tvN’s Valid Love episode 3 – A new man becomes a new side dish

I guess I’ll be doing recaps for this show, mainly because the first two episodes were absolutely charming. Even though I’m wary of the cheating aspect of the show, I am curious to see how it all plays out and if the show will actually take it all the way and not white wash it.

Hopefully it’s good though. In any case, here’s your 5-Line Recap of episode 3

a valid love

1. After not seeing each other for seven years, Il Ri proposes to Hee Tae and he agrees.

Both parties promise to protect each other. We know Il Ri clearly had feelings for him when she was in high school and he feels guilty about what happened. So I didn’t expect him to agree to her proposal so quickly. Maybe they did date each other, but we’re already straight to the wedding.

I’m a little bummed by this, because I wanted to see more of their relationship being developed. Once they get married, we don’t even get to see them together since we go forward seven more years.

2. Il Ri heads to a job and meets Kim Joon, the man she’ll have an affair with.

It’s sad that their meeting starts with Hee Tae narrating that his wife found a new poem. This makes me sad.

Unlike Il Ri and Hee Tae’s meeting where it was more goofy and lighthearted, the meeting of Il Ri and Kim Joon came across as more adult. I mean, Il Ri meets Hee Tae after he got his circumcision while she meets Kim Joon after he throws a dirty shirt on her and she sees him half naked.

They also don’t get along with each other at first and bicker over this and that. Kim Joon seems very cold and prickly and Il Ri can’t really deal with that. They do come to an understanding though, which is to be expected. For some reason, this meeting and the interactions between Kim Joon and Il Ri seemed to fall in line with how typical love stories start with kdramas.

If you’re wondering where Hee Tae is, he’s in the middle of the sea doing fish research. Since he’s MIA at the moment, I’m guessing that this episode and the next one will chronicle how Il Ri fell in love with Kim Joon.

3. The more they work together, the more Il Ri starts to notice Kim Joon more and more.

She’s lonely with Hee Tae, so it’s understandable for her to look fondly at someone else. Plus, she finds him handsome, so it makes sense for her to catch a glance here and there. She still loves her husband though and she can’t wait to see him again.

4. Il Ri has to rush home because her in-laws are fighting again and she has to hide the knives, because their spats can get to that level.

Her mother in law doesn’t like her and blames her for Hee Soo collapsing and going into a paralyzed state, since it happened once Il Ri and Hee Soo came back from their honeymoon. She may love Hee Tae a lot, but life at home isn’t as glamorous as they could have been.

Even though Hee Soo is paralyzed and can’t do anything, I like that we get to see her inner thoughts and her acting healthy. I’m pretty sure that Il Ri can’t hear her, but it still seems like they’re interacting with one another. It’s a nice touch and one that I greatly appreciate. I bet she’ll be the one who first learns about the affair, but can’t say anything because she can’t. But even if no one can hear her, I’m sure her thoughts will be conveyed to Il Ri.

a valid love2

5. Il Ri has a nosebleed, which probably means that she has a terminal illness or got so hot and bothered by taking about Kim Joon that nose couldn’t take it anymore – it’s probably the former though, because this is a kdrama and not an anime.

The first two episodes were a lot better than this one, mainly because we’ve jumped an extra seven years into the future and now seeing how Il Ri and Kim Joon started their affair. Interesting to see that he knows that Il Ri is married and will get to meet Hee Tae in the next episode. Even though he knows of her situation, the previews have him doing a kabe-don and then kissing Il Ri. He’s definitely the pursuer here, so I’m not sure how I feel about that.

The show is establishing that Il Ri isn’t as happy as she seems. Her life is stressful, her in-laws don’t care for her, her husband is gone a lot, and she’s incredibly lonely. To have someone then come into her life and make her feel like alive again is the route I think the show is going to go with.

And then she’ll die and both men will remember their time with Il Ri.


7 thoughts on “tvN’s Valid Love episode 3 – A new man becomes a new side dish

  1. Mbebzz

    Thank you so much if you keep recaping this show.. 😀 Yeah.. Still so hard for me to accept “Affair”

    *Before this drama aired I think Joon don’t know about Il Ri is Married Women but the fact?? He know Il Ri have husband but why he keep pursue her??? -_-“

    1. mochirochi Post author

      You’re very welcome and thank you for commenting 🙂

      I think any affair is hard to take in a show, especially when we’re meant to be sympathizing and rooting for the character. If the show does it right, then I think it could end up being a beautiful story. But I’m nervous, because the writers may take the easy route in making us want Il Ri to cheat when we really shouldn’t be rooting for that at all.

  2. Nirvana

    I had to stop and rewind when you said that her nose bleed may have been caused by a terminal illness. I didn’t think too much of it. now all sorts of things are going through my head, i just hope no one dies at the end.., but hey its a Kdrama, weird things can happen.

    p.s. thanks for the recap 🙂

    1. mochirochi Post author

      You’re welcome! Thank you for commenting.

      Some have suspected that the nose bleeding and the troubling breathing is connected to something terminal. I don’t know if it’s going this route though, but it does seem like it. Even though the first two episodes were fun and happy, I don’t think this drama will be like that. Seems like it’s going to be gut wrenching and hard to watch in some moments.

      1. Nirvana

        Indeed. I agree. gut wrenching, mind boggling, hard to watch and the affair is going to be hooootttttttt.

        Please, keep recapping the show. I like how your recaps are very unique and straight to the point.

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  4. Boon Ang

    Why did IR have an affair? I am sure there are many reasons. First, I think that she and HT are indeed very different in ages, socioeconomic status, education, values, and personality (beyond having ramen with or without eggs and brain dominance/left or right handedness). There’s not much you can do after marriage, right? Second, she’s having a hard time with the in-laws, and it’s of her own choosing we learn later on. If so, she should have accepted sending HS to a nursing home. Third, maybe it’s a “seven-year itch”? Is is HT’s fault? If she had told HT she was itching, I’m sure he’ll scratch her. Fourth, she never experienced dating other guys. I wonder what she was doing in the interim period before meeting HT again after his studies. Fifth, she was so desperately lacking in understanding and affection that she was just waiting for someone to have an affair with. How do you expect understanding if you do not communicate? Also, HT doted on her even if he wasn’t romantic. But was KJ romantic? I thought him boorish.
    On the contrary, her affair began on the fourth day she met KJ. Until then, she had little emotional “connection” with him. The fact was they argued a lot and knew little about each other. KJ was attracted to IR but he was trying to keep her away. But no. IR was smitten the first time she met KJ when he was topless, she also liked his sweat, grabbed his palms, and found him physically attractive and handsome, and interesting even despite his shortcomings. It was a very sensuous (arousing to the senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) non-sexual affair.
    As with HT, IR behaved brazenly (shamelessly) with KJ. She literally threw herself at him at every opportunity. And when the opportunity was not there, she even created it by breaking HT’s chair to bring it to KJ for repair and rushed to Castadive with Yi Ri’s laptop to teach KJ the multiplication tables.
    Poor KJ succumbed to her wiles and flirtation. Realising later she had fun playing with him. What did she do?


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