Sword Art Online II episode 24 – Goodbye Yuuki

Sword Art Online II (11)

The episode starts with a montage and then another one and then another one. It kind of seems like something you’d see at the end of a season and not at the start of the final episode, so it’s a bit weird to watch it like this.

Two minutes of montage of Yuuki and Asuna having fun. I did like that we got to see Recon again, but he’s shoved in the back. There’s another scene of Yuuki and Kirito having a duel. She uses her insane combo, but just as Kirito is about to follow up with his attack the time runs out and she wins.

The montages stop once she gets a text message telling her to come to the hospital since Yuuki’s health has gotten worse. Asuna rushes to the hospital and walks into Yuuki’s room. There, she finds Yuuki’s doctor and two nurses. Since she’s allowed into the room, even though it’s meant to be a sterilized environment, I’m guessing that this means Yuuki is either dead or in the process of dying.

Sword Art Online II (3)

The doctor says that her heart stopped forty minutes before Asuna came. They got it back up, but if it happens again then she’s done. Asuna can’t believe this though, because she wants Yuuki to win since she’s the strongest fighter in ALO. That may be true, but a game isn’t real life. The reality of Yuuki’s life is completely different than how she is in the game. When Yuuki moves her eyes a bit, her doctor tells Asuna to take her hand. She does, but then asks for the Medicuboid to be used so she can talk to Yuuki in the game world.

Yuuki wanted her last moments to be in the outside realm, but Asuna says that this isn’t the case and asks for the doctor to use the Medicuboid. He agrees and I’m left feeling a bit confused here. Asuna isn’t a relative of Yuuki so she doesn’t get to decide what happens with her last moments. If Yuuki wanted to be outside, then Asuna should just respect that. It’s just like what happened with her mom in the last episode. Asuna can only be herself in the game world and while that isn’t really a bad thing, she should still try to cherish moments in the real one as well.

Sword Art Online II (4)

I know it will be said that Yuuki wanted to be in ALO and she’ll thank Asuna for bringing her there, but I still don’t think that’s right. It would also go against Yuuki’s character, since she’s someone who desperately wanted to live in the real world and was forced to go to the virtual one in order to survive. For her to die in a place free from that makes perfect sense. Asuna really had no business dictating how Yuuki gets to die like that.

So Yuuki uses the Medicuboid and Asuna uses the Amusphere in the next room. In ALO, Yuuki thanks Asuna because she forgot something important. She wanted to give her a gift before she passed on. It’s her original sword skill, which is called Mother’s Rosario. Show, I see what you did there.

Yuuki falls, because she’s dying, and the Sleeping Knights show up to give their last goodbyes. Kirito’s harem, plus Klein, also shows up and even though this is an emotional moment I did kind of laugh that the harem stood alongside Kirito while Klein was pushed to the back. There’s space, but he knows his position in this group.

Sword Art Online II (7)

When they’re sitting down, he’s back on their level but it’s still funny when they first appeared and he’s shoved into the background like that. The Sleeping Knights and Kirito’s Harem + Klein show up, but Asuna has one more surprise in store for Yuuki. It seems like everyone from ALO shows up to give Yuuki their respects and say goodbye. Even Recon. That’s two scenes that he’s in now.

Yuuki gives a nice speech about how she always thought that she wanted to die, but now knows that it’s okay to live. It’s heartfelt and I’m sure there will be a lot of people who tear up in this scene. She finishes it off by saying that she’s happy dying in the arms of the person that she loved. I guess Yuuki really wanted Yuuki Yuuki to happen.

Sword Art Online II (9)

With that, Yuuki dies and her funeral is filled with people. So much so the line up goes all the way to the street and then some. Siune, in real life, meets with Asuna and says that she’s been feeling better and was able to leave the hospital. The other Sleeping Knights seem to be doing well too.

Kirito and the doctor show up and we learn that an external person helped out with designing the Medicuboid for free. The one who helped was Professor Koujirou Rinko, who was also the same person who kept Kayaba’s body safe. So I guess this means Kayaba planned everything.

The end credits have Asuna and Kirito affirming their love for one another. Mother’s Rosario arc is now done.

In terms of SAO, I thought this arc was one of the better ones, but at the same time I kind of wish this had more episodes to develop the Yuuki/Asuna relationship. Sinon and Kirito had a short amount of time together, but because of the length of episodes that GGO the show had enough time to develop their relationship. Yuuki and Asuna didn’t have the same privileged and while I get that their friendship was intense and filled with love, I don’t know if we ever moved passed the surface of it.

Sword Art Online II (8)

Asuna liked Yuuki’s strength and Yuuki was reminded of her sister when she saw Asuna, but there didn’t seem to be anything else there. I think both are fine enough characters I just didn’t understand their devotion to each other, especially since they’ve only known each other for like a week.

Oh well. Even if I don’t really feel much from their relationship, in terms of story telling it is one of the better arcs. If I had to order all of the arcs, from best to worse, then it would look something like this. GGO – SAO – Mother’s Rosario – ALO – Calibur. GGO may have been boring to some, but Sinon was the best character that we’ve seen on this show.

Overall: Mother’s Rosario was okay, but it could have benefited from more episodes and less tears.

RIP Yuuki.

ps. It is kind of funny how some fans are raging about now getting a cliffhanger ending. The picnic scene at the end is anime only, and they wanted to see a promo for the next arc. Season three is definitely coming, but I don’t think we’ll see it till next year.


2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II episode 24 – Goodbye Yuuki

  1. Hime Toki

    Lol I just saw this post! I love how you keep referring to the girls as Kirito’s Harem! Some guys really are that dense, though. I just read a few of your earlier posts and I have to say that I’m more of an Asuna fan than Sinon. Sinon still goes after Kirito after finding out about Asuna and Yui while meeting them in ALO and even makes Kirito promise to remember her when she fetches Excalibur! If she was so strong she’d be able to move on and respect Asuna as a person and as a woman and cross the relationship boundaries. The author probably does that to give the anime a sense of realism- you’re not always going to have good friends like Liz that lets her crush on your boyfriend go, or a cousin like Suguha that understands that loving someone is simply being content that the person you love is happy.

    Not to be mean or rude or whatever, but that’s probably why they even had GGO because Sinon utilized her video games as a means to run away from her real world problems. 😡

    1. mochirochi Post author

      That part of Sinon I didn’t like and I’m not sure why the anime/story needed to have her do that. To be fair, Suguha did the same thing even though Asuna was around. I feel like the show just wants all the girls to like Kirito, while he forgets that he has a girlfriend/wife.


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