Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 12 – I wish there was more GuguKoku

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (1)

It’s Christmas Eve and Kohina is out to buy a present, party bucket of chicken, for Kokkuri-san and then leave. While on her way to get the chicken, she sees a radio controlled ramen cup. It’s tempting, but both her angel and devil side tell her to buy it. They just disagree on whether she should lie about losing her wallet or not.

Ramen cups go hand in hand with Kohina. That and attracting weirdoes which is what she does once again. This one seems human though and in a really creepy way asks if he can buy the ramen cup for her so that they can go somewhere together. Pedophilia isn’t funny, but I did laugh at this scene. That guy was so creepy though, not only with how he said it, but the heavy breathing as he called Kohina cute.

Kokkuri-san shows up to save Kohina from him, because he’s a stalker and was watching her from the shadows. Seems like the crisis is averted and we’ll get a fun Christmas episode now with the rest of the gang.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (2)

Oh…that guy is still alive and still in this scene. I didn’t think he’d last long, but okay. He wants to sue Kokkuri-san for the beating that he just got, but gets freaked out once he realizes that the person he wants to sue is a ghost.

This guy has a phobia of things he cannot sue….I had to rewind this a few times because I couldn’t stop laughing. Pedophilia is still a horrible thing, but I like this guy. I kind of like him a lot.

Turns out he wasn’t being a pervert, he was just looking for a gift for his daughter (I’m going to assume that it’s that girl from Kohina’s class who constantly gives her flowers) and was hoping Kohina could help since they look like they’re around the same age. Even though he has a kid of his own, he isn’t good with them since they can’t be tried under criminal law. He’s a lawyer by the by.

Awww, he seems like a nice guy too. Since he’s a workaholic, he wants to change and create special memories with his daughter. He thought the first thing he can do is get her a present. He’s still a creep though, since Kohina wasn’t the first one he tried to ask. He went through two – three hundred girls first, but they all ignored him.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Aw man, this guy is awesome! This show is so good at creating strange but loveable characters. Why does it have to end now? 😦

Kokkuri-san and Kohina help him find some gifts and talk to his daughter, before she can sue him for neglect. His daughter is….special. He’s still afraid to talk to her, so Kokkuri-san gives him a charm to help him out. So the lawyer went up, his daughter struck him down, and he’s over the moon that she replied to him. Usually she ignores him, so he couldn’t be more thrilled with the way things turned out.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (3)

He still tries again and asks if he can throw a Christmas party. His daughter agrees, but not before telling him that she’s not really all that excited about the party. Only, she really is. Tsunderes…what can you do with them?

They have a fun time and it looks like the old man was able to spend some quality time with his daughter. Kokkuri-san says that he needs to go and that the good luck charm will wear off soon. The old man….oh. The old man is a ghost. He was in an accident and people still thing he’s missing. Awwww. I wanted him to have some good times with his daughter. He’s okay with crossing over, but I don’t know if I’m happy with that.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (4)

This guy is awesome! When he found out that the true value of family he couldn’t get his family to notice him anymore. The only way he could interact with them by standing by their beds and paralyzing them. I had to rewind this part a few times, because I was laughing too much. What a horrible thing to do to someone when they sleep and yet when he does it I find myself thinking its endearing, because he can’t get their attention any other way.

This guy, he’s great! He’s gone now, since he’s passed on.

It is new years now and Kokkuri-san wants to clean the place up, while the others just want to relax. They finally get to cleaning, but I don’t think Inugami should ever do anything again. Once everything is restored, they go to the shrine and make wishes.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (6)

Gugure! Kokkuri-san is now over. 😦 But not before everyone shows up to mention what they wish for. Now it’s really over. I’m going to miss this quirky little show. At least we have a few specials coming out soon, so that will help…but I want it to stay here forever.

Going into it, I knew it was going to be funny (since it was labeled a comedy) but it exceeded my expectations. There needs to be more seasons of this. Or at least until I find a new fix of weirdo characters.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (8)




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