Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie episode 9 – Ryou’s Series of Unfortunate Interruptions

Summer fun in the beach is still going on. The teacher’s are still badly sunburned, but Ryou is up and feeling fine. Unlike the teachers who are still stuck in their room with severe sunburns, Ryou has trained his body in many ways, so he’s fully healed.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (2)

He finds Sayuri and is finally able to have some alone time with her. It’s clear that he likes he, so he tries to ease into his confession by telling her to stop calling him Kouzuki and instead just call him by his first name. Before he can continue, he gets interrupted. Just when it was getting to the good part too. Someone asks Ryou and and Sayuri to help her with a huge favour. One that is so important that Ryou’s confession will have to wait.

The favour ends up forcing the two to participate in a couple’s game. Due to a low participant turn out, the two classmates were entered into the competition without ever consulted. This might seem like a pretty annoying thing to be a part of, but it does work in Ryou’s favour, since the competition may help make Sayuri more aware of him.  Considering how she has a bunch of bishies around her, he needs any help that he can get.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (3)

The first game that they participate in is a princess carry one. With a red face, Ryou picks her up and carries her. Sayuri also starts to blush, which is a good thing for him. Maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to look at him and think, “Ryou….” I bet that’s what he was thinking of when he held her so intimately, but the moment is interuppted when Sayuri passes out due to embarrassment.

It seems like this would make them lose the competition, but it actually works in their favour as they end up winning the entire thing. How? I have no idea. Perhaps all of the other couples were pushed together like Sayuri and Ryou were? I mean, if there were any legit couples in this competition, then it’s kind of depressing for them to have lost against a couple who are not even together.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (5)

After it’s all over, Ryou starts to continue where he left off  and say that if Sayuri wants to, maybe they can actually be a real couple. Once again, before he can get to the good stuff he gets rudely interrupted by a group of old fashion looking guys who try to woo Sayuri away from Ryou. They say things like, “Look at these two being hot and heavy! Hey girlie, why not ditch him and play with us.” So old fashioned. This is a girl who is surrounded by bishies and they try to get her to hang out with them like this? Sad. It makes me sad for all the other average non bishie looking guys on this show.

Since these guys are clearly losers and drunk, they try to fight Ryou for ignore them. For his part, Ryou doesn’t really hit them. He just pushes them on the ground and dodges them. I’m sure if he was serious he’d easily destroy these guys, but since he’s with Sayuri he’s holding back on his true strength. Seems like that’s okay though, because he’s easily taking care of these guys without lifting a finger.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie (8)

Sadly, like everything that has happened to him in this episode, he gets interrupted by Sayuri who informs him to watch his back. That’s when one of the guys, who had fallen before, grabs him and pushes Ryou into a pile of rubble. His hand is pretty busted up now, which isn’t good since he’s training to be a pastry chef.

Things aren’t looking good for him, but thankfully, his fight gets interrupted again. The three non bishies run off and now Ryou can go get his hand treated at the hospital.

Overall, I like that Ryou got center stage this time around. Out of all of the bishies in this series, he’s the only one I can root for while Sayuri is still in school. It’s not even because he’s the same age as her and that if she ends up with a teacher she risks expulsion, it’s just he’s cool. And I might also feel bad that he keeps getting interrupted at critical moments. I just want him to be able to finish his confession.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

The only downside is that we don’t get any food porn again this week. The dishes that the characters make is one of my favourite parts of the show. Every time I see a sweet, I feel like I should attempt to make it. It’s been two episodes and seeing as how Ryou’s hurt, the only food we’ll be seeing next week is hospital one. 😦

Oh well. Till the next edition of Ryou’s Series of Unfortunate Interruptions. I wonder if he’ll be able to confess next time?


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