tvN’s Valid Love episode 4 – Kim Joon uses the Hammer Kabe-Don Technique, It’s Super Effective!

More of Il Ri and Kim Joon’s love story in this episode.

valid love

1. Hee Tae and Il Ri argue about Hee Soo while Kim Joon listens in on their conversation.

I don’t like that Kim Joon is within hearing distance of their argument. It’s out in the open and anyone can hear what is happening, but I don’t want Kim Joon to see them fight when he doesn’t have the purest of intentions towards Il Ri. I also didn’t like him smiling when Il Ri run off and Hee Tae chasing after her. Thankfully, the smile is short lived since he also sees the couple make up and walk off into the distance side by side.

2. Il Ri rushes back to Kim Joon’s place to get her things, since he’s still feeling annoyed by seeing her with her husband he pays her for her work in advance and tells her not to come tomorrow.

Il Ri doesn’t want to be paid in full without having finished her job. Personally, I’d just take the money and run. I mean, being paid as compensation for a job is a good and honourable thing, but being paid for doing nothing is even better. Maybe this is why I haven’t had any crazy love stories happen in my life.

We know that Il Ri doesn’t feel comfortable being paid in this way, but Kim Joon is still frazzled after seeing her with Hee Tae. So when he asks her to leave the first time and she comes back, he decides to up the antics by insulting her. She doesn’t take it too well and slathers paint on his face, then throws his money back at him.

She may be annoyed by him, but in his mind this is the best course of action to take so that nothing happens between them. Once again, I feel like the development between Kim Joon and Il Ri is more like a typical kdrama romance. The couple starts off hating each other. The guy insults her and the girl gets angry at him, but they get closer and start kissing a lot.

So I’m wondering, if Hee Tae is the one she stays with in the end, then is the drama basically telling us that even if you have an epic love story it’s better to stay with the reliable good guy that you love over the hot new one that makes you feel alive?

3. Kim Joon uses the kabe-don hammer technique and surprisingly instead of sending Il Ri screaming, she kind of likes it.

valid love

Kim Joon already tried tow times to get Il Ri to leave him alone, but she’s been relentless in her pursuit of having him in her life. I think it’s a testament to how lonely she is, because she keeps coming back to his place even when she knows that it makes him angry. So the next time she comes around, he drags her inside and then picks up his hammer and slams it next to her head.

Maybe he thought that he had to resort to intimidating tactics since nothing else seems to be getting through to her, but it was still uncomfortable to watch. He doesn’t just bang the hammer on the wall, he also uses the head of it to expose a bit of her skin as he asks her, “Is this what you want?” When she shakes her head no, he says, “Then why do you keep bothering me?”

I don’t like this scene, but I do like that he laid down a clear line for Il Ri. If she keeps coming to his place, then things will happen. Does she take it to heart? Does she reflect on her actions? Not at that moment. Instead, she suffers from another attack and since there are no bags around she grabs Kim Joon’s hands to help steady her breathing.

valid love

Instead of growing apart, the hammer scene got them closer together. Kim Joon has flashbacks of his hands on Il Ri’s mouth, while she has flashbacks of him ‘tenderly’ placing the hammer against her skin and asking her if she wants it.

This seems to trouble Il Ri though, so while she’s in bed with Hee Tae she asks him how he would feel if she slept with another man and instead of getting angry or questioning why she would even ask that, he just tells her to not get caught. Granted, he’s half a sleep when she asks this so he’s not thinking clearly, but his narration questions why he didn’t say something else almost like he’s blaming himself for her running off and having more thoughts about Kim Joon and his hammer.

4. Anchovies lay eggs all year except in winter and when they do the females dish out about 4000-5000 eggs at a time.

This point has nothing to do with the main story, but I found it incredibly fascinating. Hee Tae is telling this to a bunch of kids and my love of animals facts appreciated this little tidbit. I did some googling and found that not only do anchovies lay a lot of eggs, but the eggs hatch just two days after being fertilized.

The more you know!

5. After going to his place again, Il Ri tells Kim Joon that she’ll leave him alone – that doesn’t last long though and after another visit he kisses her.

I kind of understand why Kim Joon did this. I may not agree with it and I may think it’s a horrible thing to do, because she’s married, but Il Ri is sending him a lot of mixed signals. During their hammer session, he told her that if she doesn’t want a relationship, then she needs to leave him alone but she doesn’t. She keeps running back, even though she knows that this will only mess with his head. She’s confused herself and probably didn’t expect things to go this far, but at the same time she knew what she was doing.

For Kim Joon, he probably had enough of her games so he kisses her. That way, she’ll either reciprocate and he won’t have to feel troubled by his feelings anymore. Or, she pushes him away and they never see each other game. For him, it’s a win-win situation, but for her…she’s treading on dangerous waters.

Il Ri is already thinking about him in a sexual way, so she isn’t an innocent party here. Her mind seems to have been completely taken over by him, since he’s all she ever talks about when she’s with Hee Soo. She’s completely smitten by him, which is why she should stop visiting him.

She won’t though, because this show is about her affair, but after watching her relationship with Hee Tae develop I really don’t want her to ruin that. She will though. She will….

valid love

I think this episode was better than the last one, mainly because we got to see a glimpse of why Kim Joon did what he did. When I saw the preview yesterday I thought he was a jerk for kissing Il Ri. Now, I think he’s a jerk for using a hammer to intimidate someone, but not a jerk for the actual kissing. I feel bad for Hee Tae though. I wonder how long it will take for him to find out the truth.


14 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 4 – Kim Joon uses the Hammer Kabe-Don Technique, It’s Super Effective!

  1. Zazie

    Thank you for the recap! I enjoyed it 🙂
    I guess you’re the only one I did find interested by this drama, because you’re almost the only one recapping it. That’s how I came across your blog, and I love your concept in writing your recaps. It’s fresh.

    Valid love is the 2nd korean drama this year that I’m interested in and it speaks volumes about how I felt about 2014’s korean-dramaland quality.

    I still don’t know why I’m so intrigued and attracted by the story…it’s bizarre and I’m not feeling good about myself waiting for and cheering unconsciously the Carpenter-Painter team! Maybe because they share an artistic feeling? Or, because, him being an alien baby placed in front the grand-father house can connect with the one who has been waiting for an UFO to come? Or perhaps I should start questioning my subconscious mind, cause I’m reaaaaally not feeling well about myself :s. Poor Hee-Tae!

    Anyways, I’m super glad to have found you ^^ !

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you for the kind words! I think Valid Love has potential to be a really good story. It may not be one that we’re all comfortable with or even like all that much, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be interesting. I just hope the show gives the characters enough personality so that they don’t become their cheating. Instead, their cheating is just another facet of their life and while it’s wrong, it won’t diminish their character development.

      I think a lot of people are rooting for Carpenter Kim, because the development is similar to an epic kdrama love story and it also has that forbidden fruit aspect to it as well. I do like that the show didn’t make Hee Tae be an absent husband. He’s gone here and there, but he’s still a loving spouse to Il Ri. Despite this, she still seeks out Kim Joon.

      What other Korean drama did you watch? I haven’t watched a lot, but there’s two that I think have been stellar.

      1. Zazie

        You’re welcome ^^

        I agree with you when you say that it has the potential to be a really good gem, because I can feel the writer’s, director’s, actors and the whole production team’s effort to achieve this. I’m anticipating the unfolding of the story and I pray that our hopes won’t be shattered by a rather clumsy execution of a poignant and gut-wrenching aspect of humanity that is betrayal.

        As for the personality of the characters, I think the show succeeds until now to build the skeleton, and in the upcoming episodes, some flesh and skin will be taking their places. Now, I see them as just human, with conflicted thoughts :
        – The duty to do good : as a member of a family, as a wife, as a husband, as a worker (not taking money for something you didn’t work for, shiping to places to calculate correct lengths of a damn smelly fish! Wanting to carry on dutifully the business of your savior grand-father…)

        – The want to sort things out when you find yourself a wandering tumultuous mind, a walking babel of noise (The loving brother thinking of, with a bleeding heart, puting his sister in a care center. The mother who still wants her husband even though she’s hurt and she know he’s cheating, and God knows how she’s a proud woman. Carpenter Kim who is forced to have recourse to desperate measures to get rid of the source of his desoriented thoughts)

        – The need to let go sometimes, release the pressure, to throw in the sponge without thinking too much and to heck with everything (the Carpenter-Painter kiss)

        – And the obligatory pillar of every human, the voice of guilt! All that mixed with some anger, jealousy, lies…

        And I do find the character of Hee Soo to be very proeminent for the story. She’s this character who got shut down with a disability, she can not move, so that her mind works even more in a clear way, because she has all the time. No work obligations, no love-life distraction, no free stress! She’s observing carefully this chaos around her with perspicacious analysis (that’s why she’s the first one to notice Il-Ri’s attachment to Carpenter Kim). If everyone was as calm as her, everyone would see things differently without making up useless excuses. (wanting to see Kim Joo to “congratulate him”, to “fix the chair”, to”teach him how to multiplicate”…yeaaaah! We all know what you’re all about, cause we’re sitting here calmly watching you Il-Ri ah!)

        I think I’m writing too much lol! Well, I want to make up for my complex human nature as well (rooting for Carpenter-Painter couple)

        I don’t think of High School: King of Savvy as “stellar”…But it was the sole drama I started-finished (I gave up on many dramas this year) and that without any regrets, accepting it as it was: warm, delightful and relevant. Those dramas you don’t want to re-watch to not alter the great memory you have of it. I loved almost everything about it, and it has Carpenter Kim in it haha!

        I hope I wasn’t too talkative 🙂

  2. stormy-freezing

    Thank you for the recap! I’m quite frankly addicted to this show. It has a very quaint and alluring vibe to it. @Zazie, you’re not alone. I’m also questioning my support for the carpenter-painter pairing. I don’t know…maybe it’s because their development feels more relatable and their personalities more balanced. Kim Joon challenges Il Ri and vice versa. I feel like they have that “lovers” spark while I just cannot for the life of me see Il Ri and Hae Tee as anything other than father and daughter. Still, I do not condone cheating, but it happens and we’re watching one unfold and are given the chance to scrutinize why… Looking foorward to reading future recaps and inputs 🙂

    1. mochirochi Post author

      You’re very welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting. 😀

      It’s interesting that you say that about Kim Joon and Il Ri’s relationship. Even though I still don’t liking the pairing, I do get your point. We’re seeing a natural progression in their love story, while the show glossed over Il Ri and Hee Tae relationship. They went from Teacher-Student to him kissing her to getting married to seven years later. We know that they love each other, but we never really saw their relationship as a couple. Since Hee Tae will show Il Ri why their relationship is the only valid one, I think that’s when we’ll see them grow into a viable love story. I guess that means that Kim Joon is an unfortunate catalyst for them to move their relationship to the next level?

      1. stormy-freezing

        Personally, I think it may prove to be difficult to show that only Il Ri and Hae Tee’s love is “valid” outside the scope that they’re married. The foundation seems rather weak. They’ve been together for a while yet they are still like teacher and student. From the start, what connection did they have aside from Il Ri’s rather childish, but really strong fixation on Hee Tae, which I’m still scratching my head on the lack of truly strong resistance and self reflection from him given that she was 17/18 and he was probably more than a decade older and her teacher? I was honestly a bit creeped out. What is the basis of their attraction other than they’re the drama’s set up main couple? On the other hand, Joon and Il Ri seem to engage on a more equal and understanding and footing. He even made her question whether she is too loud and rude at times. They also connect through their loneliness. We have to ask why is Il Ri lonely in the first place? I’m not in any way blaming Hee Tae, but clearly something profound is missing here. As for the carpenter-painter pair, it even makes it worse that their occupations connect. Really looking forward to how this will play out.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          And that’s why their love story hasn’t really started. They thought they were okay before, but Kim Join will make them question everything and eventually make them a stronger couple.

          I’m only assuming though, so we’ll have to see what the writers have in store for us.

    2. Zazie

      I’m so so happy I’m not the only one loving their couple, you have no idea lol!

      Yes, I understand what you’re trying to say when you talk about the father-daughter relationship, even though I don’t see them like that, and a part of me believes that in the upcoming episodes we’ll get to see the husband in a new light…and maybe then I will change my mind and switch to the normal team with a great relief lol! I know UhmForce has it on him!

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  4. Boon Ang

    I think this episode should be entitled touch and taste, not just touch alone. How very sensual! First sight and smell, now touch and taste, and later on hearing after KJ “re-interpreted” her demise. Which was only half true (the best lies are always half truths like in the Garden of Eden). For example, she wasn’t a “slave” to her in-laws. Her MIL only blamed her for HS demise 13 times in seven years. But she also assured IR that she would side and protect her if Ht was ever unfaithful. MIL slapped her but she also apologised promptly, said she loved her, and cooked her a make-up meal. During her dementia state, she “forgot” IR’s betrayal and affair. KJ told IR that her husband was a good man who loved her, but was she happy? No. She was also lonely, tired out, and her husband didn’t understand her. Fast forward to episode 17 when KJ demanded a DTR, IR claimed KJ didn’t understand her too – she had her reasons. Later, IR told HS she was tired. She called KJ twice to apologise – once in the night in HS’s room and another time in the laundry room the following morning. Both times, KJ didn’t pick up her call. She stared sadly with a lonely look as she held the bottle of soju she had placed there. Seems like she was tired, lonely, and not understood. Now that she’s with KJ, is she happy? Her family is shamed by her affair, HT’s family, especially HS, deeply affected, and HT grievously hurt, is she happy? Maybe. If that’s the case, she should have just gone south with KJ!


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