Nobunaga Concerto episode 9 (jdrama) – Saburo’s reputation goes up in flames

nobunaga concerto5

The Oda clan is visited by some white dude who is speaking Spanish to the men. I don’t really know Spanish, but some words are easy enough to guess. I think he said something about coming from Europe and how he has some items and if they’d like they could please have them. He looks religious, so I’m assuming he’s there to spread Christianity to the people. It doesn’t really matter though, because all of the retainers, sans Hideyoshi, are terrified.

Toshiie gets volunteered to speak to him, but once he stands up he just starts laughing then quickly sits down. He’s somewhat terrified because the man has blue eyes. After hearing this Tsune-chan starts covering his eyes in order to shield himself from the monster.

This kind of reminds me of a story my mom told me of back home in Africa. Once upon a time, some white people came to my part of the country. The people in the village were hospitable, because that’s part of our culture, but after they would use a plate the villagers would break it right after. White people were kind of like devils to them. I’m glad we have diversity and multiculturalism now, but I’m not going to lie. I’d love to have seen the reactions from people when they first saw someone from a different race.

Anyways, the scene is funny. Saburo knows what’s up though and starts speaking to him in English, which might seem weird since the man is from Spain, but back then more people knew multiple languages so it makes perfect sense why he would go this route. The man then surprises everyone by speaking Japanese. I think he just wanted to mess with the retainers for fun before getting down to business and spreading his message.

Snap, he wasn’t from Spain at all. But Portugal…sorry to any Portuguese readers out there I didn’t know.

Micchi isn’t happy about Saburo letting the man spread his message, because that would anger the Enryaku-ji monks. Since Christianity will be famous in Japan, Saburo doesn’t see a problem with it. He should though, because those Enryaku-ji monks already went against him and will use this to actually go all out. Then the fires will start….all of those fires.

Ieyasu really likes that adult magazine.

nobunaga concerto4

Takeda wants to defeat Nobunaga and will be coming to crush Oda. They’re a strong clan, so everyone is rightly nervous about the upcoming battle.

Ieyasu wants to repay Saburo for the magazine though, so he plans to fight them at Hamamatsu. The power of a dirty mag. He rushes out, but he’s quickly defeated. He not only retreated, but shat himself in the process. His magazine is still safe in his hands though.

Saburo decides to use guns and thanks to Yuki and giving dango to the kids, he gets a great idea on how to use the guns and account for the time it takes reload. Even though it’s a good idea, Takeda and his army will be at Oda by tomorrow morning. That won’t give Saburo enough time to get all the rifles ready.

So what can they do but face the enemy head on? Saburo asks Micchi to stay with Hideyoshi in Oda. That way, if he dies then Micchi can take over and be Nobunaga again. I wonder what Hideyoshi will do with this opportunity. Will he learn the truth? And if he does, will he start brainwashing Micchi to think badly of Saburo?

Takeda’s army is coming and then Takeda dies and they retreat….Okay? Seems a bit too good to be true. Saburo heads back and they have a Christmas party and Katsu comes out as Santa Klaus. A scary one though. Micchi doesn’t look happy though and leaves. Hideyoshi soon follows in order to mess with him.

nobunaga concerto2

The monks start to rebel, so Micchi suggests they negotiate so that they can solve the matter in a peaceful way. Saburo has a horrible track record when it comes to talks, so they switch places. I have to give Oguri Shun credit. You can instantly tell the difference between the two characters. Not only by the way he speaks, but their mannerism and the overall air around him when he’s Saburo and Micchi are completely different.

Micchi, as Nobunaga, tells the retainers that he’ll be going to Enryaku-ji to speak with the monks there and that Saburo, who is acting like Micchi, will go with him. Hideyoshi quickly figures things out and weasels his way into going instead of Micchi. Hanbei tries to go as well, but gets turned around.

The monks refuse to meet with Micchi and then the fires start. Hideyoshi is the one who suggests razing the grounds and Micchi goes with it. As the fires go on, Hideyoshi asks Micchi about his first battle and Micchi gives him the answer that he was waiting for.

Hideyoshi knows that Micchi is the real Nobunaga. I wonder what he’s going to do with that knowledge.

Micchi and his men return from the fires and Saburo is pissed. In order for Nobunaga’s name and power to go far, Micchi did what he thought he needed to do. Saburo doesn’t care though, because innocent people died and he doesn’t want to rule in this way. Micchi tries to give him some advice, but Saburo won’t hear it. He pushed the title of Nobunaga on him and then did this horrible thing that goes against his very nature. He has every right to be pissed off.

Everyone is disgusted by this action and it’s Saburo who will take the blame, not Micchi. 😦

You know who is happy about this? Hideyoshi. His actions caused a rift between Saburo and Micchi. He even adds fuel to the fire by tell Micchi that he didn’t think Nobunaga would have burned those monks to the ground, but after seeing that happen he’s sure that that Nobunaga is the one who will rule the country.

nobunaga concerto1

Looks like Hideyoshi still wants to get his revenge, even if Saburo gets hurt in the process. They both are Nobunaga, so I guess it makes sense. Thankfully, Hanbei understands what’s going on and continues his suspicions of Hideyoshi.

Man, I really feel bad for Saburo. What happened was horrible, even if the Enryaku-ji monks were corrupt and horrible too. Innocent people died and he has to bear the consequences for that. He can’t tell others what’s going on, because it’s kind of hard to explain.

Saburo: Kichou, Tsune-chan, the thing is I’m not Nobunaga. My name is Saburo and I came from the year 2014. Your husband, the real Nobunaga who is now going by the name of Micchi, found me on the side of the road. Since we look alike, he told me to take his place and I kind of did think this was a cosplay thing. Once I found out the truth, I had no choice but to stay. If I left, then history would be changed and I can’t let that happen.

Kichou: It seems like Dunderhead has lost his marbles. The fire must have done a number on him and now he’s gone mad.

Tsune-chan: Nobunaga-sama, you have to get stronger. The man I know would rise up and do the right thing. If you have truly lost your mind, then I must kill you for the sake of the clan.

Saburo: ….I’m joking! On Christmas you tell a horrible joke to those you love so that you can develop a deeper bond with them.

Kichou: Baka Dunderhead.

Tsune-chan: In that case. I’m in love with your sister and possibly your wife and sometimes I like to ease drop on your conversations with her then look up as I contemplate why I always go for unattainable women.

Saburo: ……

Kichou: …..

Tsune-chan: Joking! I’m just joking. If you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to do seppaku and erase this embarrassment from history.

This line of conversation wouldn’t end well for anyone, but mostly for Tsune-chan. Poor, forever the friend but never anything more, Tsune-chan.

The episode was good. I loved the beginning and laughed quite a bit at Toshiie’s laugh as he tried to speak to the monk. The army retreating and the Christmas Party were okay, but the ending with the fires. I was expecting this to happen, since this is the same thing Micchi did in the anime. The only difference is that there, he did it as Micchi and not Nobunaga.

Even though it’s a change, it’s one that really hits home at how different the two truly are. Micchi is willing to do anything in order to make the Oda clan stronger, while Saburo is the same but he is a pacifist and will always try to avoid fighting. He’ll also never go after innocent people. That’s just a no-no.

nobunaga concerto3

Now that Hideyoshi knows, I can’t wait to see how he plays Micchi. The seeds of doubt are already starting to grow and he’ll do anything in his power to make sure they take root and flourish. I wonder if he feels bad for Saburo though. He knows the truth and knows that Saburo is a good guy, but I think his hatred of Nobunaga and the Oda clan will ignore this.

Poor Saburo though. He really needed a hug at the end of the episode. 😦 I’m glad Kichou is continuing to be awesome with him. I’m loving their interactions more and more.


3 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 9 (jdrama) – Saburo’s reputation goes up in flames

  1. immature86

    About conversation… wait,, when tsunechan confess like that? In 10 episode? U know same hideyoshi want kick saburo out from oda clan and make nobunaga rule oda clan again… i think its for the sake of his revenge… same he lead the honnoji accidents…
    Episode 10 really heartbreaker tought… tsune-chan just break my heart…


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