tvN’s Valid Love episode 7 – Hee Tae’s heart is breaking…

“Because your husband is a good man..Because he loves you…are you happy?”

The last episode ended with Kim Joon saying this and Il Ri breaking down and crying. I felt bad for her, but I also think a lot of what happened is her own fault. Hee Tae has tried to make things nice for her and offered to make her life easier, but she refused. Hopefully the show acknowledges this. Taking care of Hee Soo is hard, but this is what she chose.

valid love1

5-Line Recap:

1. Hee Tae’s mother won’t let the others eat until Il Ri shows up and Il Ri tells Kim Joon that this was the life she chose for herself.

I was worried that she’d blame everything on Hee Tae’s family, but Il Ri surprised me. She chose Hee Tae, she chose to love him, and she chose to keep Hee Soo close to her. You know what; I keep thinking that this show will go down a path that makes only one party look good or embrace the cheating despite the fact that Hee Tae is a good guy. But so far it hasn’t been like that.

It’s interesting to see that Il Ri does have some guilt over marrying Hee Tae, because even though she knows that it isn’t her fault that Hee Soo got injured, she still blames herself.

With Hee Tae’s mom, I think she feels guilty over what happened. She doesn’t hate Il Ri, but I think she appreciates her and feels guilt over the situation too. Even though the others started eating already, she won’t until Il Ri shows up. Since everything smells so good, Hee Soo joins them. The food looks good, so of course she’ll want to join them but she can’t. Hee Soo is sad that she can’t join her family. Il Ri is sad because she discovered that she’s depressed. And Hee Tae’s mom is sad that she hurt Il Ri without meaning to.

2. Kim Joon and Hee Tae continue their male bonding and Il Ri and her mother-in-law make up.

In his head, he asks Hee Tae, “When was the last time you saw your wife cry?” And I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but he was there when she cried in front of him way back in episode four.

I do understand why he’s acting like this though. It will probably make his heart easier if he has a reason to hate Hee Tae, so that he can actively pursue Il Ri and not have a guilty conscious. We’ve already seen him do this when it comes to her in-laws. He has a bad image of them in his head and while they’re crazy, he’s also overlooking the complexities of their relationship. Things are not black and white, but he’s choosing to see things in this way so he doesn’t feel bad.

It’s nice to see that Il Ri and her mother in law made up. Even though she says a lot of hurtful things, she loves Il Ri in her own way. She’s just use to getting hurt by those that love her, so she goes on the attack first. She’s not a bad person though. Just sad. Once again, the show is surprising me with how they’re making her a sympathetic character and not just a hateful mother-in-law cliché.

valid love5

3. Il Ri and Kim Joon go on a trip together.

The face she made when she received his text…it was the look of someone who is at the beginning stages of falling in love. Even Hee Soo comments on how pretty she looks and she does.

When Il Ri gets to Kim Joon’s place, she’s dressed to the nines, once again, but instead of a romantic getaway he tells her to change so she can help him move some stuff to his car. He tells her that she’s here to work and not for anything else. Obviously, he’s teasing her in order to get her to go n a trip with him.

So off they go, but it looks like Hee Tae received another message telling him “I know what your wife did.” He still doesn’t suspect anything though, he’s just angry that someone is following his wife around and sending him messages.

When his friends hear about what’s happening and one of them asks if Il Ri has been acting suspicious lately. You know, like not answering her phone, wearing makeup, buying nice clothes and being gone a lot? Hee Tae doesn’t say anything, so his friends tell asks if maybe she has another man on the side. Hee Tae still doesn’t believe it though, but then another message shows up filled with pictures of Kim Joon and Il Ri together.

Poor Hee Tae 😦

valid love3

4. Hee Soo is at home watching Misaeng, which reminds me that I still have to watch the final two episodes.

Misaeng is such a good show, but the episodes are so long.

Hee Soo is enjoying herself, but not Hee Tae. He’s starting to connect the dots and it’s depressing to watch his heart break.

5. Il Ri and Kim Joon enjoy their outing and kiss some more.

Hee Tae calls Kim Joon, but he doesn’t answer the call. Instead, he kisses Il Ri. What a jerk move. But again, it’s something that does make sense. He’s laying his claim on Il Ri while ignoring his guilty conscious. It’s still a pretty crappy thing to do.

Il Ri…she knows what she’s doing is wrong, but instead of confronting her problems head on she’s ignoring them. Earlier in the episode Hee Tae talked about how his family would ignore their feelings of sadness and did that for over seven years and it seems like Il Ri is doing the same thing here. I think she’s falling for Kim Joon, but she’s also using him as a means to run away from her problems.

Poor Hee Tae though. He calls his wife and she doesn’t answer. He calls Carpenter Kim and it pushes him to kiss Il Ri.


valid love4

Preview: Hee Soo ends up in the hospital, Hee Tae starts following Il Ri and confronts Kim Joon. Oh, and Il Ri’s bully turned friend, who now knows that Kim Joon and Il Ri are messing around, calls her out on the cheating.

Even though Il Ri and Kim Joon haven’t gone as far as kissing, she’s already in too deep. Before, I think she could have gotten away with saying that he kissed her and she ran, but now she doesn’t have an excuse. She’s actively taking part in the cheating and while she’s not making any of the first moves, she dropping lots of hints for Kim Joon to do something. I think this is done to make herself feel better though. She’s cheating, but Kim Joon is the one who makes the first move while she’s “oblivious” to it. She isn’t though. She knows exactly what she’s doing. But I guess it goes back to what she said in the beginning. She chose to do this, even if it is the wrong thing to do.

We saw their neighbour again and he looked at Hee Tae in a weird way, which makes me think he’s the mysterious text message harasser. I don’t think it was his place to do anything though. Even though cheating is wrong, he should have confronted Il Ri about it instead of being underhanded like this.

I’m glad that it looks like the bully turned friend will give Il Ri a piece of her mind. No one should be condoning the cheating, especially since this show has established that Hee Tae is a good guy.

…I want to know what happens next now.


3 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 7 – Hee Tae’s heart is breaking…

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  2. Boon Ang

    IR’s infatuation and affair with KJ is addictive – she’s obsessed by it to the extent that she forgets her husband, neglects HS and wishes her death, and the consequences of her affair to herself and family. Valid love? Sensible love? Reasonable love? I find it a mockery that some consider IR’s love for KJ valid! If she realised this, she would have left town with KJ instead of dumping him.

  3. Boon Ang

    I draw attention to some meaningful symbols and imagery employed by Kim Do Woo. First, the apple. IR fantasy was to plant an apple tree on Andromeda. IR tricked HT to escape her punishment by spawning a lore akin to Eve’s temptation to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. She then took an imaginary bite of a the apple then gave it HT – the apple was sour. KJ shared the wild apple song with IR which she listen intently and with relish (it”s sour too, dummy). Lastly, after IR’s has reconciled with HT, he gave her a bag of red apples when she waited for his return home. Interesting. HT gave her real red apples! Second, we have the hammer which I won’t comment on as others have already done so. Third, when HT was tailing IR in a lane while she was on the way to buy a comforter for HS (to assuage her guilt?), she stopped to looked at a narcissus plant – self absorption according to Greek mythology about Narcissus. IR was self absorbed and happy burning candle at two ends until bestie confronts her with the affair. Fourth, after discovering IR’s affair, HT encountered strong winds on the way home and he saw IR trying to shut the windows of their flat with success. “Winds” denote affairs in Korean culture and the image of IR trying to shut the window and keep the wind out reflects her inability to control the affair. Ki Tae offered to buy a red undergarment for IR after his first pay. It is customary in Korea for children to buy red undergarments for parents with first pay. But in IR’s case, he was referring to “red” as a colour of passion. Last but not least, otoliths and tree rings allude to developmental history and in this case it represents one of the few themes in this narrative.


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