Day 19 – Least Favourite Character

My least favourite drama character is Moo-San from Ohlala Couple.


The character is played by Narsha and even though I think she’s a pretty cool chick and very funny on variety shows, she can’t really act. Or at least, the role here didn’t really do much in terms of showcasing her talent. The character was pretty much useless too. There was this whole arc about past lives and body swapping between the fighting spouses, but after they went back to their normal bodies her role became redundant. I didn’t understand why Moo San and that guy she was with needed to continue watching over the couple.

I forgot to mention him before, but I have to include Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flowers.

Yoon Ji Hoo

I started the show when he left to chase after some girl he loved. At this point, my only feelings towards him was, “Wow you have horrible hair.” When he came back and said to Jan Di, “Let’s date behind his back.” He was officially and forever on my hate list. Friends don’t do that to other friends. That’s just wrong! Then he kissed her, when Joon Pyo invited her as his date. With that, he became one of my most hated characters.  He sucks and he had horrible hair.


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