tvN’s Valid Love episode 5 – He likes Kim Joon, that’s just sad

I’m still enjoying the show!

valid love6

5-Line Recap:

1. The male worker from the cafe saw Carpenter Kim kissing Il Ri, but even though he knows what happened he’s still willing to give Il Ri the benefit of the doubt before saying anything.

I didn’t think someone would find out so soon. With the way things are going with Il Ri and Hee Tae’s families, it seems like both sides would be happy if the affair happens. Her side of the family hates his side, since they treat Il Ri like garbage. And his side hates her, because she never went to college. It seems almost stupid for them to act this way when she takes care of them. I bet when they find out, they’ll either tell Hee Tae to cut his losses or say that she’s an ungrateful woman.

On the other side, her family might be disappointed that she cheated, since it’s against the law in Korea and you could face jail time, but I think they’ll be happy since Carpenter Kim is just Carpenter Kim, while Hee Tae is Hee Tae with his obnoxious family. They might even push her to continue and dump Hee Tae.

If they break up, the only one who will be sad will be Hee Tae. I would say Il Ri too, but she’d still have Joon so…she wouldn’t be hurting as much as Pollack.

After the kiss between the two, Carpenter Kim tells her that if she wants to visit she can do so at anytime. She responds by telling him that he should say that she’s annoying and to go away. This change is too much for her so she runs away.

2. Il Ri tells Hee Soo about the kiss.

Why tell the sister-in-law, who clearly loves her brother and doesn’t like you all that much? Hee Soo listens, but she responds by hitting Il Ri.

It turns out to be just in her head though, because Hee Soo is still very much paralyzed. I was kind of sad that she thinks Il Ri is lying about what’s happening and wants proof. I suppose this fits in line with her personality though. She hits Il Ri, because of what she did to her brother, but at the same time she can’t possibly believe that someone would want to kiss her homely sister-in-law.

As the relationship between the two continues, I wonder if we’ll see more of Hee Soo beating up Il Ri?

Hee Tae’s family is horrible, but he seems cool and his sister is the best thing about this drama. I love the fact that even though she’s paralyzed, she’s still integrated into the story and a fully fleshed out character. No one can hear what she’s saying, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

3. Hee Tae keeps pestering Carpenter Kim to make something for him, even though Carpenter Kim wants nothing to do with him.

Seems a bit like déjà vu, doesn’t it? He probably feels guilty for kissing Il Ri and then having to see her husband at his shop. Hee Tae doesn’t know anything that happened. All he knows is that Carpenter Kim seems to dislike him for whatever reason.

I have a feeling like the two would end up being friends, which will make the reveal of affair all that much more painful. Not only is his wife cheating, but he ended up befriending the other man. I wonder when he’ll find out. He’s already getting pictures sent to him of Il Ri and I’m pretty sure it’s going to reveal that she’s with Carpenter Kim. Is the shop keeper doing this? I don’t think this is something that the cafe waiter would do, but the shop keeper is another story. He might very well be doing this. Why? I don’t know.

4. Il Ri gets her sister’s laptop back from Carpenter Kim and even though she’s trying to remain strong she still ends up getting wrapped up into his world.

Before, Carpenter Kim would have tried to push her away, but he’s become a lot bolder now that he’s kissed her. Not only is he openly flirting with her and playing tricks so he can get her number, but she can’t seem to leave him alone either. She even gives him the food her mom made for Hee Tae to him.

It’s done out of anger, but she still gave it to him. And she still stayed with him and he doesn’t want to let her leave. She’s still being strong, so I’m thankful for that. They’re cute together, I won’t deny that, but she’s still a married woman. I wonder what it is that tips her over the edge and makes her take the plunge into a life of adultery.

valid love4

I did find it interesting that she put her hand on his mouth this time and held the hammer up in a threatening manner to him. The same thing happened, but in reverse. Now that he knows her phone number, he’s texting her a lot. He did tell her this would just be the beginning though.

He really did get bold after the kiss.

Il Ri did try to stay away though, but she left her sister’s laptop at his place so she was forced to retrieve it. And the only reason her sister cared so much was because she lost her laptop and phone in the same day. Her phone was held at ransom by Hee Tae’s little brother. Who is incredibly useless might I add. He’s so prideful for going to university for four years, but he has nothing to show for it. He’s just a lazy bum now.

5. After he’s done texting Il Ri, Carpenter Kim heads to have a drink and runs into Hee Tae.

Looks like Hee Tae was having a conversation with his little brother and his useless ways at the bar before Carpenter Kim came. It’s a good thing he’s there though, because Carpenter Kim agrees to take the job that Hee Tae asked for. The episode ends with Hee Tae saying that he likes the guy. That’s going to be a double blow. 😦 Ah, I feel even worse for him now. Poor Pollock. 😦

In the previews for the next episode, Il Ri does something that angers her in laws. Carpenter Kim finds out and takes her to his place. They fight, but she apologizes to Hee Tae. Not to him, but probably a voice over about what she’s going to do.

Meanwhile, Hee Tae meets an attractive young woman at work. Looks like he may be tempted too, but I really hope he abstains and stays loyal to Il Ri. If the show makes both of them cheat, then I’ll be annoyed. Especially if Hee Tae is the one who does it first. Then it would be seen as ‘okay’ for Il Ri to do the same.

valid love5

Then again, if he gets tempted and doesn’t do anything, but Il Ri does, then it might add some more depth to Hee Tae. Oh! There’s also some baby talk happening here. What if Il Ri ends up pregnant with Kim Joon’s kid, even though she’s still married to Hee Tae? If that happens, I have a feeling like Hee Tae will raise the kid like his own, but that would be another blow to him.

I find it interesting that this episode didn’t have any scenes with Hee Tae and Il Ri together, only a flashback of what happened in the previous episode. This kind of makes me feel like the show is trying to say that their relationship, while based on love, isn’t fully fleshed out yet and it will only start to deepen once the affair starts.


4 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 5 – He likes Kim Joon, that’s just sad

  1. Zazie

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’ve seen the episode monday night without subtitles (I understood 20% of what’s been said lol). But I got all the important lines of the story and your recap confirmed it. I’m gonna wait till the week-end and see both this week’s episodes. I like thinking after watching my favourite dramas so I’m waiting fot the right timing.

    Yeah..I also felt very bad for Pollack when he declared that he likes that guy!

    Anyways, I hope the drama keeps delivering great cinematography and good directing, because I really love the atmosphere of every scene.

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  3. Boon Ang

    IR’s affair was in part due to HT’s failure. He failed to adhere to the principle he arrived at with IR in episode 1 – You cannot trust anyone! HT trusted IR too much – even after receiving all the photo images. In fact, he could not, did not want to believe them true and was thinking of all the reasons why he may have misunderstood her.
    Love is blind and love makes fools of man!

  4. Boon Ang

    Another two principles. Remember HT telling IR not to get caught? Well, according to Hitchcock, there is no such thing as the perfect crime. And IR didn’t learn this related principle until too late – there are no secrets that remain a secret for long. True enough, her racing around with KJ was witnessed by MK. Her first kiss was witnessed by DB and MK. Subsequently, even HT’s colleague suspected it after HT started receiving photos of her “dangerous liaisons” with IR. HT suspected and deduced my IR and KJ’s tell tale signs that they was having an affair. Eventually, both her mother & sister, in-laws, her bestie, and even SJ knew about it.


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