Day 17 – Least Favourite Drama

Least Favourite, eh? There’s two shows that pop out to me for this question.

The first is Time Spiral (jdrama)

time spiral

This was a drama that I was really looing forward to, mainly because the subject matter (time travel) seemed like an interesting story line. When it first started, it had tons of potential. So much so that I started to recap the episodes here. But then it shot itself in the foot and became stupid, boring, and redundant.

The acting wasn’t that great either. The funny thing is that I know these actors have done better before, but for some reason, either due to their own interpretation of the character, the lack of writing, or the direction they were given, everything just felt wooden and lifeless. Even Gackt who normally does a good job looked like he was forcing himself.

I did find the second kiss scene to be kind of entertaining though. And I’m not going to lie, I did watch it a few times after it happened. Not because it was hot or to die for, but because it was so awkward. The scene is meant to be a very powerful moment for Gackt and Meisa’s characters, but it looked like he was trying to devour her face (not in a good way) instead of…you know, just kissing her. She went for a traditional kiss and he just had his tongue everywhere.

The second one is Lie to Me (kdrama)

lie to me

Lie to Me started off okay. Gong Ah Jung lies about being married to Hyun Ki Joon, kind of like how how Erika lied about being Sata’s girlfriend in Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, but unlike the manga/anime Ki Joon takes offense to this and actively tries to stop her from lying about him. But, and there’s always a but, he starts to benefiting from the fake marriage. If she’s going to use him in order to look good for her friends, then he should do the same thing and user her to get more business. The two continue their fake relationship, they bicker and fight all the time, soon they fall in love and decide to have a real relationship.

On paper, it doesn’t seem too bad and I liked some of the beginning of this drama. Unfortunately, halfway through the seasons the scriptwriters changed and everything else changed too. Personalities were flipped, some of the side characters were never seen again and if they were seen then they served no purpose anymore. A lot of cliche story lines also happened as well. It was like two different shows and the change is incredibly jarring.

It was a struggle to finish this and I may have skipped a lot a few scenes here and there, just so I could get to the ending and be done with this.


With both Time Spiral and Lie to Me, I think my biggest problem is that they had a lot of potential but it was squandered or never fully utilized. It’s a shame too, because the shows did start off on an good note.


3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Least Favourite Drama

  1. miharusshi

    I bet there are lots of shows that started off good, but fell flat due to poor consistency in writing, and other reasons you pointed out here as well.

    One that I can think of is The Heirs (oh my, how I love hating on this show).

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Was it really that bad? I was tempted to watch it, but when I saw that the lead guy was the same lead from BOF I thought it might be too similar and decided against it. I did hear a lot of good things though.

      I was watch Secret Love when the Heirs was out and every week someone would talk about how the Heirs is better than this drama, while others would say that that the Heirs sucks and Secret Love is leagues ahead of it. After watching an episode, I’d read the comments just to see what fights would break out between the two shows fan bases.

      1. miharusshi

        Well, I can’t say for sure if it’s bad since I dropped the show at episode 7. I barely kept myself awake watching it from episode 3. 😦 But thanks to my classmates/friends urging me to watch it together on my laptop, I made it to episode 7. BUT, that was all I could manage to feed my brain with rubbish script.

        Yes, it was so bad for me. It’s like the worst mash up of random, trending things just to make it sell. Sadly, it didn’t work. Just the cast alone was indicative of the production’s attempt to make something that would involve millions of viewers in Korea and overseas.


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