Nobunaga Concerto episode 10 (jdrama) – Baka is as Baka does and Baka is Tsuneoki!!!!

nobunaga concerto5

It seems like its open season and everyone is figuring out the truth behind Micchi and Saburo. Tsune-chan just found out and contracted Micchi about it. Considering how loyal he is to Nobunaga, I don’t see this ending well for him. And just like that Tsune-chan is upset about following a fake person and angry that the real one ran away on his duty. But he seems even more annoyed that Kichou doesn’t know the truth.

Meanwhile, Hanbei is investigating Hideyoshi and Kichou and Saburo try to set up Toshiie and Yuki together. Toshiie agrees to ask her out on a date, but not before exposing Saburo’s pervy magazine and Ieyasu’s change after he received it.

Poor Saburo, it seems like Hideyoshi and Tsune-chan are working against him now, while Micchi is thinking about taking back his position. I get why Tsune-chan is distant now, but he should also realize that Saburo has done a lot for the clan. Without him, Oda wouldn’t have been as prosperous. He’s conflicted though. Serving a fake doesn’t make sense and serving someone who ran away is difficult as well. Micchi does tell him to stay by Saburo’s side, but Tsune-chan still seems conflicted by knowing the truth. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Yoshiaki, the shogun, sent lettings to all of the daimyos about attacking the Oda clan, so Hideyoshi asks to be sent to him, along with Micchi, so they can resolve the matter. Saburo doesn’t want Micchi doing anything, so he suggests going but can’t. He made Yoshiaki angry the last time they spoke, so he can’t go. He sends Tsune-chan with them though to give him some peace of mind. Micchi does his thing and it seems like there is a tension filled peace at the moment. But later on, we see Hideyoshi talking secretly to Yoshiaki about destroying Nobunaga.

Yoshiaki raises an army to take out Oda and is planning on having Hideyoshi betray Nobunaga. Now he has the daimyos and Hideyoshi. This should spell the end of the Oda clan and Saburo, only it doesn’t work out that way. The other daimyos refuse to help, because they’re all afraid of Nobunaga after what happened with the monks. And Hideyoshi ends up betraying him and tells him that this will mark the beginning of the Oda era.

nobunaga concerto6

The Ashikaga regime is now over and it’s time for Saburo to take over. With that win, Saburo now has the task to name the current era. He’s going to think about it, but for now they all rejoice over Hideyoshi defeating Yoshiaki. Well, all of them except Saburo. He isn’t happy that Hideyoshi tricked Yoshiaki to raise an army and caused him to suffer. This isn’t the kind of thing Saburo wants to do if he rules the country.

Hideyoshi apologizes for deceiving Yoshiaki and using that method to defeat him, but the sly little monkey also takes Saburo down a few pegs for having a pacifist attitude and boasting Micchi’s ego too. He’s a smart one. His works is enough to convince everyone that what happened at Enryaku-ji was the right course of action, since what happened there is what led to this victory. All of the retainers agree, even if Saburo isn’t buying it. Sure it may have helped, but innocent people still died.

Saburo tries to get some advice from Tsune-chan, but gets shut down. At least Yuki is happy once Toshiie asks her out on a date. She goes to Saburo and tells him that she’s planning on wearing the kimono that he gave her and cheers him up in the process.

nobunaga concerto4

The new era will now be called Tensho, which means heavenly righteousness.

The old man who is always with Micchi tries to sway Tsune-chan and say that blood shouldn’t be spilled for that man’s (Saburo) sake. The only reason why Saburo took over was because Micchi ran away and he ended up being a better Nobunaga than the real Nobunaga. For them to even question his rule is stupid.

The other daimyos are not happy with the Oda clan’s rise to power and Asakura send some assassins to take out Saburo. The spies request a meeting in order to win favour from Saburo and show that they’re loyal to him. He ends up succeeding and Saburo lets him stay. Since they’re from Asakura, Yuki would know these spies. Too bad she’s having a cute time with Toshiie outside of the gates. When she returns, she tells Toshiie what she knows and he vows to watch over the spy.

….is Toshiie or Yuki going to die? Show, don’t do this. Don’t do this!

nobunaga concerto3


Yuki is stabbed protecting Saburo. She seemed so happy with her second chance at life and bagged herself a pretty boy too. Another person from the Oda clan has met their end.

Toshiie kills the spy, I was worried that he’d die too, but Yuki is still dead. No more Kaho now 😦

I’m worried for Saburo now. This death is making him question his morals and it looks like Tsune-chan is turning against him now. I like them as friends, so I don’t want that to happen. Hopefully he listens to reason and doesn’t do anything to make me rage. If Saburo is smart, he’ll mention Oichi a bunch of times and hopefully that will be enough to subdue whatever ill feelings he has for him.

nobunaga concerto2

Hideyoshi just discovered that Hanebi discovered that Hideyoshi is an imposter and that the man who he claimed to be is actually dead.

Tsune-chan tells Saburo that all of the retainers pledged to serve Oda Nobunaga and not an imposter. All I asked from him was to not make me annoyed or rage, but nope. Baka Tsuneoki decides that he has to go with his way and not listen to reason, so Baka Tsuneoki commands Saburo to leave the Oda clan. Pfft! Let’s see what happens when he leaves you and the clan. Micchi isn’t a leader. If he was, then he would never have run away from the beginning. Baka Tsuneoki!

I’m confused as to why Micchi is so concerned about Kichou. In the beginning it seemed like he didn’t care for her and she pretty much eluded to this as well. Kichou and Micchi didn’t have a good relationship. So why does he keep watching over her?

Next week is the last episode and it seems like it will be titled Oda Nobunaga vs. Oda Nobunaga. In the previews it looks like Kichou is pissed that Baka Tsuneoki asked Saburo to leave. Turns out that she knew that there was a switch, but Saburo is Nobunaga to her. Nothing against Micchi, but he does seem like he sucks the life right out of the party while Saburo brings the party with him wherever he goes. It’s obvious which version of Nobunaga she would like.

nobunaga concerto1

It’s clear that Micchi won’t be able to handle ruling anyways, so I look forward to seeing him fall and Baka Tsuneoki begging Saburo to return and bring the Oda clan back to its former glory. There better be grovelling.

And since it can’t be said enough. Baka Tsuneoki!!

I actually understand his viewpoint. He’s someone who is a stickler for rules, but he should at least look at the bigger picture. Even if Saburo is a fake, sending him away is stupid. Having someone who looks just like your leader is a huge advantage to have. If one dies the other takes the place and everyone would be terrified. Nobunaga would turn into dead man who came back to life Nobunaga. That alone would spread fear to all of the daimyo’s hearts. But no…a fraud is a fraud, so it looks like Saburo does leave for a bit in the next episode.

At least thank the man for doing what he did. Baka Tsuneoki…why you gotta be so ungrateful and easily manipulated?


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 10 (jdrama) – Baka is as Baka does and Baka is Tsuneoki!!!!

  1. junny

    C’mon Hanbei, you’re taking your own sweet time figuring out Hideyoshi’s secret! Get on it! I’m only up to episode 8, but hm, this is deviating from the bit of history I know, so I’m not sure if I like that Hideyoshi’s another fake.

    Could Tsune-chan be purposely cold to Saburo and send him away for Saburo’s safety? And I think Micchi feels this way towards Kichou because he’s jealous that she likes the fake Nobunaga better than the real one, and maybe he finally realises her good points? Just throwing in my two cents’ worth based on your recap.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Hanbei discovered that the name Hideyoshi used to join the ranks, the one after Denjiro, belonged to someone who died. So now he doesn’t know who Hideyoshi is, but is even more suspicious. I think in history they don’t have much details about Hideyoshi and his past. He’s simply someone who rose up the ranks quick and then defeated Micchi.

      Sadly, I don’t think Tsuneoki isn’t that smart or crafty. He knows his position and likes order and with Saburo acting like Nobunaga when he isn’t doesn’t sit right with him.


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