5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 12 – Japanese Hornet are strong, but scary

Lots of action in this episode!

Terra Formars (1)

5 Line Recap:

1. The Captain is up against the roach that has the same powers as his girlfriend from the Bugs 2 mission and quickly wins the match because he’s a Japanese Hornet.

That was quick. I think if you didn’t watch the OVA, then you may not understand why the Captain is so hung up on this roach and what it represents. But he did good. Unlike Keji’s match from last week, the Captain takes care of his roach in no time. The boxer is impressed by the fight and remarks that after twenty years in UNASA the Captain must have had multiples surgeries to help reach the level that he is today. Nope, it’s all due to the original surgery he had that gave him the power of the Japanese Hornet.

Speaking of which, those hornets are actually pretty scary and kill like four people every year in Japan. If Maya the Bee taught me anything, it’s that everything is terrified of Japanese Hornets. Everything!

2. Marcos continues to beat up roaches, but after a surprise attack involving missiles his powers start to fade.

Correction, not only him but everyone else on Team Komachi’s powers start to fade right after the surprise attack starts. Horrible timing. Horrible! They were hanging in there before, but now, now the cockroaches have the upper hand. We’ve already seen the cockroaches use the guns that the humans brought, they were able to drive the vehicles that the humans drove, so it’s no surprise that they were able to use fuel from their ships and make missiles. No, it doesn’t make sense? Well, it will in point three.

Terra Formars (2)

Before that though, the others on Team Komachi start to lose their powers during this surprise attack and get worked. People die.

3. Team Russia is still investigating the pyramids, but instead of finding the weak point of the cockroaches they find something much worse – the existence of a betrayer.

The show has pretty much been in line with the manga, but I was still uncertain as to whether the betrayer bit would be included in this season. There’s only one episode left and that won’t have time to even start that bit of the story. But the knowledge of it could mean that we get a second season.

Not only will those in the Bugs 3 mission have to fight the roaches and stay alive, but they’ll also have to fight their fellow crew. Like zombie fiction, it’s the human aspect that tends to be the most compelling. What humans would be willing to do to each other sometimes makes them worse than their common enemy. I still like them though. If we’re still in line with the manga, then the show won’t tell us who they are. But they’re awesome and incredibly strong too.

4. Alex comes to Marcos’ rescue using baseball to defeat the roaches.

I have to say, I think the studio really loves Marcos. Out of all of the fight sequences on this show, Marcos always gets the nice ones. The animation, the colours, and the movements are unlike anything I’ve seen from any of the other fights.

Terra Formars (4)

5. Kanako swoops in and brings Michelle and Akari with her.

The episode ends with Michelle and Akari getting ready to fight.

Now that the main stars have appeared, I wonder if we’re going to get a cliffhanger ending for this season. Will it end with Team Komachi and Team Michelle joining in as one group, or will we start to scratch the surface of the betrayer story line?

It’s going to be interesting to see how the show decides to end things. No matter what happens, we’re going to get a cliffhanger. Hopefully it’s a satisfying one.


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