5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 11 – The Boxer

After this, only two episodes left in this season. I’m not sure how I feel about it ending like this, because we’re right at the edge of when it gets really crazy.

Terra Formars - Kanako Sanjo

Oh well, here’s the 5-Line Recap of Terra Formars episode 11.

1. Kanako Sanjo has a needletail affinity and is taking out cockroaches left and right, but then they capture her which was all a part of her plan.

Other than Michelle, we haven’t really had another female character actually going against the roaches and holding her own.

2. Keiji is about to start fighting that big roach, but we get to see his modest background first.

With this, we’re now at Volume six of the manga. They cut out some things, so I’m curious to see how the anime will end and if it will get a sequel.

Terra Formars - Onizuka Keiji

3. One day, when he went to visit his mom, he noticed that his eye sight started to go bad and realized it was due to his retina detaching. 😦

4. Even though he can no longer box, U-NASA is interested in him and Michelle tries to recruit him for the Bugs 3 mission.

He accepts and asks if he could choose which organism he could have, he’d want one with the best eye sight. Lucky for him he got the best eye sight and the strongest punch too. The Mantis Shrimp.

I kind of love the fact that the one person who is the least flashy and super modest and plain ends up getting the Mantis Shrimp.

Great eye sight, a killer punch, and a colourful wardrobe. Mantis Shrimp, such an awesome creature with such a great character….plus, I have an excuse to post zefrank here so that’s another plus for Onizuka Keiji!

5. Things start look bleak as Keiji takes a beating from the modified cockroach, but thankfully, he’s able to muster up some strength, use his MANTIS PUNCH, and get a K.O.

I know some will find this episode boring, but it was pretty much in line with the manga. Plus, I quite like Keiji, so I thought the episode was fine. He’s a sympathetic character and his past makes you want to root for him. I don’t remember it being this long in the manga, but I do appreciate the show not skipping it and going straight to the fight. It may not be as engaging as Adolf’s story, but it’s still enjoyable.

Major props to him for not letting his eye sight and his inability to box anymore hinder his life and make him hate everything. He’s still depressed about it, but he also moved on and got another job. Even if a wall appears in front of you, life will still move forward. That means you can either stop moving and let life pass you by, or climb over it and continue on. Not matter what you do life won’t wait for your decision, but at least if you go with the latter you have a chance to catch up to it.

He may not be boxing anymore, but at least he can see again and be the strengths of the fabulous mantis shrimp.

Terra Formars - Onizuka Keiji

The fight was a bit anticlimactic, but that’s only because it followed the same rules that most fights go with. You start off well, then get hurt, then win in the end. To be honest, this is actually pretty shocking if you think about it, because this show has a track record of killing people so he could have died just as easily. We also saw his flashback, which is usually a death flag. I’m glad he won though. After what happened to Team Germany, I think it would be too depressing to see another person die so quickly.

Only two more episodes left now and I’m still not sure how Terra Formars will end. Like I said earlier, this is the point where things start to get really interesting. This show really needs a second season or at least an OVA, because things just can’t end here. We haven’t even made it to the juicy bits.


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