Inou Battle wa Nichijoi-kei Naka de ep 9 – Where is Mirei?

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Quick Recap:

– The F Group made their move? I think? The data is deleted, so I guess it doesn’t matter.
– Tomoyo has the lowest ranking in terms of test scores.
– The girls don’t want Andou to use his Dark and Dark of the End ever again.
– Chifuyu loves Andou. Sayumi loves Andou. Hatoko loves Andou. Tomoyo probably loves Andou, but won’t admit it because she’s a tsundere and because Hatoko confronted her about it. Everyone wants to be chosen by Andou and be his number one.

Hmmm, I think that’s it. That’s what happened in episode nine of Inou-Battle wa Nichijoi-kei Naka de.

The harem vibes were heavy here and it kind of made me feel like everyone was under a spell or hypnosis or something. Even though it’s obvious that all of the girls love Andou, the sudden shift in narrative makes this feel forced and unnatural.

This might be what the show is going for though and what makes the Literature Club join the Fairy Wars even though Hajime is so against it. Could this be the F group that is doing this to all of the girls? Or did Dark and Dark the End cause the girls to bring forth their hidden feelings?

Andou won’t choose which girl he wants, because he’s not Kirito and thus has to maintain the status quo. But out of the four girls, Tomoyo has the best chance.

Why? Because she’s a tsundere, so they tend to always have the advantage. Hatoko told her about her feelings for Andou, which will probably cause Tomoyo push her feelings back. This is a classic obstacle that a heroine has to go through in mangas/animes and it’s almost always when the childhood friend of their crush tells them about how they feel. The biggest thing is that Tomoyo’s relationship with Andou is similar to Yuuta’s relationship to Rikka. It’s different, since Andou is mature and stuff, but they understand each other the most and like Yuuta, Tomoyo is what helped inspired Andou to live a life of chunnibyou.

So yea, Tomoyo has the best chance, but that doesn’t mean she’s my favourite girl.


My favourite is Mirei, which means nothing on this show. Not only is she non-existent, but after showing up for the first two episodes she’s disappeared completely. It’s kind of sad, because she became friends with Andou and then we never actually see them being friends.

If they played with their powers more, she might show up again. Her Grateful Robber is a valuable asset if the Literature Club ever joins the Fairy Wars. If they’re ever attacked, then she’s the best person to have on their team. But we already know that this show isn’t about the super powers, but even then, why placed her in the OP and ED if she’s not going to even show up for seven episodes. (Possibly more. Probably more)

Where on earth is Mirei? Why hasn’t she visited the club room? Was the rejection that heartbreaking? Speaking of rejection, I wonder how she would feel about the harem progression, especially since she accepted Andou’s feelings and wanted a relationship with him, but everyone in the club was against it.

I don’t know how much I like the sudden shift in the episode. If it isn’t the work of a superpower or a rival group, then I think I might end up disappointed because like I said before the feelings seem unnatural and forced. The last two episodes were good, but the romance here has put Inou-Battle in a standstill once again.

Seriously though, where is Mirei?


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