Day 18 – Favourite Live Action version of an Anime/Manga

I’ve read my fair share of mangas and I’ve watched my fair share of animes. But for some reason or another, I haven’t watched a lot of dramas that are based on the mangas/animes that I’m familiar with. And I haven’t read or seen a lot of the source material that some of the dramas are based on.

Man, this challenge is really making me realize that I haven’t watched a lot of dramas.

From those I’ve seen, I guess Dragonball Evolution and Speed Racer would be my top choices…I kid I kid, even though I think that Speed Racer was fun to look at.

Liar Game and LIFE would be an easy pick and Sailor Moon was pretty good, once you got over the campy feel of the story.

But for the sake of this question, I’m going to go with Nobunaga Concerto!


I absolutely adore this anime and after steamrolling through it, I learned of a drama so I decided to watch it. With the anime, I was taken aback by the animation choice. With the drama, I thought Oguri Shun looked too old to be a high schooler. But after I got over both, I loved every minute of them. The drama isn’t like the anime/manga though, but then again I don’t think I’ve every watched a live action version that didn’t change things around.

The changes here are a bit more than normal, but it adds to the story instead of hindering it. One of the problems with the anime is that we didn’t get to see Saburo struggle with his new life. One moment he’s a high schooler, then next he’s riding horses and taking names on the battlefield. The drama adds some much needed background info and gives more time on the emotional aspect of the story instead of just a series of events.

Even though this isn’t part of the question, there is a live action movie that I personally found disappointing. Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit.

Ikigami was one of the first mangas that I’ve ever read so it holds a special place in my heart. I don’t think this could ever work as an anime just because of the subject matter, so when I heard that there was a movie out and it starred Matsuda Shota, the level of excitement that I felt was through the roof.

Then I watched it and was left feeling pretty dejected. While the story itself isn’t bad, I just found it lacking that special something that made Ikigami so dear to me. Maybe if this was a drama and fleshed out the stories a bit, I might have liked it more. And even though Matsuda Shota did a good job acting, he never felt like Fujimoto Kengo to me.


10 thoughts on “Day 18 – Favourite Live Action version of an Anime/Manga

  1. miharusshi

    I’ve only watched NC anime episode 1. Guess what? Your post about the anime (I think it was during the anime challenge?) intrigued me, so I went to download all the episodes. But I didn’t watch it all right away, because… Saburo didn’t seem like he felt out of place in that era. Although it could’ve been his laidback attitude, he seemed too detached from his sense of reality. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it a bit. I actually enjoyed it, and I want to savor the rest of the episodes once I’m done with my current backlog.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      That was actually one of my biggest issues with the anime. Saburo doesn’t really show emotion about being in that time period and missing his family back home. Then again, he may have shown some more emotion if the CGI was able to showcase it in a natural way….

      It took a few episodes for me to get into though, so your feelings on the first episode is very much in line with my views on it when I first started. It grew on me though.

      You just reminded me of my anime backlog though. >.< There's so many I have to go through. I did end up finishing Tokyo Ghoul though. I didn't see much censorship and while it did change some things from the manga (I didn't finish it yet) I thought it was pretty exciting.

  2. GooseBerry

    Hi there! =)
    For me, maybe Suzuki Sensei, Shinya Shokudo, and Jin part 1 at certain level. I was initially surprised that shows like those were actually manga adaptations.
    I haven’t watched Nobunaga Concerto, while reading some mixed reviews about the show. I’ll try it once it’s completely subbed.

  3. junny

    Enjoying your posts on this challenge! It also makes me realise I don’t have many choices if I were to do it, and I’m kinda hesitant about putting a “favourite” tag on anything unless I feel very strongly about something.

    I just watched the Ikigami trailer… is that Yamada Takayuki I see??

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you 😀

      I feel the same way. I thought that I’ve seen a good amount to do a proper job with this, but it’s been a bit of a struggle to not repeat dramas and answer the questions.

      And yes, that is Yamada Takayuki. Out of the three stories in Ikigami, his is the most heartfelt. But even he can’t change my feelings about the movie. 😦

  4. barak

    For what it’s worth, Nobunaga Concerto is a manga, and a damn good one at that. The anime was a relatively faithful adaptation (as much as it could be in only 10 episodes, damn Fuji). I would’ve appreciated the drama having more time, but then it went and changed things so much it’s basically a different story with different characters… :/ I really wanted to like it, but I just can’t.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      From what I’ve read of the manga, which isn’t a lot only the first five or so chapters, the anime did a better job in its adaptation. The drama is different, but for some reason I’m okay with it since it works.

      1. barak

        To be honest I probably would’ve enjoyed the drama if I wasn’t a fan of the source material. As I am, though, I’m just sad that they made so many (to me, completely unnecessary) changes. 😦 Oh well.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          I understand. I wouldn’t have even watched the drama if I didn’t have such a huge love for the anime, but I guess it’s easier for me to accept the changes since it helps fill in the blanks missing in the anime. But I can definitely understand how all the changes does make it bad for a fan of the source material. 🙂


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