OCN’s Bad Guys episode 10 (kdrama) – The End is Near

bad guys2

Bad Guys Thursdays! I’m going to be really sad when this is all over. If only it could continue or come back with another season. Not sure how that would work, but I wouldn’t mind it as long as the writing and acting is still crisp and clean.

Jeong Mun was kidnapped by his former doctor. It was a shame too, because it seemed like he would finally get the answers that he’s been so desperate for and instead of getting them, he’s drugged and a taken away by force.

We know that Jeong Mun was drugged by his doctor and then taken to the scenes of the crimes. Whether or not he’s the serial killer that everyone believes him to be, we still don’t know. Unfortunately for him, he’s drugged again and you know what means. Someone else is going to die. Looks like it’s Ung Cheol’s hyeongnim. If it is, then I can’t say I feel all that torn up about it.

Back at the church, Gu Tak and Inspector Yu are still talking. The last episode made a really compelling case to show how Gu Tak was the mastermind behind everything that had happened. He got Jeong Mun out of jail, so he could kill him and he brought two other people with him to make that happen. When they didn’t live up to his expectations, he tried to kill them.

But Gu Tak is saying that it isn’t like that. He did falsify evidence in order to take down Jeong Mun, but he only wanted to observe him. It seems like after spending some time wallowing in his depressing at home, he started to wonder why he was so fixated on Jeong Mun. He even goes as far as saying he isn’t sure if Jeong Mun even said, “You have a pretty daughter.” Maybe, just maybe his emotions were on over drive and he let his imagination run wild. He Sun enough he started to feel sorry for Jeong Mun, even so he never wanted to kill him and never ordered the hit on him.

Inspector Yu doesn’t really care though, because her entire goal was to take Gu Tak down. She recorded their conversation and brought in backup to bring him to the station. She only brought two men though, which was naive on her end. This is a guy who fought against an entire gang. Two men are not going to win against him. He quickly takes them out, so she pulls out her gun and then brings it back down.

bad guys4

Ung Cheol is brought out and now has a reason to go after Jeong Mun and kill him. His hyeongnim did die…and I still don’t feel bad for him. By him, I mean the dead one and not Ung Cheol. I feel bad for him to have felt the pain of losing someone close. But Ung Cheol is smart. He knows that when Jeong Mun ‘allegedly’ killed the other victims, there was no evidence. But in this murder there’s too much evidence. Ung Cheol might hit him a few times, but he should realize that this seems like a set up. It might be hard to notice it when someone close to you died though.

Tae Su is also out and Inspector Yu tells him everything that Gu Tak did. I was hoping Tae Su would be rational, since he usually is, but he also lost a lot of important people to him so he probably wants to find Gu Tak and kill him. When he asks Inspector Yu if Gu Tak was the one who ordered the hits on Jeong Mun, Ung Cheol, and himself she says that she isn’t sure if their former captain was the culprit. But Prosecutor Oh says that Gu Tak is the real mastermind.

Inspector Yu, Inspector Yu, Inspector Yu. You’re still too green. You turned your back on your mentor and joined Prosecutor Oh who you know nothing about. Now that his true colours are starting to show, she’s sweating bullets. She’s might be regretting her choice to switch teams, but she’s already in too deep.

bad guys3

Ung Cheol rallies up the gang members to help find Jeong Mun, while Tae Su and his broker (?) work on finding Gu Tak. Meanwhile, Jeong Mun is able to escape from the men who kidnapped him and also escapes from Ung Cheol’s men who are trying to hunt him down. Gu Tak also escapes from Tae Su, who did a pretty horrible job tailing Gu Tak’s detective friend.

Gu Tak went to Yu Jin used her again to lure Jeong Mun out of hiding. Ung Cheol’s men saw Jeong Mun, so he’s now going after him too. Tae Su probably tapped Gu Tak’s phone, so now he’s going to be heading to where everyone is.

Looks like Team Criminal will be joining back together by the end of this episode. But it won’t be all rainbows and lollipops. They have to fight each other first, because that’s how this crew be yo. Jeong Mun falls for Gu Tak’s trap and gets slapped a few times by him. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger and blow Jeong Mun’s brains out, Ung Cheol shows up and knocks Gu Tak down. He then drags Jeong Mun away and beats him up. Before Gu Tak can do anything, Tae Su shows up and knocks some more justice into his face.

Ung Cheol lost his hyeongnim, but it was done by someone he could have been friends with so it hurts even more. Jeong Mun simply says that he wishes he could remember and was the killer, because then he would be able to understand what happened. Now, he just wants everything to end. Poor Jeong Mun. I hope they find the people who did this to him. Ung Cheol then takes out a knife, which is the only way to actually do some damage to Jeong Mun.

Tae Su takes out a gun and gives Gu Tak a chance to say his last words. To be honest, I’m more concerned about Jeong Mun so I don’t really care what happens here. Even if Tae Su doesn’t kill Gu Tak, he should at least shoot him in the arm as pay back. It’s only fair right?

bad guys1

The episode ends with Ung Cheol making a stabbing motion and Tae Su getting ready to pull the trigger. Seeing as how this isn’t the last episode, I’m sure everything will be fine and Team Criminal will work together to solve the mystery. What I didn’t expect was to see the Commissioner getting killed.  That was actually shocking, because it came after the fake killings of Gu Tak and Jeong Mun.

I can’t wait to see Inspector Yu’s reaction to the Commissioner’s death. Is he dead? He was bleeding and looked dead, so I kind of hope so. Not sure how I feel about Prosecutor Oh though. He may be the mastermind behind everything, but I wonder why. Perhaps he’s the real psychopath and brought in Jeong Mun as a fall guy.

Next week is the final week. 😦

Unless Team Criminal gets back together, I don’t know how this will have a second season. Even if they catch the mastermind behind the serial killings, would they still allow Gu Tak and his team of criminals to solve crimes? I don’t know, but I kind of want them to.


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