Day 3 – Favourite Male & Female Character

I’m going to try to be good and just pick one for each category. Otherwise, this post will be too long.

For females, I’m going to go with: Hino Rei/Sailor Mars from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

I know it’s hard to ignore the campy nature of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Luna was a plush toy in some scenes and CGI in others. As a fan of Sailor Moon, I decided to watch this, because I thought it would be fun. It took me two years to get back and watch it, because I couldn’t handle how cheesy it was. I’m glad I did go back, because the story is quite good and it also produced one of my favourite female characters. Rei who is Sailor Mars. Unlike the anime where she’s always fighting with Usagi, Rei was more down to earth and developed a close relationship with Minako, Sailor Venus. In every scene that she was in, she stole the show. Plus, there’s this one moment when someone dies and she shows up to the battle completely broken and fights. It was sad to watch, but she did her best acting in that scene.

For males, I would have went with Yoshiko from from the Yuusha Yoshihiko, just because he never fails to make me laugh. And Yoshimoto from Kazoku Game, because of his troll like behaviour. But I fear that I’ll be using those names a lot so for the sake of this question I’m going to pick someone different. Variety is needed in this challenge.

I’m going to go with Kikuta Kazuo from Strawberry Night.

strawberry night

Kikuta is the subordinate of Himekawa Reiko, the only female police chief in the Homicide division. This poses problems for his boss, because being a female in an all man’s world is sometimes hard. No one respects you and people tend to think that her subordinates should take over while she does desk work like the other women. Kikuta doesn’t care about that though. He’s more than happy to follow Himekawa and thinks she’s a great leader.

I loved his support of her and his loyalty. I also liked that he was just a nice guy. He does have feelings for Himekawa, but never pushed them on her or made it known. His quiet confidence and ability to help his team without ever going against Himekawa and challenging her position was great. And the way he deals with her was sweet. He’s a good guy. A really good guy.

I haven’t seen the latest movie though, so I don’t know if all that changes. I’m hoping it won’t, but considering how Himekawa falls in love with someone else and jeopardizes the mission due to her unresolved demons, then he might change.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Favourite Male & Female Character

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Even though I talk about more kdramas on the blog, I do favour jdramas over them. I use to watch more kdramas, but the romance and same plots really turned me off. There have been some really great ones though, like Bad Guys and Misaeng. So I think I’ll start getting into them again.

      1. snow

        I love the romance in Kdramas! haha…but yeah…we are seeing more dramas which are different…and before, I thought how can I watch a Kdrama without romance but not anymore…


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