Sword Art Online II episode 22 – Get ready for the feels

The boss battle is done, so now it’s time for the emotional stuff!

Asuna has been trying to reach Yuuki for the past three days! Three days…For three days she hasn’t been online and Asuna is freaking out. It’s not like she died or anything or is super sick, so I don’t get why she’s so over wrought about not being able to speak to Yuuki. I mean, it’s been three days. Sometimes online friends go MIA for longer, so this is normal.

I know they ended at a bad note, but still.

Siune comes and tells Asuna that Yuuki probably doesn’t want to see her ever again for her sake. Asuna is fine with accepting that the Sleeping Knights and Yuuki not wanting to see her ever again, but she doesn’t understand why it’s for her sake. Was she the only one who cherished their friendship? Siune tells her that this isn’t the cause. In fact they all thank Asuna for helping them create “that last wonderful memory in this world.”

Sleeping Knights seem like they’ll be sleeping for good soon.

Then like Yuuki, she logs off without telling Asuna anything. Seems kind of unreasonable doesn’t it? Siune tells Asuna to forget about the Sleeping Knights, but why can’t she just tell her the truth. Don’t let Asuna’s last moments with you be one of sadness and anger.

Sword Art Online II (2)

Since the virtual world is too sad at the moment, Asuna heads back to real life, which doesn’t bring much joy either. Well, unless Kirito is around. She goes to school like usual and finds Liz and Silica who ask her about the new guild that she joined. I’m confused here though. How long did she know Yuuki for and how long has she been with the Sleeping Knights? Did she neglect her older friends for the sake of her newer ones? Kirito and Klein knew what was happening, but I wonder why Liz and Silica were left in the dark? Especially Liz, since she’s Asuna’s best friend.

Kirito calls her over and gives her the place where she’ll find Yuuki. He doesn’t tell her everything, but it’s clear that he knows what’s wrong with Yuuki. The hospital address is the only place in Japan doing clinical trials for Medicuboid. I wonder how he knew about that though. Did Yuuki tell him what’s going on? She did say he figured out her secret, but there has to be something more here.

Yuuki thanks him and heads to the hospital to meet Yuuki. Only, she doesn’t know her real name or age, but knows that she might be using Medicuboid. The first nurses that she talks to can’t really help, but one of them seems to know who Asuna is and rushes to find Yuuki’s doctor so he can speak to Asuna. Personally, I found the scene to be kind of funny.

Even though she’s been playing games for a long time, it seems like Asuna still assumes that some players use their real names for their game ones. It may seem illogical for Asuna to go to the nurses’ station and ask for a girl who may or may not be named Yuuki and may or may not be around 15 years old, but it is in character.

Sword Art Online II (3)

The doctor mentions that Yuuki talks about Asuna all the time, but always cries right after. I think at this point Asuna should realize that hospital + doctor + Medicuboid trials = terminal illness, but she still asks the doctor why she can’t see Yuuki. Again, it may seem illogical that she hasn’t figured things out yet, but it’s still in character. This may seem like I’m saying that Asuna is dumb, but I’m not. Asuna seems like the type of person who has a very shallow view of the world and wants everything to remain the same. That’s why she has such a bad relationship with her mother, because her mom wants her to stop standing still and actually do something with her life. Asuna, on the other hand, wants things to remain the same. I think this is also the reason why she doesn’t care about Kirito’s harem, because if she said something she might lose Kirito and her friends. I’m just speculating on the last part though.

Anyways, the doctor tells her what Medicuboid is. It’s a clinical trial that uses an Amusphere like system to create a medical full-dive system. That means it can temporary paralyze the nerves so that it can function as an anesthesia for patients. The one used for games can’t cancel major pains, but the Medicuboid can so it’s a perfect tool for terminal patients to use. Not going to lie, this seems like a great thing for those who are truly suffering.

Sword Art Online II (6)

At the same time, it’s kind of scary how the Amusphere does the same thing as the Medicuboid, but in a smaller scale. If you’re that far gone, then I could easily imagine people dying without even realizing it because they’re way too into the game. We have people who die already from playing video games for too long and ignoring their bodily needs. So Imagine how many people would die if Amusphere is used without some sort of kick out method in place.

You may be wondering why Yuuki’s doctor is telling Asuna all this, because you know patient confidentiality and stuff, but Yuuki said that if Asuna ever came to the hospital that he could tell her everything. And so, the doctor does just that.

Due to a faulty blood transfusion, Yuuki’s mom was infected with AIDs. The blood was given to her after she just delivered Yuuki, but by the time the hospital found out what happened it was already too late. Everyone in Yuuki’s family contracted the virus.

Even if Yuuki’s family was infected, AIDs isn’t a death sentence anymore. Many people who have the virus are still able to lead happy lives. Seeing as SAO takes place in the future, it should theoretically be even better for those suffering from it. Only, the virus Yuuki was infected with was a drug resistant one. Her family tried their best to make her life a good one, but in fourth grade her symptoms started and she’s been in the hospital ever since.

This is all the fault of the hospital, so I hope they’re the ones paying for everything, because something like this can’t be free.

When the trials for Medicuboid happened, Yuuki jumped at the chance. For the past three years, she’s been in the virtual world and hasn’t come back to the real one since. Seeing as how her parents and twin sister passed away, I can definitely understand why she agreed to the trial and why she’s happier there. She is terminal though, so she’s pretty much waiting to die now.

Just like how Yui is able to interact with the world due to Kirito’s help, Yuuki is able to do the same thing using the Medicuboid. So she asks Asuna to jump into ALO so they can talk. The Sleeping Knights use to have nine people, including Yuuki’s twin sister, but three of them passed away which is why they decided that when one of them is close to death that they’d disband. Two of the members were told that they have at most three months left, which is why they decided to do one final thing so they could at least be remembered, even when they eventually pass away.

Sword Art Online II (8)

There’s only one thing Yuuki wants to do now and that’s go to school. I guess this is why Asuna has the camera on her shoulder during the ED. It all makes sense now. Kirito will use make another camera thing for Yuuki so she can go to school with Asuna.

It’s interesting that Yuuki wanted a chance at life, so she readily accepted the Medicuboid, while Asuna seems to hate it and jumps at any chance to strap on her Amusphere and go into the virtual world. I’m guess that by the end of this arc, Asuna will appreciate the life she’s been blessed with and not try to spend every moment in the virtual world. And hopefully, she’s able to patch things up with her mother.

Even though the feels were heavy in this episode, which I’m told is just the beginning of the waterworks, I didn’t cry or get teary eyed at all while watching this. It’s kind of weird, because even though I don’t like admitting it, I cry very easily and sometimes for no reason at all.

That doesn’t mean the episode is bad, it wasn’t, but it just didn’t hit me the same way it did for others. I do feel bad for Yuuki and what happened to her and her family, I just didn’t get too emotionally invested yet. Maybe if this was a longer arc, I’d be able to feel something more. But like I said, I’ve been told that this is just the beginning of the feels fest.

This episode was good, but I do have one burning question. How on earth did Kirito find out the truth behind Yuuki, when Yuuki said that she didn’t tell Asuna (and I’m assuming Kirito) anything about her? I wish that was explained more, because it feels like Kirito was there just to lead Asuna to her destination and then go back to being a father to Yui.


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