Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 12 – Ruko grows to Level 5

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

Final episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS and before I begin I’m trying to figure out if this will have a happy ending or not? I kind of feel like it will be bittersweet, but you never know. The last episode was pretty depressing. Hanayo fell in love with Kazuki and doesn’t want to continue doing Yuzuki’s wish because she loves them both. Because she is refusing to fulfill her role, she ends up at the hospital.

If the LRIG takes over your body, they have to complete your wish or they risk dying. That Mayu, she really was thorough when making the rules to this game. No matter what happens, you have to do your job or risk the ultimate consequence.

Kazuki knows the truth and he and Hitoe rush over to find out that Mayu has already passed away, but I found it kind of weird that they left a comatose Ruku on the hospital roof. Ruku is with Mayu in the white room and they’re battling, but then Yuki starts to fade away. Tama is still trapped and can’t get out of her prison to help Ruko.

The last episode was pretty depressing for everyone, except Ulith and Mayu. So let’s see what the final installment to this season has in store for us.

Yuki is still fading fast, but at least Tama is now free from her prison so that’s a good thing. Will she make it in time? I don’t know. Yuki is already making her final speech to Ruko and raised another death flag for herself. Poor Yuki, but at least this is making Mayu start to question things. Too bad she’s with Ulith who will probably destroy Ruko and Yuki just for the hell of it.

Tama made it! Oh man, does this mean this will actually get a happy ending? I don’t know if I’m ready for that. She asks Ru to use grow and make Yuki and her into one. If they merge together, would they look like Mayu?

selector spread WIXOSS (7)

Level 5 happens and Tama and Yuki became Mayu. Seeing the other version of herself has the original Mayu a bit shaken. She’s never heard her name being used in such a caring tone. When she was alive, the voices behind the wall would just call her ‘that.’ It’s depressing. Mayu’s life, her room, and her feelings…all of it are depressing. I wonder why they did that to her though?

Ruko does try to help her though and say, “Let’s go back to the real world together.” But Mayu is already dead, so that can’t happen. The world that Mayu lives in at the moment is falling apart too, so it looks like Mayu and the Selector games won’t remain long in this world.

So Mayu offers one last chance to Ruko. If she can guess what card colour card that she picked, Ruko would win. If she guesses wrong, then Mayu wins. It’s not as simple as saying red, white, or black, because Ulith at level five can use all colours. After thinking of it for a bit, Ruko guesses that the card is colourless.

selector spread WIXOSS (10)

Ruko wins and Mayu is okay with that.

Before the world completely closes, LRIG Mayu asks Ruko for her wish. Before, it seemed like she wanted to return all of the girls who became LRIGs back to their original self, but that’s no longer her wish. Ruko wants to turn all of the girls who became LRIGs into humans. That way, she gets her original wish, but can also see Mayu, Tama, and Yuki too.

They finish the rest of the oath and it looks like everything is back to normal. I don’t know if I can fully believe that though. There has to be a catch. The girls who were sealed away as LRIGs came to their old bodies and the selector battles seem to be over as well.

selector spread WIXOSS (11)

So Selector got a happy ending and all of the girls on the show were able to grow as characters and not let their worries and issues tie them down. The Ruko at the end of the series is very different from the indecisive one from the beginning. It’s almost like Mayu used grow on her to make her into a Level 5 human. Even though the games were hard, they did a nice job in symbolizing the struggle girls go through during their teen years. It may seem hard and kind of like an uphill battle, but instead of focusing on the negative make the selection to do you and you’ll be alright. Kind of like Tama’s struggle in the beginning as she tried to get out of that room. Instead of climbing up and falling down, she found her own door and was able to leave in that way.

For a moment I thought Ruko may go the Madoka route and take Mayu’s place in the white room, but I was happy to see her as a human. It was nice seeing all of the LRIGs back to normal. No sign of Tama, Yuki, or Mayu though. But the last shot we do see Tama on a rooftop, so maybe?

selector spread WIXOSS (13)

Even though I like Tama, Mayu really needs a second chance. She may have been crazy, but I think everyone (not named Naruto) would have a few screws loose if you lived that kind of life. Not being loved, embraced, talked to, or even called by your name. Living a life where you are ignored and people openly spite you. Sad. Really sad.

My only complaint was that there were a few plot holes and some things that weren’t explained. I don’t know how they can make a season three or even a movie from this since the ending seemed pretty final. Unless Ulith some how brings the games back, I think this is it.

A bit rushed, but an otherwise good episode. After all of the ways the characters got screwed over, it’s nice that everyone got a happy ending.

ps. Lrig backwards is Girl. My mind is now blown.


7 thoughts on “Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 12 – Ruko grows to Level 5

  1. Tama-Chan


    I was thinking at the end, would that be Tama + Yuki both combined together? Well if that’s the case then she’s Mayu reborn.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      That’s so sweet. Thank you for the kind words.

      I think Ruko’s wish made it that all three, Tama, Yuki, and Mayu, would come back as humans. We didn’t see Yuki or Mayu, but then again how would Yuki look like now? Maybe you’re right and that’s Mayu at the end, but maybe it’s just Tama.

  2. wtrmlngrn

    Are we ever going to find out why Mayu was all alone?? Was she sick, an experiment..? That’s the number 1 thing bugging me about this series. Why the heck did someone do that to her and get her all messed up like that?? It’s driving me crazy.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Unless this gets another season or movie I don’t think we’ll ever know. I’m curious about the answer to that too. For me though, I wanted to see some time of resolution to Ruko’s issues with her mom.

      1. wtrmlngrn

        I read a comment somewhere else that maybe Ruuko’s mom was a nurse for Mayu. Mayu freaked her out, so her own child seemed scary to her. Unlikely speculation, but interesting. I hope there’s an OVA that answers a lot of questions.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          She seems to get along with her son though? It would be interesting if they were connected that way.

          I’d like an OVA too, but the last episode for Spread seemed final. I don’t know how they’d make another season unless Ulith somehow came back and restarted the games.

  3. julazrie

    i was though that yuki tama can be done..
    but i was wrong.. what happen with midoriko .. milulun .. and mayu?? i don’t see them in thier human beeing ..
    by the way.. i like your conclusion..
    I LOVE SELECTOR.. hehe~


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