Day 13 – Character You Are Most Similar To

The character I’m most similar to is Nao from Liar Game, because I’m super sweet and will always lend a hand to anyone I meet.

*sparkle sparkle*

Just kidding.

What character am I most similar to? I have no idea. I don’t think there’s any that’s like me at all. So instead of going with a character I’m most similar to, I’m just going to pick an aspect of them that I have as well.

Miki Hatori from LIFE

LIFE is a great drama and an even better manga, so definitely check it out!

I’m not really like her, but the way we dealt with those who bothered us is similar which is why I picked her. Hatori was bullied by Anzai and her gang before Shiba showed up. Unlike Shiba who couldn’t handle the bullying and broke, Hatori never let it get to her and lived her life the way she wanted. This just angered her bullies, but once Shiba showed some emotion they targeted her more than Hatori.

I’m not as strong as her, but I did have people in school who liked to start up things with me. Did it bother me, yea, but I never showed it on my face and continued on with life. The best revenge for people like this is to live your life ignoring them. If there’s fighting or anything physical is involved then that’s a different story and if it gets to be huge then you should go talk to someone about it, but for me I never did and just ignored them.

This could also be seen as a bad thing though, because you never really resolve your issues this way. Oh well.



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