OCN’s Bad Guys episode 11 (kdrama) – They have to do a sequel now, they have no choice


“Violence is the law of beasts and nonviolence is the law of people.”

Episode 11 marks the final episode of Bad Guys. I’ve heard some rumblings about a sequel, but I don’t know. All I can say is thank you to the crew that made this, because it’s been consistently fantastic. The cinematography, the writing, the acting, the plot – everything has been great. I also appreciate the return of Tae Su’s in a tux in the recap. The shallow part of my being thanks you very much for that reminder. It was short, but very sweet.

To remind you of what happened in the last episode. The Commissioner got straight up shanked. We have no idea what happened, but the episode starts with him alive and well. Then Prosecutor Oh shows up. Does this mean he’s the one who kills the Commissioner? They talk about his past and it turns out that Prosecutor Oh’s wife was also killed by a serial killer, which seems like a common theme in this drama. He was the leading prosecutor on the case and sent the serial killer to life in prison. After visiting him in jail, he realized something quite poignant. Instead of explaining it, here’s what he said:

“He had clearly committed the crime, so why was I the one being punished? Ah! The system of justice I had believed in gave out punishment that wasn’t really punishment. He was being isolated for the crime, but not really punished for the crime. The true punishment went to the victims and not the bad guys. If that was the punishment, if that was all that was allowed within the law…Fine. Then I will have to punish you. I will use my own method to really punish you. All the pain I have suffered, you’ll also suffer exactly the same. And when you feel that suffering and that consuming agony, then that will be my way of punishing you. That is my system of justice.”

It’s definitely something that a surviving party might feel when their loved one passed away, but for him to actually go out and make sure this happens is when he loses his humanity. Instead of dealing with the source of his pain, like the Commissioner did, he goes after the murderer’s wife and relishes in the pain he sees it bring to the murderer. In that moment, he’s not just someone who let his pain get to him. He’s someone who has fallen so deep that he’s now justifying his behaviour.


Seems kind of odd that the Prosecutor is freely telling us this information….oh and there’s the knife. I guess that’s why he thought it was okay. If Inspector Yu finds out then she’s going to feel like crap, especially when she realizes that she helped the man who killed her mentor.

Kind of interesting to see the common theme of losing someone and how it can change a person. The Commissioner, Gu Tak, and Prosecutor Oh all lost someone precious to them because of a serial killer. Their reactions and how they live their life after is what sets them apart though. The Commissioner killed his son’s murderer and then covered it up. It’s not right, but at least he went after the man who was responsible. Gu Tak was so determined to get Jeong Mun that he pinned everything on him without knowing the truth. Prosecutor Oh went after the family of his wife’s killer.

Ung Cheol and Tae Su don’t kill Gu Tak and Jeong Mun. That is to be expected though. Team Criminal can’t be Team Criminal unless they’re all together, so they all get into a car together to save the day. Before that can happen, they get a call from the Commissioner and quickly rush over to him, but it’s too late. He’s dead and Prosecutor Oh is determined to pin it all on Team Criminal.

Every time he shows up with his plans, I can’t help but think of Inspector Yu and what will happen when she finds out the truth. He even tells her that Team Criminal is responsible for the Commissioners death and I’m a bit worried that she might believe him. But she doesn’t. She knows that they’re not responsible, but she still shows her green nature by telling Prosecutor Oh this. He rewards her naive behaviour by pretty much telling her that he’s the killer without actually saying that he’s the killer.


The Prosecutor decides to go public with his search of Team Criminal. He tells the policemen to spread wanted posters across town and gives the okay for them to use live ammunition to catch them.

Meanwhile, team Criminal search out for the psychiatrist who treated Jeong Mun and drugged him all of the time, but Prosecutor Oh expected this and tried to hide him somewhere. So they use Inspector Yu to help them flush him out and get the answers that they were looking for.

They find out that Doctor Kim’s wife was also killed by a serial killer…which is kind of scary if you think about it. How many serial killers does this drama have? It seems like everyone is either connected to a serial killer, or is a murderer in another way. This city that the Bad Guys created…it ain’t safe. In fact, it might just be the worse drama place to live in.

To make a long story short, the Prosecutor used Doctor Kim to drug Jeong Mun and try to get him to kill people on their behalf. Only, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t kill another human being, even in his drugged out state. People needed to die though, so Prosecutor Oh took it upon himself to make that happen. That means that Jeong Mun was framed.

Poor Jeong Mun

The women who were killed by him were all loved ones from criminals. I get that, but why did he target Gu Tak’s daughter? Her father wasn’t a murderer, but because he was so sure that Jeong Mun was the killer, Prosecutor Oh thought killing his daughter would be the best way to get the resident psychopath to jail and possibly killed. So Gu Tak’s desire to solve the crimes because he did a shady thing was his downfall. He was played by the Prosecutor from the very beginning.


Another simple but moving moment here, which was made possible by the lighting. Now that he knows the truth, Gu Tak lifts his head and the light fully embraces him. He lowers his head soon after, but it’s enough to convey that here’s a change in him now.

He talks to Jeong Mun and apologizes for what he’s done. He then gives him the gun and tells Jeong Mun to do as he wishes, but we all know that nothing will happen. Jeong Mun isn’t a killer. The only time killed was when his parents died. I think a lot of people would have done the same thing as him if they were in that situation.

Wow….I just realized that this episode is an hour and a half long.

Team Criminal initiates the Butterfly’s Dream operation, but before Tae Su can help them he has to tell that woman from earlier that he killed her husband. Even though I don’t really care about her, the scene is a bit hard to watch. It’s not enough that he tells her that he killed her husband, but he’s telling her all of the horrific details about what he did to the body.

Considering how both Gu Tak and Jeong Mun let go of their hatred, Tae Su was the only remaining member who still had some unfinished business to tend to. It’s interesting to note that the lighting has gone a lot softer. I’ve mentioned a few times how the show use light and the planning stage is a good example of this. It’s a clear sign that they’ve all let it go….let it go…turned away and slammed the door….


Tae Su and Ung Cheol beat up a lot of people and Gu Tak beats up Prosecutor Oh after Jeong Mun provokes him. They don’t kill him though, which proves that they’ve gotten stronger. I don’t think the Gu Tak from the beginning of this series would have let the man who killed his kid go so easily. While he isn’t dead, they do trap him and get him arrested for the crimes that he committed.

Now that that’s done, Team Criminal needs to go back to jail. Well, all of them except Jeong Mun. He needs to get sue the police force and get some money. Then he needs to get his ex girlfriend sent to jail on perjury charges.

Remember back in the first episode when the serial killer there mentioned that one of the victims wasn’t killed by him. Inspector Yu picked up on this and tells the new person in charge that they’res a way to solve this crime. She then walks through the jail and finds Gu Tak.


Noticing the lighting and how he looks a lot softer now than before. He may be in jail now, but he’s in jail and finally able to move on with his life.

That being said, Bad Guys Season 2? Yes please!

The show may have had its faults and I’m not going to say it doesn’t because it does, but it’s easy to over look it when you have great writing, a fun plot, some of the best acting I’ve seen in a kdrama, and cinematography that actually enhances the story and makes sense.

Bad Guys was a fantastic series and definitely one of the best kdramas of the year…might even be the best kdrama of all time for me.


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