Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 10 – Maps are sometimes hard to figure out

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (1)

Ryou got worked in the last episode and while didn’t suffer any major wounds, his hand is badly damaged. The head teacher is troubled by what happened and wants to make sure that Ryou makes a full recovery. Not sure why she’s so interested in him…don’t tell me it’s because she wants a chance at some illegal sexual relations with a male student. That…that can’t be right, even though it would be funny if there was an episode of the two of them together. But no, she’s probably related to him in some way. Maybe an aunt or something? Or a family friend?

She tells Mitsuki-sempai to make sure that Sayuri’s mental needs are met as well. After what happened, she’s worried about her mental strength and wants to make sure she makes a full recovery as well.

At the hospital, both are fine though. So fine, that everyone decides to give the ‘best couple’ some alone time. They talk, they blush, and Ryou looks especially happy that Sayuri promised to visit him every day at the hospital.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (2)

The next day, she visits with the head teacher who is still acting surprisingly nice to Sayuri. See, she’s not a bad guy who only has a one track mind. She’s a responsible adult who is trying to look after the well being of her students.

With some free time on her, she heads to the store to pick up some food and…we don’t get to see it. Does this mean we don’t get any food porn again in this episode? Seems like that’s the case. I want to see more baking and less romance development, even though I quite like Ryou.

As Sayuri is walking to the hospital, she bumps into an old woman who asks for help. She’s looking for the location of a hotel, but her map is confusing her. When Sayuri takes a look, she quickly figures out why the old woman is so lost. She has a map of the world instead of the city.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (3)

She looks classy and sophisticated, but is a total airhead. I kind of love her already. Sayuri tries her best to take her to her location, since it’s close to the hospital anyways, and runs into Gilbert-sensei. Turns out that the old woman is his grandmother. She insists that they repay Sayuri’s kindness. That’s seems kind of her.

The last scene of the episode is of Ryou sitting along in his hospital room with a smile on his face. He seems really excited for Sayuri’s visit, but it seems like it won’t happen. Poor Ryou. Even though I feel bad for you, I feel worse for my eyes because I haven’t been seeing any food. Plus, even if Sayuri betrays him by not coming, he always has the head teacher who seems happy to be by his side.


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