Day 11 – Drama that you dropped and why

There’s actually a lot of dramas that I started to watch, but never finished. Not because I don’t like them, but I kind of forgot to watch the rest or the rest of the episodes were never translated. But it’s mostly because I forgot to finish it.

There are two drams that I did drop though. The first is Perfect Blue.


Perfect Blue is a jdrama that came out in 2012 and I was looking forward to it. The promo picture looked great, the synopsis sounded intriguing and I liked that the show was about a detective agency that was run by women for women.

When it comes to a lot of crime/mystery shows, there’s usually one or two females in the cast and the rest are men. Here, it’s the completely opposite. The cast is mostly women with a few men sprinkled here and there. Usually, the women on these crime/mystery shows are very hard or jaded, so it was nice that Perfect Blue had someone who was happy with life and still innocent.

The problem that I had with the show was that it was incredibly predictable and thus incredibly boring. You figure out the crimes in the first half, which made it a struggle to get to the end. I really wanted to like this episode, so much so that I even wrote my first impressions on it hoping that it would get better. It didn’t, so I quickly dropped this and moved on.

The second drama that I dropped is actually a super popular kdrama. Secret Garden

secret garden

Before you say anything I know, I know. Truly, I know.

Secret Garden is one of the most popular kdramas and one that a lot of people will recommend if you ask for something to watch. The amount of love this drama gets is huge! HUGE! So when I was looking for a new drama to watch, I decided to check this out because of all of the good reviews it had.

The first time I watched it I made it to episode two. I tried again and made it to episode 7 before dropping it again. Maybe it’s because it was hyped up so much that it made my expectations reach a level that the drama had no chance of every reaching. On the plus side, it did help me solidify my rule of having no expectations for a show, because the moment you expect something you’ll always end up being disappointed.

There are some funny moments, but it wasn’t enough to keep me hooked on the show.

Will I ever go back and try to watch these two dramas again? Maybe. I dropped the live action version of Sailor Moon before and it took me two years to finally give it another chance. When I did, I ended up loving it. Ergo Proxy, an anime, is another one that I dropped the first time I watched it. A few years later, I tried watching it again and loved it too. Maybe that can happen here, but for now these are the two dramas that I’ve dropped.


10 thoughts on “Day 11 – Drama that you dropped and why

  1. snow

    Earlier I used to watch each and every drama till the end…it also had to do with the fact that I started with all classics so I loved most of them and liked others a lot..
    The first drama that I dropped was Personal Taste…it was boring but mainly I didn’t like the female lead character..

    Anyway…this year I’ve dropped a lot of shows…some because of time constraints and some were not interesting enough….

    I agree that when a show is super-hyped, we usually end up getting disappointed. I dropped SG after 1st ep…but then later watched it again and even if I didn’t end up loving it, I found it funny and enjoyable. Sometimes when I take a lot of time between episodes, my interest disappears and I drop that show totally…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I agree that sometimes taking a lot of time between episodes makes your interest wane and you eventually drop it. That’s happened to me quite a bit.

      What shows this year did you end up dropping?

  2. junny

    At least you made it to episode 7! I thought I’d wait for the subs for Secret Garden to be done, and read recaps in the meantime. But by and by, I began losing interest in the drama and didn’t even bother starting an episode even though I like Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin. Just never got round to it and unlikely to start now that I’m pretty much done with k-dramas.

      1. junny

        A few reasons, but mainly cuz they don’t grab me in the first place. I’ve rarely felt like starting a kdrama and the ones I did start, I rarely went beyond the first couple of episodes, even with the actors I did like (for example, I dropped You From The Stars after two episodes even though I like Jeon Ji-hyun a lot). I used to read recaps, but they never somehow prompted me into watching. I think I’ve really only finished a handful of kdramas – the last was Heartless City back in 2013.

        The last straw was the crappy Tomorrow Cantabile and k-Liar Game. Everything from the cast, music, production values (or lies, in the case of Cantabile) etc rubbed me the wrong way so badly I’ve decided I’m not going anywhere near a kdrama for the foreseeable future.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          Was the Heartless City good?

          I got burned out by kdramas, but there are some good ones. Bad Guys and Misaeng have been an absolute delight. So I hope you’ll give kdramas another chance in the future.

          1. junny

            Heartless City is a tale of two halves – I really liked the first 8 episodes, but felt that the story went downhill after episode 10. Nevertheless, the lead actor, Jung Kyung-ho, was impressive and there were some other solid performances as well. It also had a nice soundtrack. It had a noir feel (took inspiration from Infernal Affairs) initially, but was ultimately bogged down by k-drama cliches.

            I know there are still decent k-dramas out there, but the overall production of Tomorrow Cantabile disgusted me so much, I’m staying away for now. Anyway, I’ve generally preferred Japanese and HK dramas, more my kind of speed, I find.

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