Sword Art Online II episode 23 – Yuuki Yuuki

Sword Art Online II (1)

Kirito helps Asuna help Yuuki go to school by using the same equipment that programs that he used for Yui, Yuuki can now see the world through a small camera that’s attached to Asuna’s shoulder.

At school, Yuuki is a hit with Asuna’s classmates and even gets a chance to be an actual pupil when the teacher asks her to read from the book. The students’ remark on Yuuki’s reading skills by saying things like, “You read so well,” which is kind of an insensitive to say when you think about it.

After school is over, Asuna asks Yuuk if there’s one more thing that she’d like to see. For some strange reason I had a flashback of Migi from Parasyte when he- you know what, I’m not going to even go there either.

Yuuki just wants to see her old home, so Asuna takes her there and the two girls have a heart to heart. The conversation between them was pretty standard girl talk. They talk about life their future and about boys. Yuuki doesn’t have anyone, so she asks Asuna to marry her. There’s only one condition though, Asuna has to be the wife because Yuuki doesn’t want to change her name to Yuuki Yuuki.

Then again, there are a fair number of men who changed their last names to match their wives, so I don’t think that will matter. Asuna already has someone though, but her tone of voice seems like she took Yuuki’s words seriously when it was clearly a joke. If Yuuki never brought up Kirito, I wonder if Asuna would have said anything. We know Kirito doesn’t, so it would be funny if Asuna is the same way.

The funniest part is Asuna has shown more chemistry with Yuuki in her camera form than with Kirito during this entire arc.

Anyways, Yuuki knows about Kirito, so she doesn’t press the matter further. She does warn Asuna about him though, because she feels like he lives outside of reality in a different way than she does. Yuuki is forced to live in the virtual world, while Kirito’s life is dedicated to it. I wonder if this means he’ll be like Kayaba. It would be interesting if there is an arc that makes mention of the two. In the end, Kirito will be himself and not a mass murderer, but it would be fun to blur the lines here.

Asuna doesn’t really care about that though, because the conversation switches to their mothers. She tells Yuuki that she hasn’t been able to hear her mother’s voice in a long time and her mother hasn’t heard hers either. I don’t know if I agree with this though. Asuna doesn’t talk to her mother, she just keeps everything in and acts passive aggressive. Her mother has been fairly clear about her intentions though. Start focusing on grades, your future, and stop letting life pass you by.

Thanks to Yuuki, Asuna is able to have a heart to heart with her mother and finally convey her feelings. She takes out an extra Amusphere and gets her mom to come with her in ALO. Her mom doesn’t want to at first, because she’d rather have a talk in real life but she eventually gives in.

Sword Art Online II (5)

They talk, they cry, and she tells Asuna to be prepared to be Kirito’s sugar mamma because she doesn’t have to transfer schools. Yay!

I’m glad they talked, but I don’t feel like they worked out their issues at all. Asuna pretty much talked about was her grandparents and how proud they were of her mom, but we only heard her voice. What happened to hearing your mother’s voice and letting her talk too? Maybe Asuna was trying to say that her mom did her own thing and succeeded, so she should have faith in her to do the same thing. Asuna did say that she wants to live a life that makes the people around her happy, but that still doesn’t address her mom’s point that Asuna doesn’t think about the future. How will Asuna achieve this goal? What does she plan on doing with her life? I don’t know.

In any case, she said her piece and her mom is happy with it. I do have to say that their talk really proved that Asuna’s mother was never the unreasonable bad guy that some make her out to be. She just wanted her daughter to talk to her and have a goal in life, which is what all parents want from their kids.

Sword Art Online II (6)

With their talk now over, Asuna heads off to school looking happy and content that her world is finally in a good place. She’s in a good place with her mom, her house is now filled with natural bright light, and everything is hunky dory. You know what that means though, right? It means that Yuuki will die in the next episode.

Overall, I don’t think the episode was bad. I liked the first half of the show with Yuuki. Most of the talking that’s done in the outside world revolve around gaming, so it’s nice to see a normal conversation.

The second half probably made a lot of people cry, but I found it to be somewhat weak. I was expecting more talking between the two of them instead of just Asuna saying her piece and her mom giving in. Granted, her mom giving in showed that she just wanted Asuna to actual talk to her, but I wish it lasted longer and delved into some other things as well. The emotional part didn’t really do anything for me.


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