Day 23 – Saddest Moment

I’m tempted to say every moment in Mulan again, but I just talked about that movie yesterday so I’ll have to think of something else. I was going to go with the Queen’s Classroom and the last bit where all the kids talk about how wonderful their teacher is (it’s a tear jerker!) or Kung Fu Hustle’s lollipop scene, because I always get teary eyed while watching that one, but I’m going to go with the ending of Shokuzai because I think it fits this answer a lot more than the other two.


Shokuzai is a sad story through and through. It starts off well enough. Five girls are best friends and seem to have a lot of fun with each other, but one day a man shows up and abducts, rapes, and then kills one of the girls. Her mother becomes distraught once she finds out and who wouldn’t? Her daughter was a kid when she died and the way she was killed was brutal. Instead of trying to learn how to cope with the pain and trying to find the person responsible, she blames her daughter’s friends, who are also kids, for not remembering how the man looked like.

The story then shifts to the kids, who are now adults, and how they try to atone for their sin of not remembering. Each girl, save one, ends up traumatized by the experience and deals with it in their own way. What’s sad about the ending, which is the moment that I’m using for this question, is that the mom’s revenge doesn’t bring her any happiness. Once she finds out the truth, she feels worse which goes with the theme that revenge only begets revenge and you’ll never feel good once it’s done.

Not only does the truth set her back, but her desire for revenge really did a number on her daughter’s friends. It may have made her feel better for a moment, but no one wins when revenge happens. I didn’t cry when I watched this drama, but I pitied and felt sad with how things turned out for everyone. It was a sad moment, because it could have been avoided if revenge and atonement was never used in the first place.


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