Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 10 – Let it snow…

selector spread WIXOSS (7)

Last week’s episode sure was depressing. Chiyori lost, which meant that she’ll now lose all of her memories of WIXOSS and get her wish tainted. Thankfully, Ruko and Hitoe are there when she wakes up to help. Instead of being alone, she’ll have friends waiting for her, even if she can’t remember them.

Only, this is Chiyori and it doesn’t end up the way they thought it would. After Hitoe asks her if they can be friends, Chiyori runs away screaming that this isn’t possible as no one would want to be friends with her. She quickly leaves them, since she’s afraid that they’ll strip her of everything that she has.

selector spread WIXOSS (1)

Eldora is still in her card though, which is strange since I thought she’d have to leave and go to the next Selector. Ah I guess I spoke too soon again. She spoke a little bit, then popped out of her card and disappeared. I wonder if this will be the last time we’ll see Chiyori and Eldora? The two bright spots of the show are now gone.

Akira tells Ulith that she doesn’t want revenge for being a pawn to get at Ruko. Instead, she’s going to scar Ulith with her love, then heal her. She’ll become a LRIG and when she becomes human again, she’ll find Ulith and do the same thing over and over and over again. Ulith seems to find this amusing, but I bet she’s also nervous that Akira didn’t go down the same route as the other people she’s tormented. Nonetheless, she agrees to battle Akira. I think at this point, Akira really has no chance at winning. Tama is the Girl of Light and went to level five.

selector spread WIXOSS (4)

I kind of wonder what will happen to her if she does lose though. If her wish gets tainted, will she forget about Ulith all together? We don’t see much of the fight, but Dark Tama is back which means certain victory for Ulith.

We see Ulith looking shaken, which is weird because there’s no way for Akira to win. Well, colour me surprised because Ulith isn’t Ulith. The original Iona is back in her body. How though? The original Iona was a model too, but wished that she could stop being Iona.

She won and became an LRIG. She didn’t want to battle though, because her goal of not being Iona anymore was already granted. Mayu doesn’t like this though and wants Iona to do something. Scream, wail, curse, and/or complain about how she wants to be human again. But Iona is happy with the way things turned out and doesn’t wish to do anything. She still becomes a LRIG though, but also gains the hatred of Mayu in the process.

selector spread WIXOSS (6)

Iona was an LRIG to two Selectors, but both of them were weak and couldn’t fight so they naturally lost and had their wishes tainted. After all of the tears and heartache, she longed to go back to her original body. When it became hollow, she came back.

If the body was hollow though, then that means Ulith won and became an Eternal girl. But it also means that Tama refused to be human. She’s even more adamant that Ruko’s wish needs to happen so that everyone can be free of this game. Too bad that isn’t what Mayu wants to hear and has her locked up for it. Poor Tama.

selector spread WIXOSS (8)

LRIG Iona can no longer be called Iona, since original Iona is back being Iona so the girls give her the name Yuki. This comes after Iona talked about how she loved snow back when she was still with Mayu. When it snowed, it would make everything quiet and hide everything. It’s also really pretty. That’s why I like snow too. The quiet comfort it brings as you watch the snow fall. I love it. Except when I have to shovel it. My feelings start to wane then, but go back to normal once it snows again.

Even though snow seems lonely, it’s also pure. It starts off hiding everything, but once it leaves then new life starts to bloom. Does this mean Yuki will leave us at the end of the show, so that Ruko and the rest of the Selectors will be able to move on and start their new life?

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

And Hanayo is back! I’ve wanted to see her actually interact with the girls all season and next week it will finally happen. I know we’ve seen her say things here and there, but I don’ really count them. I kind of feel bad for Hanayo though, because it looks like she’s falling for Kazuki. If everyone goes back to their old bodies, I don’t really see Yuzuki sharing her brother. Then again, she may feel indebted towards Hanayo and decide to do a polygamy thing with her. I wonder how Kazuki will feel about that?

With two episodes left, we’re gearing up to the final climax and possible showdown between Ruko and Mayu. Even though Yuzuki is against Ruko going to the white room, she really has no choice now since Tama is trapped there. Will we get a happy ending, or will WIXOSS continue with Mayu not learning her lesson? I have no idea. But I can’t wait.

Hopefully we’ll also see the conclusion between Ulith and Akira.


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