a lengthy comment expressing my disappointment on other people rooting for Joon and Il Ri just cause Soo Hyuk is hot. I have a feeling I’d get bashed but I had to say being hot could not justify a wrong deed even if it was the sexy Lee Soo Hyuk. 😝 What you said about being in the minority is also true. I read the comments a lot and some just make me smh I like flower boys and ikemen too and am usually on their side but NO! Not this time!
    The double standard thing with the skinship between Il Ri and Hee Tae is painfully true as well. I gotta be honest though, I was a bit scared for Hee Tae when he forced the kiss. Even though at that scene when he walked into the room and laid eyes on his wife I so wanted him to take her into his arms and kiss her (cheesy but yeah I realized I was feeling needy of romantic scences from them since the latest episodes were mostly about Joon and Il Ri) but I somehow did not want it to happen too. Not because Tae Woong wasn’t as hot as Soo Hyuk but like what you’ve said, the story has established Hee Tae to be a good guy, the kiss could ruin it. And I don’t want people hating on him when he’s already hurting. 💔 Same with the dragging to bed scene too. Good thing the writer/director left it like a half glass of water. People could either take it as half empty or half filled, depends on how they see Hee Tae. Sadly, the majority are blinded by the beauty of Soo Hyuk. But what I like most from your recaps is the use of the word “flawed” in describing the characters. Stopped me from being so irriated with Il Ri and her being unrealistically naïve. I mean how could she look so blissful without the slighest hint of guilt whenever she dresses up and meet with Carpenter Kim?? But *sigh* that was the flaw. I mean, she was Andro for a reason, fascinated with UFOs and a bunch of other things. I guess Kim Joon is an alien of sorts. Wee~ This got longer than I planned. Still have a lot of things to say but this seem to be getting nonsensical with every word. Hahaha Gotta stop now and get some sleep. Please keep your awesome recaps coming! Hwaiting! 😄

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Your comment made me laugh. Thank you for reading, staying up, and commenting. hehe. It’s always nice to see others who are in the minority!

      Even though the kiss seemed to be one of anger and pain, I think it did a disservice to Hee Tae. When Kim Joon kissed her like that, Il Ri just stood there. She didn’t do the same with Hee Tae, so maybe she’s feeling a bit guilty that he’s touching her when another man did the same thing? Kim Joon hugged her from behind and she was okay with it, but when Hee Tae did it, she told him she hated being touched like that. So maybe Il Ri was showing a guilty conscious in both scenes when it came to her skin ship with her husband.

      I’m glad that my recap made you reconsider your feelings towards Il Ri! I think it’s easy to blame the characters for what they’re doing, but then it would never end since all of them have issues that they need to work on. Except Hee Soo, she just needs to get better and continue being awesome. :p

  7. sparklingcosmic

    I am waiting for your insight for the episode 9 that i just watched. I read all the preview and comments before watching it and they really scared me… lol. Now i watched it i feel that i did not share the same opinion of most comments on the net about ep.9. Am i too biased? I watched Valid Love because of KSH’s face (i kind a hated and loved him in Deep Rooted Tree), but i end up pitying the husband, UTW. I think he is a good experienced actor.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’ll be watching it in just a few moments. If you like KSH, you might want to check out White Christmas. That’s the only thing I’ve actually seen him in and he was good in that.

  8. Nana


    I really enjoyed reading your recaps! It’s short yet to the point. I initially watched this drama only to see pretty people and I thought the scene with the lee couple looked really hot. Then as I watched their scenes with a lot of emotional outbursts I thought it was a drama with more than just pretty things. I went to restart the whole drama just cause the affair storyline caught my attention. It was interestingly well thought out script rather than just calling vixens, slapping and throwing water at each other faces. I liked that the affair process felt real.

    I still like the lee couple scenes since I started out this drama for them, but as I have reached this far and am completely hooked to the drama, I have full respect for uhm’s character and truly sympathize with him. His character seems so pitiful. I feel that even Hee Soo’s life isn’t half as shitty as uhm’s or Lee Shi Young’s too. Yes, Hee soo is paralyzed but at least she can only face the truth and continue living with life. Yet the married couple has to face so much shit and poor Uhm Tae Woong has to deal with a cheating spouse. The married couple are on par with having a shitty life, neither deserved an additional cheating spouse to add to their 99 problems in life.

    With the lee couple breaking it off the next episode, does that mean no more cute scenes of them? 😦 not that I am pushing for the affair but they looked really cute together. I’d rather they date longer now and then break it off at ep 12 or smth than breaking it off now and then make up some lame excuse for an affair again. What for hire such a hot actor like Lee Soo Hyuk and then write him off to build on Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Shi Youngs loveline for the remaining half of the series? Waste of talent and hot abs, I mean looks. Lol

  9. Pingback: VALID LOVE. TVN. | IKurate

  10. Boon Ang

    Thanks for your recaps. Together with other recaps, reviews, and comments from others, they have help my attempts to better understand the Valid Love narrative. I want to post an alternative perspective to what triggered IR’s decision to break up her affair with KJ in episode 9. Many commentators have cited HS’s hospitalisation and IR’s attendent guilt. That seems to be the case in part. But, I’d like to draw your attention to the scene in in the washroom of XYZ cafe when bestie confronted IR with knowledge of her affair with KJ. They argued and fought over it. IR promised bestie twice that she would end it. Note that her break up was at best reluctant – IR asked KJ if his palms were still hot. Then she confessed that her palms were hot, her heart was hot, her body was hot, and even her toes were hot. Little wonder that HT read her face and noted that her feelings were still there. I cannot blame HT for demanding a divorce.

  11. Boon Ang

    I find KJ’s character devious and deceitful. He knew that DB caught sight of him kissing IR but he did let her know and forewarn her. He went through some extent to trick her to get her mobile number. After HT confronted him about his relationship with IR, he lied to HT and failed to alert IR that she was already suspect. He stalked her (and I wonder why posters were upset HT stalked IR when he suspected his wife and do not reproach KJ stalking another man’s wife) many times. In contrast, HT was more straight forward. He acted honestly with SY and others. KJ was rightly called a “bastard” and he cannot even sue for slander because he really was a bastard born out of wedlock! Okay, I take it back, he was a handsome devil rolling in the bottomless pit (hell). How apt!


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