Day 2 – Favourite Drama

I can never just go with one, so here are my top five favourite dramas in no particular order…I think you’ll start to notice a tend with this list.

1. Kazoku Game (jdrama)

Kazoku Game

This came out in 2013 and stars Sakurai Sho from Arashi. At it’s heart, the show is about family. It just takes one really eccentric home tutor for the family to come together. And by eccentric, I mean he does things that would have gotten him fired and in jail had this not been a jdrama. In the first or second episode, Sakurai Sho’s character deals with a hikimori by barricading them in their room. He does this only after making a bet that the hikimori will want to eventually come out. It doesn’t sound bad, but when you see it you shake your head and wonder what’s wrong with these parents for allowing them to do this.

It’s good though. Once the hikimori comes out, the cracks in the family start showing up more. I won’t say anymore for fear of spoiling it, but this is a fantastic drama.

2. The Yuusha Yoshihiko series (jdramas)

This show is what made me love Yamada Takayuki. I’ve seen a few of his movies and shows before, but he usually known for those really serious roles. He does it well too, so seeing him a comedy where he’s still serious but it’s played more for laughs is just pure perfection. If you watch the clip above, he’s basically making this epic speech about how much he loves boobs and is willing to give up being a hero just so he can have a shot at them.

The show itself is pretty awesome as well and has a lot of well known people who make it worthwhile. It’s a mixture of Monty Python and RPG games. I just love that this is such a low budget show, but it never hindered my enjoyment of it. I hope they come out with a movie or another season sometime down the line. I’d watch it in a heartbeat….well when it gets subbed I would.

3. Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna (jdrama)

Guilty Akuma to Keiyakushita Onna

A story about revenge with a tragic love story mixed in to it. I remember watching this show and always being on the edge of my seat. Nogami Meiko, played by Kanna Miho, recently got out of jail for a crime that she never did. Once out, she starts hew new life as a pet groomer but she only has one goal in mind. To make those who framed her pay for what they did and it isn’t just a blackmail here or there. No. She wants them to die.

On one hand, you want her to succeed because what happened to her and her family was horrible and the reason behind it was just sad. There was no real reason or point for it. But once her relationship with Mashima Takuro, played by Tamaki Hiroshi, starts to deepen you kind of want her to let go of her hate and just be happy with him. It would be hard to do that, since Mashima is a cop and knows that she’s behind the string of deaths that’s been happening. But does that really matter? And that ending……

4. LIAR GAME (jdrama)


You know, the first time I heard about Liar Game I thought to myself, “Wow, what a stupid premise. People lying in a game for money. How can you make a show about that.”

How wrong I was, because the show proved to be fantastic and I absolute love Toda Erika and Matsuda Shota who play their roles the way it was meant to be played. (Sorry kdrama version of Liar Game).

There are some cheesy moments, but it doesn’t really matter because the show is awesome.

5. White Christmas (kdrama)

white christmas

The story does have its flaws and some plotholes, but I came into this feeling a but burned out from the usual kdramas that are out there. There’s only so much romantic comedies that you can watch and after going through them, you start to realize that they’re all the exact same thing. All of them. Just think about it.

So when White Christmas showed up I was intrigued because it had one of my favourite genres tied with it. Psychological. I watched it. I loved it. And it’s kind of spoiled me for everything else. The story is about a bunch of students who stay at school during the holidays. They’re joined by a psychiatrist who was involved in a car accident. This would prove to be the worse thing that they do, because now a murderer is amongst them and not everyone will survive the series. Even though it isn’t a comedy, there was one scene I laughed in. One of the characters go to a club or something and the music is filled with f bombs.

I do think Bad Guys and Misaeng is much better than this, but White Christimas was the first non romantic kdrama that I’ve watched. So it holds a special place in my heart for that reason.


Honourable Mention: Doli Armaano Ki (hindi)

Doli Armaano Ki

I know when most people think of Asian dramas, they think of jdramas, cdramas, tdramas, and kdramas. But what about the rest of Asia? Even though I don’t really like Bollywood, I’m currently hooked on Doli Armaano Ki.

The story is about a wife named Urmi and her horrible husband named Samrat. The stuff he puts her through, just because he’s the husband and she’s his property is sickening. Thankfully, Urmi is a strong character and fights back even when the world is against her.

I know it sounds weird, but I kind of love that the husband and wife are so against her and that the show is dealing with social issues like divorce and how a female doesn’t have to stay with her husband. Plus, how many times do you see cheating spouses get forgiven or taken back? It happens a lot in dramas and shows. So for a female character to be like, “Nope, not going to happen.” Even when the world is telling her to do so is refreshing.


13 thoughts on “Day 2 – Favourite Drama

  1. snow

    It’s interesting that you like an Indian TV show because I’ve lost all interest in them (I’m from India)…they have lost all the quality and the biggest downside is that they don’t have any limited length…and well, the emotions are too artificial as well..

    there was a time when Indian serials used to be awesome *sigh*

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Are there any serials that you would recommend? I’m not Indian, so I’d have to find the subtitles but I’m sure viki or somewhere else might have them.

      I normally don’t watch Indian shows, but my mom loves them. I tried before, but the camera work (the constant zooming in and out) and the over the topness of it all made me stay away. I think the only reason why I like Doli Armano Ki, is that the husband is horrible. I pretty much watch to see what he’ll do next. The lack of romance helps too.

      1. snow

        There are many but I don’t think the subtitles would be readily available…

        Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Sasural genda Phool, Rang Badalti Odhni, Just mohabbat, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, India Calling, Saaya, Left Right Left, Sea Hawks,Kutumb etc. But I have to warn you that all these shows are pretty long 😉 And their stories might go downhill a bit later on…

        INR! The camera work is horrible!! And so much make-up and expensive clothes…no natural feel at all…

  2. junny

    I like Guilty as well (since it’s got Tamaki Hiroshi XD), though the ending was a bit iffy. If you liked the Kanno-Tamaki dynamic, watch them in Kekkon Shinai, they’re quite adorable there, heh.

    And of course Liar Game, which must surely rank as one of Matsuda Shota’s defining roles. He was brilliant as Akiyama and made me look at him in a different light. Mehh on kdrama version.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’ve been wanting to watch Kekkon Shinai because of Amami Yuki, so I’ll definitely take a watch now. Tamaki is nice to watch, eh? hehe. I agree about the ending being kind of iffy, but I loved the last scene with Tamaki and Kanno’s characters. Reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet.

      I feel bad for the kdrama, because it wasn’t that bad. It just doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

      1. junny

        I know what you mean about the R&J feel, but it seemed a little off to me. It was very tragic, but in the sort of “this doesn’t quite feel right” way. I had a post on this and wrote then that I didn’t see the point of him doing that for her in the end, and I still don’t. But I guess the drama probably had to end on that sort of note.

        Tamaki was very sweet in Kekkon Shinai <3. Very un-Chiaki-like, if you will, although I adore his Chiaki to bits and pieces. I didn't like Amami Yuki until I saw her in Kekkon- her character was still the typical strong woman type, but much more likeable, and the friendship between the two women (Amami and Kanno's characters) was enjoyable and heartfelt.

        Don't feel bad about k-Liar Game, it wasn't up to par anyway (brings to mind the travesty that is the kdrama remake of Nodame Cantabile).

  3. clear

    Kazoku Game was the drama that got me looking into more jdrama, it was so wonderful. It makes me feel incredibly guilty though;;

      1. clear

        Oh like if I’m actually any close at all to my family or just taking advantage of their kindness. I’m all shut up in my room!

  4. Steven

    I only know Yuusha and Liar Game.. Watching Yuusha guarantees laugh every episode. Reminds me when the enemy died because he licked his own poisoned knife.. 😀

      1. Steven

        Maybe this is the time. I’ve seen some clips, but they had no subtitles (my sister likes to watch ’em raw).. So I’ll try to watch it.


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