Day 10 – Favourite Genre

Get ready for a boring post!

Soo Nam crying

When it comes to dramas, and anything really, I’ll generally give anything a chance as long as it sounds entertaining. Be it romance, horror, comedies, or whatever else is out there, as long as the synopsis sounds good then I’ll give it a shot.

That being said, there are two genres that I tend to gravitate to and they are comedies and psychological. I guess this means that I love laughing and having a good time, but I also like thinking and reflecting about things too.

These are actually the main reason why I love these genres. With Psychological, I’m able to watch an engaging program that makes me question, second guess, and constantly think about what’s happening. Instead of just sitting back and enjoying the ride, it refuses to let me do so and instead it drags me to the edge of my seat and refuses to let go until its all over.

With comedies, I get something light to relax with after a hard’s day of work. Sometimes you don’t want to think too hard. Sometimes, you just want to sit down and laugh and comedies do just that. Regardless of whether the show makes me think or feel anything, I’ll still be able to enjoy my time as I laugh at the jokes presented.

Another genre I like is horror. I’m not so much into the slash-em-up type horrors and I’ll never watch the SAW movies, but I love Asian horrors movies because they always have a way of messing with your mind. It’s great! I especially love watching them when someone who is easily frightened is with me, because then I get some comedy thrown in for free.

There is one genre that I’m wary of and that’s Korean romantic comedies. I use to watch my fair share of these, but after awhile they all started to mesh together and I got bored. Even if the plots were different, the story still follows the same formula when it came to the romance department. I think that’s why I started watching more and more jdramas and started to push kdramas to the side. With jdramas, I at least have more variety with what I can watch. That isn’t to say that jdramss are free from cliched plots and predictable storytelling, but at least I have a wide array of shows to choose from and for a while with kdramas I didn’t. Glad to see that’s changing though!

I don’t think genres are the be all to end all, but they do help gauge whether you’d like a drama or not.


4 thoughts on “Day 10 – Favourite Genre

  1. snow

    I love all the genres…but in case of K-dramas, I like rom-coms the most…and don’t like melodramas and sageuks….although I love history as a genre, sageuks are full of too many tragedies…

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’ve tried watching a melodrama, but it really brought me down. I’m the type of person whose emotion will change with the show, so if I watch an action drama I’ll get pumped up and maybe even wave my arms around acting like a ninja :p If I watch something a romance, I start falling into hopeless romantic mode. With Melodramas, I just get depressed and see the world as bleak. I always need to watch something happy in order to get my spirits up.

      Sageuks is a genre that I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been meaning too, since they’re so popular, but never did. Someone was telling me the plot line of one she was watching, but I think everyone dies in that one.


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