Day 8 – Favourite Drama Couple

I’m going to go with two couples for this question.

1. Woo Jae and Na Bi from My Love, Madame Butterfly.

na bi

My Love, Madame Butterfly was my first 50+ kdrama and for the most part I enjoyed it. There were times when it dragged and felt like there were some unnecessary drama that didn’t really add anything to the plot. But other times I was surprised by how quickly things moved and the overall acting from the three main characters were always on point. What I especially loved was the relationship between Woo Jae and Na Bi.

What started as annoyance from both sides, soon turned into something more after they were forced to be near each other. The more they learned about one another, the more they started to realize that their preconceived notions were dead wrong. Na Bi was married though and Woo Jae use to be involved with Na Bi’s frenemy Seol Ah. A bunch of stuff happens though and they soon get together, then stop, then get back together, then stop, then get married!

Most kdrama male leads are very alpha male like and Woo Jae is like that too, but instead of being overbearing or brutish (for lack of a better word), he’s more caring and knows when to give Na Bi her space. To me, he seemed like her partner instead of the prize that she won. I’m sure that there are other couples like this in the kdrama world, but this was the first time I saw anything like this so I really appreciated it. They’re both older too, so they know what they want and are able to look each other’s flaws for the sake of their relationship.

2. Sahara Natsuki and Akimura Shimao from Bitter Blood.

bitter blood

They’re not a couple in the romantic sense, but they are partners at work and they have great chemistry with each other. Natsuki and Shimao are a father-son duo who work together at the police department. There, they work together to solve crimes, catch criminals, and repair a damaged relationship. They may not want to spend time together, but the more they do the more they realize that being side by side is the very thing they need to keep going.

That also reminds me that I really need to finish this drama. I only have a few episodes left too, so I really should get on that.


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