Karen Senki episode 11 – the final episode

Karen Senki (7)

So episode 11 of Karen Senki came out, and since it’s the eleventh episode I guess this means we’ll learn more about the Elevens? Hope so.

The episode starts with all of the Elevens together at a bar. Karen, the okama, the gun guy, Eleanor, X22, and Junk…wait Junk is an Eleven member? Does he even have a power? All he does is get parts and go to that robot brothel. He’s useless. But speaking of Junk, where’s Xiaogang. I don’t see him with the others, so I wonder where he is.

Junk, being the annoying person that he is, blames everything on Karen ignoring the fact that he’s the one who gave that deadly part to Seek. In his view, if Karen hadn’t fought so many machines and given the parts to him, then they wouldn’t be in this mess. Why must he always blame other people for things?

Karen Senki (1)

Eleanor says that if it is Karen’s fault, then they should just hand her over to the machines. Karen pulls out her gun and soon everyone else does too. I have a feeling that this might just be a normal occurrence when they hang out together, because after a second or two of sizing each other up their guns go back to their nesting place.

The reason why they’re all together is that the robots are set to liberate Sector 17, which is Junk’s area. He complained before that it was Karen’s fault for shooting everything, but now he wants Karen to destroy them all the robots before that happens. This guy….

Karen Senki (3)

Yay Xiaogang finally shows up and he provides more information about what the robots have up their sleeve. Turns out that they want to drop a dimensional oscillation bomb down in Sector 17, which will destroy everything there. Seek also lost control of Jay, which is a bad thing because Jay is now heading down to the pipelines with this bomb.

Junk also takes this moment to get angry at his younger brother because he wants him to figure things out and stop the robots from destroying his home. Karen heads out to stop Jay, while the others back her up by keeping the minions off her tail. Junk is the only one not fighting….

Karen Senki

Karen goes after Jay, but has to deal with some of the smaller robots first. They are a bit smarter this time around and do land a hit on her, only it’s her bike that’s destroyed and not Karen. She flies up to where Jay is and the two have a standoff. His main target is Karen, but he’s willing to destroy everything just to get back at her. So he presses the detonator and nothing happens.

I thought Karen might have done something to the bomb before she went up to fight Jay, but it turns out that this wasn’t the case. Seek saved the day and once Jay realizes this, he’s distraught because he doesn’t understand why Seek would choose the humans over him. I mean, Jay was born from Seek and they’re family, but Seek saved the humans instead of helping the robots. He tries to flee, but Karen won’t let him and he’s soon destroyed.

What’s Seek doing while all this mayhem is happening? He’s just chilling in his room as he watches his son die and then blow up. The only thing he says is, “Evolution is a process of selection, for humans and for machines.” I guess this is Seek’s version of Tough Love, only instead of learning your lesson in the end you just die.

Karen Senki (9)

The end of this episode had Karen falling to the ground and glowing, so she kind of has to be saved or risks suffering the same fate as Jay. Since she was glowing, I wonder if this means her powers are disappearing. Eleanor said that her powers are at their limit last week, so they might have one more shot before it completely vanishes.

Actually, now that I know it’s over I’m not sure how I feel about this series. I think there were some really fun episodes and I absolutely loved the animation here. But I still feel like something’s missing here. A lot of questions were not answered and I’m a bit miffed by that.


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