tvN’s Valid Love episode 6 – How quickly everyone forgets episode 4

This was meant to come out yesterday evening, but I got distracted by a witch who uses her hair to kill things…I’ve beaten the game, so here’s the 5-Line Recap of Valid Love.

valid love4

1. Hee Tae is lecturing his brother at the cafe about how he should be more responsible and not fall for loan sharks, because Do Young will find him and put him in the Liar Game if that happens.

Okay, the last part of the sentence didn’t happen, but considering how this took over Liar Game’s slot I feel like he should be aware of this. Kind of…but not really….

I have to say though that I love how Valid Love recaps what happens in the previous episodes and adds other things to it so that it doesn’t feel redundant. One of my biggest issues with Liar Game is that their beginning of episode recaps took too long and if it’s the second episode of the week then we don’t need a 3-6 minute recap of what happened the previous day. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Valid Love does it right though. In the previous episode, Hee Tae’s little brother bumps into Kim Joon. The audience is meant to deduce that Hee Tae was just talking to him about the loan sharks and gambling. So in the following episode we see Hee Tae at the cafe, but instead of just seeing his little brother walk away. The audience actually gets to see their conversation as well.

Writers of Valid Love, even though I know the cheating storyline will annoy me. I do appreciate the beginning of the episode recaps!

valid love2

2. Hee Tae and Kim Joon take the plunge and have their first date!

Okay, not a real date, but the two do end up hanging out together after Kim Joon takes Hee Tae to a place to buy wood. You can tell that Kim Joon feels a bit uncomfortable and isn’t willing to let the walls down, mainly because he kissed Hee Tae’s wife and has feelings for her, but there are moments when it starts to crumble.

There were moments when it seemed like they were bonding, but then Il Ri is brought up and Kim Joon quickly repairs the broken wall. There is this one scene that made me laugh though. When they’re back home, Hee Tae tells the Carpenter that he’s fond of him and that they should hang out even after the job is done.

Kim Joon replies with, “Don’t be too fond of me.” And I laughed. If you’ve ever seen a male lead in any drama/novel say this, then you’d know that this just makes the heroine fall in love with them. Don’t be too fond of me. Stay away from me. I’m bad news. I’m not nice. Whenever you hear this it always means, “LOVE ME!”

It’s still sad though, because it looks like they can be friends. Too bad he has to go after a married woman. 😦

3. After his date with Hee Tae, Kim Joon continues the two timing theme of this show by calling Il Ri to meet with him, so they can have a date as well.

I might be exaggerated a bit, but he did call Il Ri over to get the laptop. What’s surprising is that Il Ri decided to dress up, wear makeup, and put on some perfume before meeting him. She tries to act like this wasn’t done on purpose, even though he saw her checking herself out before going up to him.

It didn’t take too long, but she’s all in now. She pretty much painted a sign over her face saying, “I want you Kim Joon.” He knows this too, so he flirts with her and….she flirts back. They’re having a date. Their first date as a couple.

Before things get too heated, Il Ri’s former bully turned friend catches them together. She doesn’t suspect things, but does comment on that jacket Il Ri is wearing and Kim Joon’s girlfriend. (The girlfriend is Il Ri, only she doesn’t know that) Hearing that he has a girlfriend, Il Ri acts all offended and calls Kim Joon a player. She says that they’re done and hits him a few times with her sister’s laptop.

Kind of, how do you say, hypocritical of her to say this. I mean, if Kim Joon is apparently evil because he has a girlfriend, then what does that mean for Il Ri who has a husband at home?

valid love3

Thankfully we have Hee Soo around to say what we’re all thinking. Have I mentioned how awesome she is? You can tell that the writers are self aware of the romance and making Hee Soo the voice of the audience. Just like how the characters can’t hear the viewer’s complaints as we yell at our screen. No one in the drama can hear Hee Soo, except us.

4. Hee Soo is left out in the rain while Il Ri is watching her.

If this was an anime, Hee Soo would soon develop a life threatening fever. Here, she’s fine, well at least for now. But if there’s anything I know about Asian shows and rain it’s that you’re going to go to the hospital. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Il Ri’s mother-in-law comes home and see Hee Soo on the balcony. She rushes over to get her child and then promptly slaps Il Ri. I don’t condone violence, but I don’t really blame her for her outburst. Her sick daughter is left outside when it’s raining and risks getting sicker. Any mother would be angry that this happened. She may be a bit of a shrew, but in this case she acted like a mom.

5. Everyone forgets episode four as Il Ri cries in front of Kim Joon.

After the slap, Il Ri goes running to Kim Joon. Maybe it’s because he’ll coddle her and try to cheer her up, even though the slap was warranted and it was Il Ri’s fault. When he notices her face, he tells her to cry and she laughs because she doesn’t cry in front of anyone. Not even her husband.

Which I guess is true…as long as you ignore episode four where she cried in front of him.

Il Ri’s mother in law does try to make nice and asks Il Ri to come over and have dinner with the family and to bring Hee Tae too. I’m not sure why the mom has to be so mean all the time, but moments like this does make her seem like she cares for Il Ri. She just has a funny way of showing it.

Kim Joon is having none of this though and our little adultery fueled couple have another fight about her in-laws. During this, he asks her a loaded question, “Just because your husband is a good man and loves you, does that mean that you’re happy?”

valid love1

She starts crying asking, which pleases him. Ah, before you say that he’s acting concerned because he loves her, it doesn’t matter. Kim Joon still looked happy that Il Ri was crying in front of him, because now he has a moment with Il Ri that Hee Tae doesn’t.

As she’s crying and he’s patting her back, we hear Hee Tae’s narration as he says, “My wife never cries in front of me.”

Again, I guess that’s true if we ignore episode four, but there’s already proof of her crying in front of him. I mean, it happened just two episodes ago.

Preview: Hee Tae gets another picture of Il Ri and Kim Joon together. Il Ri goes on a date with Kim Joon. Hee Soo gets sick, because she was rained on. The family is together at the hospital, while Il Ri is having fun with her male mistress.

Overall, this was another good episode. I still feel bad for Hee Tae, especially because he doesn’t suspect a thing and seems to really like Kim Joon. But what can he do at this point? Il Ri’s interaction with him, her only one in this episode, didn’t seem like her normal self. She was still sweet and mushy with him, but it didn’t feel as genuine as before.

It looks like Il Ri’s bully turned friend has figured things out and now knows Il Ri and Kim Joon are having an affair. Good for her, but what I want to know who that mystery photographer is.

So far, I have 3,5 suspects. The first is the shopkeeper. Why? Because his shop seems to see everything that is going on and he seemed to have suspected something when he saw Kim Joon chasing after Il Ri.

The second suspect is Hee Tae’s female friend. She was introduced only briefly in this episode, but we know she’s an old friend of Hee Tae and one that he finds attractive. Maybe? He did narrate that she took an interest in Il Ri so….

And the third (.5) suspect is the father/son duo from Il Ri’s apartment building. She says that the father paid for his wife’s trip overseas, but it seems like she was kicked out or something. He greeted her in a strange way as well, so maybe his wife had an affair and he wants to warn Hee Tae before anything major happens? Or is it his son?

Ahh, I want to know who is responsible for the photos! Since I’m probably wrong so far about this mystery.


10 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 6 – How quickly everyone forgets episode 4

  1. aerecho

    I really wish that the Kim Joon – Il Ri story line did not involve adultery because I really like them as a couple. The hyperventilating scene in episode 4 is one of the most memorable scenes I watched this year.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      They’re cute together, I agree. But if she wasn’t married, would she have met him? I still don’t think we’ve seen Hee Tae and Il Ri’s love story yet, so you never know…you might end up changing your mind once that starts up.

  2. Marina

    I’m having internet problems at my home and it hasn’t been repaired for almost a month. I’ve been wanting to watch Valid Love because there’s LSH in it and I found that the story line is interesting as well. That’s why I am so glad that I could read Valid’s Love recap on your blog. I read it using my cellphone. Thank you VERY MUCH 😀 I’m going to read your recap every week. Please continue ❤

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you and I hope your internet gets repaired. I’d like to think that I’d be able to handle living a month without it, but I don’t know if I can.

      I’m hoping to continue the recaps until the series ends. If you do end up getting the chance to watch it, then know that I don’t mention everything that happens on the show. For example, there’s a subplot involving Hee Tae’s little brother and Il Ri’s little sister. I’m not really interesting in it, so I don’t really mentioning it much here.

      In any case, thank you for reading and commenting!

      1. Marina

        Hi. My internet connection is repaired now! Yeay! 😀
        Thank you for writing. Since you wrote some important or interesting part of the drama, I find your blog really useful. I could use it as a reference to find which episode I could find “this or that” scene 🙂
        Thank you for replying my comment. Keep writing ❤

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  4. Amber

    can anyone explain the situation with Hee Soo? what was with the scene of her walking a round the dinner table eating like normal?

  5. Pls Dont Follow Me (@babyniallgirl)

    So I said on the Episode 8 post that I was gonna sleep alr but no I didn’t OTL Read another recap-busted. Hahaha but the end of this post had my hair standing. We have the same suspects! I was gonna ask you on my earlier post if you had any guesses in who could be sending the photos but decided against it since I haven’t read all your recaps and alas! You did mention it already. Those 3 are my prime suspects too! ever since the blackmailing I’ve been looking for the culprit. Suddenly the romance turned into a mystery/detective type drama 😆 The mart owner since one photo was that of Il Ri eating ice pops (with Joon), the weird kid who smirked at Ki Tae (like he knows sth!)and his dad who had an awkward encounter with Hee Tae (again at the mart!) and the pretty hoobae because she likes Hee Tae. But I also have a slight suspcion on Duk Bae. He was the first to see them together and I had this creepy thought of him being bipolar despite that cutie pie’s face. There’s also Joon himself who took a selca lol somehow I turning this into a horror-thiller with one (or more) lunatic 😂 I guess I really need to sleep 😅

  6. Boon Ang

    Again, I have found your recaps and comments from episodes 4 to 7 interesting. I have two puzzling questions. First, many comments have been made about IR missing out of adolescent (puberty) romance. I don’t understand this. IR was separated from HT from 18 till she was 25 when they were married. What was she doing during this time? She had ample opportunities to experience first, second, and many other loves! Did she live in a nunnery all this while? Second, she was the one who pestered HT to marry her (whether he wanted to or not)? And sure, he married her out of guilt because he felt sorry (which he mistook for love). But, it was clearly evident that he learned to love her regardless. So why did she have to complain to KJ that she didn’t get a chance to date and do all the fun things others did? HT didn’t rush her to marry then and they could have dated before marriage, so whose fault was it?


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