Day 7 – Your Drama Crush

Hmm, so what character in a drama did I have a crush on? To be honest, no one really comes to mind. If I’m going by looks, then it might be easier. But for the sake of this question, I’m trying to focus only on the character and not their looks.


I’m seriously drawing a blank. Someone cool, but caring. Someone strong, but still has a vulnerable side. Someone who makes my viewing of the show more enjoyable. Hmm….well, if you think about it there’s really one person that comes to mind.

Akiyama Shinichi from Liar Game


Truth be told, I’m not all that attracted to Matsudo Shota. He’s handsome, but a bit too pretty for my tastes. That being said, I can’t get enough of him when he plays Akiyama. It’s strange. When he’s in any other role, for example when he played Nishikado Sojiro in Hani Yori Dango, I love the acting from him but I don’t find him hot.

But the moment he’s Akiyama I keep hoping he’d stumble over to Canada and say, “Baka you didn’t see the trick did you.” Then I’d swoon and make him play cards with me or something. Akiyama is just so cool. He’s smart, he’s cunning, but he also really cares for people and shows a vulnerable side when he’s with Nao.

I seriously love this character, so much so that I had a dream about him once upon a time…it doesn’t need to be mentioned though. Nothing dirty. Not even close to dirty, it was just kind of depressing.

ps. I had no idea that Oguri Shun was in Hani Yori Dango!


4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Your Drama Crush

  1. junny

    Heh, I agree with this choice, since Akiyama is awesome. And yes, Matsuda Shota was really appealing in this role, but anything else and he doesn’t grab my attention as much. He was pretty decent in Love Shuffle, though.

    I’ll get round to doing this challenge soon! Gotta churn out the MW thingie first.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I tried to find MW at the library but couldn’t find it. It’s by Osamu Tezuka though, right? Have you read his other mangas and if so, how would it stack up against MW? He’s very hit or miss for me, so some stuff I enjoy and others I don’t. Plus, you said that the adaptation for it was horrible when compared to the manga so I’m nervous now.

      Is it good?

      1. junny

        Yes, it’s by Tezuka Osamu and I quite enjoyed it. Can’t say how it stacks up because this is the first manga I finished – am not really into manga and anime, and the only anime I managed to sit through and finish was Ranma 1/2, haha. I think it’s a decent read and it does have the luxury of going into more detail about Yuki and Garai’s relationship. Also, Yuki has more duality and complexity in the manga – the film character was diluted such that Tamaki Hiroshi had literally nothing to work on. Ditto for Garai and Yamada Takayuki. The adaptation isn’t terrible on its own, but certainly leaves much to be desired once you have read the source material.

        I read a third of the manga online (can’t seem to find the scans now) before deciding it was too much scrolling to contend with and went out to buy a copy. Maybe you can google for the manga synopsis before deciding whether to buy? But if you don’t mind very explicit spoilers about the Yuki-Garai relationship, click here: (the picture hits you from the moment you click, heh).

        1. mochirochi Post author

          So they weren’t brother’s in arms? Well, I guess they were but in a different sense.

          Since they were lovers and not just friends, it does make Garai’s unwillingness to turn Yuki in resonate a bit more. He hates what Yuki has become, but he also wants to be with him. I get what you mean that their relationship is a bit more complex in the manga and not all that well defined in the movie.


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