First Look: Wake Up, Girls! Zoku-hen Movie – Yoppi got a haircut!


Wake Up, Girls! was on of the surprise hits for me this year. I wasn’t expecting to like this anime, mainly because it’s about idols and I’m not really into that. But I watched this and loved it. The struggles they faced seemed realistic enough and I liked that not all of them were talented, because that’s how it is when it comes to idol groups. You have a few that can sing really well and some that are just okay.  The only reason they’re in is because they fit the group, or in this case, they answered the ad.

My only complaint was that Matsuda never grew a pair and did something useful. Plus, I’m still annoyed that he allowed them to go out in their underwear in order to promote themselves. There did seem to be a subplot brewing for him, but it never really came into fruition. He use to be in a band and dropped it, so I thought we’d see him get back into the music scene just like Mayu. It never happened, but no matter.

Can’t wait to watch this!

Wake Up, Girls! Zoku-hen Movie will be released sometime in 2015 and you can watch the trailer below.

Not sure how I feel about Yoppi’s haircut, but at least now she doesn’t look like Mayu anymore.


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