Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 11 – Cuteness Overload!

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (11)

Kureha, the red tree and Tengu are now added into the opening picture. All this time I thought the Tengu was some raven/crow creature and eagerly waited for his entrance. Who knew he’d be such a pedobear?

This episode starts with Inugami, in her female form, going to the fridge and seeing some water. It belongs to Kokkuri-ssan and since she loves antogonizing him she decides to drink his water out of spite. Kokkuri-san catches her in the act, but it’s too later for her. She already drank the water and became super cute.

I want to kidnap him and hug him and say “Hey baby Inugami, how are you doing?” And then smile as he replies in baby speech. And then I’d say, “Baby Inugami, I can’t understand what you’re saying when you speak like that.” Then I’d laugh and hug him some more. Ahhhh! He’s so cute!

I really love babies. Not in a Tengu kind of way, I just love being around them…in a normal way. Normal. Very normal way.

Since Inugami is a baby now, he can’t talk to Kohina anymore, but he’s a cute baby now so maybe that would bring them closer? It doesn’t though. She retreats to a high place since kids can’t be near dolls like her.

Shigaraki also drank the water too, but instead of becoming a baby he just ends up being a young boy. He’s cute, but not as cute as Inugami. Have I mentioned how adorable little Inugami is?

Since they are kids, Kokkuri-san has no choice, but to raise the two spirits. At first, it seems okay. Inugami isn’t too much trouble since he’s so young. He still laughs at Kokkuri-san’s misfortune, but since he’s recently become a little cutie pie no one really minds. Kokkuri-san may have abused him a bit, but he’s still cute.

Tanuuki-san, is a bit different though. Even though he’s a kid now he realized that he can get away with lifting the skirts of girls. Since he’s a ‘kid’ they won’t make him feel like a disgusting adult for doing that. They’ll scold him, but it will be done in a kids will be kids sort of way instead of, “Pervy guy, I’m going to call the cops on you.”

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (14)

He also gives us a lesson on panties and why they’re so sacred. According to him, “Underwear’s are nothing more than pieces of cloth.  People dream of seeing them because they’re normally hidden from sight. If panties were treated like this (there’s a sign giving away used panties for free) they wouldn’t be panties anymore.” Which I guess is true when you think about it. Panties are only special, because they’re hidden. If you saw them all the time then they’d lose their hold on people.

Before he can test out his theory on panties, Kokkuri-san makes him drink some more of his special water to turn him into a baby.

Ahhhhhh! Shigaraki as a baby is too cute! I want to feed him and hug him and take care of him until he grows up into a spoiled child. I thought Inugami would be enough to satisfy the cuteness levels of this episode, but I was wrong. I was so very wrong.

Must be strong! Must be strong…Must be strong!

So cute, they’re just so freaking cute!

Anyways, Kokkuri-san may have saved many women from Shigaraki, but he has to deal with two babies instead of just one. Even though he’s very much like the mom of the family, he can’t handle child rearing. Needless to say, he gets super stressed out and ends up drinking the water himself and turns into a cute kid too.

He did this after taking care of baby Inugami all night, but I think he just got annoyed by the kids that he decided to be one too. The only problem is that his mind regressed too. Kohina tries to fix Kokkuri-san much in the same way she would fix an broken TV.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (13)

Speaking of Kohina, now that everyone is a kid she has to take care of everyone. She can’t do it properly, so she calls up Tama who ends up doing a horrible job and even kills Shigaraki in the process.

Tama gets Kokkuri-san to dress up in a maid’s outfit and he looks cute in it. It’s a good thing that pedo Tengu wasn’t around for this episode. Bad things may have happened to our resident spirits if he paid them a visit.

While out, Kohina starts to wonder if Kokkuri-san will ever remember him and we get a glimpse of her human self. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her like this, so that was as nice touch. Who knew that such a simple face change could add so much to the story.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Since Kokkuri-san ended up buying the cheap fountain of youth water, everyone goes back to normal in the end. I wonder what happened to Shigaraki’s tattoos though. Did the water remove them or did the animators forget about them?

I liked this episode. Who knew that having the characters become babies would be so much fun and so incredibly cute! We did get a taste of this last week, so it’s nice that everyone had their chance at doing this. If Tengu showed up, I wonder how he would have reacted. I’m kind of glad he stayed away, since he’s a pedo, but I also kind of wanted to see his reaction to the cuteness overload.

Next week is the final episode *tear* but at least we get a special that’s coming out right after.


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