OCN’s Bad Guys episode 9 (kdrama) – The Fall of Gu Tak

bad guys7

“When parents die, then they’re buried underground. When children die, then they’re buried in the heart.”

Inspector Yu tells Gu Tak that she knows everything and wonders what happened to him two years ago for him to change so much. His daughter died, so….

It is interesting to note that even though she’s jumped ship and is now working with Prosecutor Oh, she’s still the only one that gets basked in light at the church. I guess she’s still innocent, but I wonder if she’ll full come over to the harsh realities of the dark side once everything gets revealed. The spots where the rest of Team Criminal would sit are also lit up, even though they’re not there.

This show and its use of light, it really helps illuminate the scenes, eh?

Flashback time to two years ago when Mad Dog Gu Tak is still happy and full of life. Like the first episode with the police officer, Gu Tak is being interviewed for a piece here. Both cops were gungho about their jobs and their work ethic, but then looked what happened. One died and the other died in the spiritual sense. These cops really need to stop doing interviews like this.

The flashback isn’t only of Gu Tak, but the other Team Criminal members too. How exciting. We’re going to find out how they’re all truly connected. The first one up is Ung Cheol who went out with his gang to fight a rival one. As the right-hand man for his group, he’s doing very well for himself. Now I’m interested in seeing how he got caught, while the rest of his gang didn’t.

Back to Gu Tak who is dealing with the serial killer case. They head over to a crime scene and learn that the serial killer stabs the victim once in the back and then watches them slowly bleed to death. He also trims the victim’s nails and wipes their body down with alcohol. Very meticulous and something I can picture Jung Mun doing. In his view, if you’re going to kill then kill in the best way that doesn’t trace it back to you. We still don’t know if it’s really him though.

Gu Tak is also faced with a bit of a dilemma at home too. His daughter’s tutor says that she’s good enough to study abroad, but Gu Tak would feel lonely without her there and the payments for it would be expensive. Even though he’s a police officer, he doesn’t get paid much and is pretty much making ends meet.

bad guys8

Gu Tak is invited by Ung Cheol’s hyeongnim to eat and talk. Don’t tell me he’s going to sell out Ung Cheol. He doesn’t, instead he tries to bribe Gu Tak with 50k. Even though he needs the money, Gu Tak is still a clean and honest cop at this point, so he won’t take it. His talk with the Commission has his face in covered shadows though, so maybe he’s starting to consider it. There’s still some light on his face though, she hasn’t fully succumbed to the dark side. By the end of their conversation, the light is mostly on his face now so I guess he was convinced to stay pure.

He’s still tempted though and once he sees his daughter at the hospital, after she gets beat up for answering an ad for quick money, he gets tempted even more. He wants his daughter to go and study aboard, but he doesn’t have the money. He wants to be a good cop, but 50k is 50k. It would be really tragic if Gu Tak accepts the money from the gang only for his daughter to get killed right after. In his mind, I wonder if he’d think it’s karma for straying away from the path. Maybe that’s why he hates himself so much?

Seeing his daughter in such a pitiable state really messed Gu Tak and he heads over to the gang’s place and agrees to take the money. The only condition is that all of the crimes that the gang did, he wants it placed on Ung Cheol and have him arrested for everything. That hyeongnim really did sell him out. He hesitates at first, but agrees in the end to cut him loose for the good of the gang.

bad guys

Ung Cheol did everything for his hyeongnim and gets ruined for it. I wonder what he’ll do once he finds out that Gu Tak ws the reason he went to jail and that his hyeongnim sold him out. I feel so bad for him. He’s still a criminal, but still. The way everything happened really sucks for him.

Gu Tak is still being filmed by the crew from time to time. Not a good sign. Before his daughter is even killed, Gu Tak finds Jeong Mun arrests him while he’s with his girlfriend. Earlier, they found out that the serial killer used white kerosene to wipe down the victim’s bodies and Jeong Mun was one of the people who bought it before the crime happened. He tells Gu Tak that he bought the kerosene for his girlfriend who is a painter…

I’m going to start feeling bad for Gu Tak now, because I think we already learned that he did something to Jeong Mun’s girlfriend to make her lie about him. Since Gu Tak has already fallen to the dark side, maybe he’ll use this method once his daughter is killed. Gu Tak knows that Jeong Mun goes to the crime scene every time, so he’ll probably use that to his adventage even though Jeong Mun has no recollection of going there. This doesn’t sit well with the Mad Dog and he starts using excessive force to ‘help’ Jeong Mun remember.

This is what makes Jeong Mun hire the PI to follow him. While he’s being beaten, Gu Tak shows him the files of everyone who has been killed so far. Our Poor little psychopath looks like he’s on the verge of tears since he doesn’t remember what happened.

Even when he does a polygraph test, it proves that he didn’t kill anyone. His girlfriend even says that he isn’t the type of person to kill people like this. This doesn’t fit into Gu Tak’s plan though. He does admit to killing people in the past, but not those in the serial killer case. The light has left him too now, since he’s now aware that he’s missing some of his memory and now doesn’t like Gu Tak.

bad guys3

Jeong Mun can’t be held anymore, so they release him just in time for him to see Gu Tak and his daughter. After all of the abuse he’s received from the good cop, he decides to leave one last comment before he goes home with his girlfriend. “Your daughter is really beautiful.” I understand his need to troll a cop that he hates, but this only made Gu Tak want to get rid of him even faster.

Gu Tak finds Prosecutor Oh to ask about Jeong Mun. With his daughter alone, with just one day before she heads out to go abroad, she gets killed. She’s killed at home though, so why did the killer move her body outside?

Her death has the same characteristics as the other cases, so Gu Tak heads over to Jeong Mun’s place to gets ready to kill him for murdering his daughter. There are other cops on the scene as they were doing a stake out of Jeong Mun’s place, so he’s stopped before anything major happens. This is the reason why he’s suspended.

Since he’s free, he finds Jeong Mun’s girlfriend and bribes her with money to sell out Jeong Mun. Like the Ung Cheol’s hyeongnim, she hesitates at first but then gives in. Since we don’t know whether or not he’s a murderer this makes me feel even worse for him. For the sake of money, she sold out someone she loved and someone who loved her too. Poor Jeong Mun. His life…his life really is depressing.

Tae Su really is the only one free from Gu Tak’s wrath. I mean, he surrendered and is already is in jail while all this is happening.

Ah I spoke to soon. Gu Tak hired him, through his broker, to kill Jeong Mun in prison.

bad guys4

Wow. He’s going to be completely broken if Jeong Mun isn’t the killer. If Jeong Mun kills him for this, I wouldn’t even mind considering how much his life was ruined because of him. But I don’t think he will, because even though Jeong Mun killed before, he isn’t a murderer if that makes sense. He would kill for revenge, but he will hold that grudge for a long time.

This might be the best episode of the season thus far. We finally know how everyone connects and why Gu Tak brought out those three criminals to help him out. Jeong Mun’s patience is something else though, eh? To spend the last 8 episodes being a good member of Team Criminal, all the while holding back your rage and anger at someone who was so dead set against you.

I don’t know how this will all end, but I do know that I feel exhausted after watching this episode. I just feel bad for Ung Cheol and Jeong Mun, which is funny because they are technically criminals and yet I feel for them and not for Gu Tak who just proved himself to be a real villain. I tried to feel bad for him, but ruining someone’s life just because yours is gone isn’t right. Plus, he already sent Ung Cheol to prison so that kind of ruined him for me too.

Even though Gu Tak is now tainted for me, I have to say that Kim Sang Joong is really doing a fantastic job playing the Mad Dog. When he’s playing Gu Tak, he goes all in and every emotion feels so raw and powerful. I feel bad for posting the next two pictures, but this kind of shows how good of an actor he is. It’s disgusting and I may have screamed out because of it, but I think it proves that he’s truly committed to his role and not caring about how he looks when crying.

Sorry Kim Sang Joong.


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