Nobunaga Concerto episode 8 (jdrama)

nobunaga concerto

A group of angry people want to speak with Nobunaga, but Mori is holding them back. An angry group can potentially kill him, so everyone is trying to keep Saburo away from them but he decides to rush towards them and listen to what they have to say.

There’s a funny scene where Matsunaga sees one of Mori’s kids holding Saburo’s history textbook. He trades a bean jam bun for it and begins to scan the pages. Matsunaga already agreed to an alliance with Saburo, but if he reads something in there that benefits him more then maybe he’ll turn away from him? He gets to the page where Nobunaga dies and looks up like he just discovered something. He just discovered that his name isn’t even mentioned there, so he throws the book down and asks for the bun back.

It’s funny.

nobunaga concerto1

During his date with Kichou, Saburo notices that the people of this town can’t sell what they want. Only a select few can. So he decides to fix this problem by talking to the merchant guild, so that this can be abolished. Then, the people can freely sell anything they want. Mori and Denjiro go with him, which is a clear mistake on his part. You know that Denjiro will use this opportunity to go after Saburo and he did just that. After smooth talking the guild to accept Saburo’s plan, he also manipulates the situation so that Saburo will get rid of the checkpoint. The fee for the checkpoint might be high, but if you get rid of it then people will come and easily attack you.

While back in the Oda camp, Denjiro asks if he can change his name. Even back in the anime I always found it interesting that people could easily change their names back in the day. In my area, unless your name had a horrible meaning or was the name of god or idol then you could change it. But it happens so freely here. As long as you have the permission of the ruler, then anything goes I guess.

So Denjiro now becomes Hashiba Hideyoshi. If you know your Japanese history, Hideyoshi is a very important figure. Super important. Plus, with this name he’s able to get closer to the retainers since his name comes from them. They still don’t like them, but this is a step in the right direction to suck up to them. Hanbei still isn’t impressed though and the suspicion deepens.

nobunaga concerto2

Mori’s oldest son, Katsuzo, is embarrassed by his father. He feels like it’s shameful to apologize and bow his head to commoners and that a samurai should always have their head up and be strong. Seeing as how Mori dies in this episode, I bet he’s going to regret his bitter feelings. If I remember correctly, in the anime, he was more of a fan of his father. So this is a slight change in personality.

Hideyoshi’s gets closer to the two generals whose names he took by getting them drunk and talking to them. He asks if Nobunaga has a twin and they tell him that that’s not possible. When he asks if he may have a double, they brush that aside saying that no one can replace their leader. They do mention after he fell off his horse and hit his head; he became a completely different person who forgot a lot of the stuff from before. Hideyoshi isn’t dumb, so I think he’s figured things out.

Ieyasu is back! He says that he’s completely off women now and after following Nobunaga’s advice to get stronger, he’s now into men. It’s too bad though, because Saburo had a dirty magazine and was hoping to give it to Ieyasu since he loves the ladies too much. His love of men was short lived, because he grabs the magazine and begins reading it right away.

nobunaga concerto3

The citizens are now free to sell whatever they want and the checkpoint is abolished. More and more people are coming into the city to buy goods and everyone is happy. Azai also learns about the lack of checkpoint, so you know that they’re going to use that to their advantage and go after Nobunaga. It’s a shame too, since Oichi just gave birth to Chacha. Nagamasa…I like him, but he’s probably going to die now.

The town is a success though, so Saburo wants to build another town just like. Hanbei suggests one place, and Mori takes the helm to build it. His kids are happy at first, but then they hear some of the retainers complaining that Mori was picked. They call him a useless samurai and then walk away. Katsuzo’s happiness drains away and he yells at his father for being so useless. He’s really going to regret his words and the fact that he didn’t give a proper send off to his father before he left.

nobunaga concerto4

Matsunaga is currently fighting another group, but is in danger because Azai and Asakura forces are marching towards him. Saburo decides to head down and help his ally out, but also make sure their castle is properly guarded too. Hideyoshi and his men stay behind, which means Hanebi will be there to make sure no one does any betraying.

Saburo rushes over, but Matsunaga is fine and Azai and Asakura went somewhere else. Where? Towards Mori and the new town he’s building at Mount Usa. 30 000 soldiers are making their way there, but Mori plans to stop the enemy in their tracks. If they’re going to try to take over, then he’s going to put up a fight before that can happen.

Sadly, Enryaku, a group of monk soldiers, are also coming after Mori and his men at Mount Usa. Does he run though, even when the odds are clearly not in his favour? Nope. He knows that he’s going to die, but he’s happy to die serving Nobunaga.

He fights bravely, but he’s still outnumbered and dies.

Katsuzo finally realizes that Mori was a good man and asks Saburo if he can join them and be a great samurai like his father was. Tsune-chan says that he should change his name if he joins. Using Nobunaga’s and Mori’s name as a base, he suggest Nagayoshi.

nobunaga concerto5

The episode ends with Hideyoshi going up to Micchi and asking if he’s Nobunaga’s twin. I love that he did this, but I wonder why he decided to go this route. It will only make Micchi suspicious of him and he already has Hanbei breathing down his back, he doesn’t need someone else too. It’s still funny though.

Not my favourite episode of Nobunaga Concerto, but it was still good. I’m more excited at what’s to come though. Hideyoshi knows the secret and I don’t think Micchi will take too kindly on that. Now that the monks are here, we’re going to see just how vicious Micchi can be in battle. Fire. Fire everywhere. If Hideyoshi sees/hears this, then I’m sure he’ll put two and two together and know that Saburo is a fake and Nobunaga is now Micchi.

I’m really hyped to see him figure this out.


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 8 (jdrama)

  1. clear

    I think the drama is trying to turn Mitsuhide into Aida-san. Whether he does turn or manages to become Micchi in the next episode… That’s all that’s on my mind.

    Nagayoshi getting his name was pretty nice. There’s only a few episodes left and a movie, wonder what road we’re on.


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