Sword Art Online II episode 21

Sword Art Online II  (1)

The Sleeping Knights have to fight their way through the crowd in order to fight the boss. Kirito comes in to help and defends their back. Sleeping Knights on one side, Kirito on the other, so which side will Asuna choose to help?

Kirito does a good job against the attack. So good that everyone stands in awe at his awesome playing skills. He tells Asuna that he’ll buy her 3 minutes so she should use that time to go into the boss room. He’s not alone though. Klein is there to help him out too.

Sword Art Online II  (2)

But no one from the harem showed up….

Now the Sleeping Knights have to just fight off the enemies out in front and they easily win thanks to Asuna. Nothing is left but the dead souls of all of the fallen players. If those guild players were smart, they would have swarmed each player. Even if they’re not as strong as the Sleeping Knights, they had 20 some members.

Sword Art Online II  (3)

With the players dead, the Sleeping Knights now head out to take on the boss. If you are wondering about Kirito, he’s doing okay.

The boss fight goes the way you expected it to go. They fight. They realize the boss’ weak point, which was kind of sad that it took them so long to figure it out. Whenever you see something like that, isn’t that the first place that you aim for? Oh well. What do I know. They figure out the weakness, then win and then have a party at Asuna’s place. They bring food over, but surprisngly there’s already a feast waiting for them.

Sword Art Online II  (4)

For some reason, I feel like Asuna is going to be late for dinner again with her mom. This means her NerveGear will be confiscated and she won’t be able to hang out with Yuuki or Kirito.

It doesn’t matter though, because the Sleeping Knights won!

Since they’ve now won, Asuna’s contract has technically ended with the Sleeping Knights. They promised to give her something that the boss dropped, but Asuna says that they don’t have to do that. Instead, she wants to talk to Yuuki more and let her join the Sleeping Knights.

She instantly killed the mood though, because the Sleeping Knights are going to disband before spring. Yuuki feels bad though, because she can’t accept Asuna’s offer. Before they can explain why, Asuna changes the subject and says that they should go to the swordsman memorial instead.

Their names are all up there, but I wonder what those symbols next to the names means? If it’s represents one guild, then why was everyone shocked that only a group of seven could defeat a boss?

Sword Art Online II (3)


I mean, look at floor 13. Isn’t that all one group? And a fairly recent one at that.

They take a picture and everything seems to be going better, but when Asuna and Yuuki talk again Yuuki starts crying and logs out.

I know this recap seems like nothing happened in the episode, but that’s mainly because there was a lot of fighting. The Sleeping Knights vs. the other guild. The Sleeping Knights vs. the boss. And then the party/plot happened near the end.

Sword Art Online II  (11)

Not sure what’s going on with Yuuki though, but I’m sensing something emotional will take place in the remaining episodes. I wonder if someone’s going to die in the real world which is why Yuuki is acting this way. Maybe Yuuki or her real sister will be the ones who don’t have much time left?

I’m wondering if the next episode will have Asuna fight with her mother once her gear gets taken away. If she learns the truth about Yuuki and if it’s connected to what I think will happen, then she’s going to lose her only chance to met her.

I guess the remaining episodes will focus on the drama surrounding Yuuki and Asuna’s mom in the real world. Maybe Asuna will realize the importance of real world contact and learn that you don’t need a game to connect with people.


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