Day 22 – Moment that Shocked You the Most in Any Drama

Hands down, it has to be Mulan.


I watched this movie because Mulan is my favourite Disney princess film, even thought Mulan isn’t a princess. She’s a warrior.

I know that Disney has a habit of changing things around in order to make the story family friendly, but for some reason I went into this movie expecting to sing some songs and have a great time. Only, it didn’t happen like that. Every time I kept thinking, “Okay, this part will be okay. Everything will work out.” It didn’t.

I’m not going to spoil things, but if you do decide to watch the 2009 movie (which also stars Jackie Chan’s son) then prepare your heart. The movie is fantastic and I loved it, but it’s nothing like the Disney movie. I was incredibly shocked by just how different everything really was.

Not sure if this answers the question. It’s not really one shocking moment that I can pick, since this entire movie was filled with them. I guess if I had to pick one scene, I’ll go with the ending. I can’t really say anything about it, because of spoilers. But it was pretty shocking.


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