Nobunaga Concerto episode 7 (jdrama)

Nobunaga Concerto4

Saburo is still feeling bad about Azai betraying him. Some of his retainers take him and flee. When they reach a pit stop, they take some time to rest only to be attacked. Men die. His retainers tell him to run away and save himself, but he’s too shocked by what happened.

Meanwhile, Denjiro is excited to finally get his revenge on Nobunaga, but his plans to join up with the Azai and then kill everyone from the Oda clan bust when Hanbei requests to stay back with him and help. Hanbei suspects Denjiro and now that Denjiro knows Hanbei is there, he has to fight with the Oda clan or be labeled a traitor.

Saburo returns home and then gets shot by Yuki. It’s clear that the shot came from the side of the fortress, but instead of finding out who killed him everyone just screams his name and/or title. What sucks is that it’s done right in front of Kichou and Tsune-chan.

Nobunaga Concerto

Saburo is now on death’s door.

Everyone is clearly distressed by this. Tsune-chan feels responsible, because he was with Saburo and was meant to protect him. Kichou feels like she’s responsible for pushing him to fight and being a tsundere. Yuki is responsible, but still feels bad about what happened. After all, Kichou and Saburo have been good to her and now she has to kill one of them while hurting the other. All of the enemies also know about what happened and are making plans so that Nobunaga doesn’t wake up for good.

Hanbei devises a plan to take out both Asakura and Azai in one swoop before Nobunaga wakes up. Kichou prays for Saburo’s health to return. While this happens, the real Nobunaga asks her why she’s going this far. I guess this entire thing is strange to Micchi. When he was there everyone was more solemn, but once Saburo takes over everyone is so full of life…even though he’s close to death at the moment. Kichou pretty much tells him that Nobunaga use to be distant, but one day he changed.

Nobunaga Concerto8

I feel bad for Micchi, because no one wants to hear that a fake is better than the real thing. It sucks when it’s one person who says that, but it’s even worse when everyone feels this way.  Then again, Micchi, is the type of person that brings everyone down. It’s not his fault, that’s just his personality, but he’s always intense and keeps everyone at a distance. That doesn’t mean he deserves to get hurt though or that his feelings are unwarranted. But he had to have known that this sort of thing could occur when he choose to ran away and asked Saburo to be Nobunaga.

Saburo wakes and everyone is overjoyed that he’s okay. Even though his wound hurts, the pain of knowing he’s going to have to attack and kill people hurts even more, especially when those people are good ones like Nagamasa. He still tries to keep his head up and promises to lead the Oda clan and not be the one who is always protected.

Saburo has a gift for Yuki so he and Kichou go over to give to her. This is too much for Yuki to handle though and she reveals that she’s an Asakura spy and the one who shot Saburo. Another person close to Saburo has betrayed him. He doesn’t take it well, but now I’m nervous that this will start to harden his heart and make him paranoid.

Nobunaga Concerto2

When he goes to lead his men in the surprise attack, his usual happy demeanor looks forced. It’s sad to watch, but understandable. The only time he snaps is when Micchi asks him if his wound hurts. Even though they won the battle against Azai, the war is far from over and more heartache is waiting for him in the future. Everyone celebrates, but his heart is still hurting. Thankfully Kichou comes around and cheers him up.

I don’t think he’ll be the same happy-go-lucky Saburo, but he’ll at least be more aware that the road to unifying Japan is one that won’t always be a smooth ride. You’ll have people who wish to kill you, betray you, and take what is yours.

That is the life of a feudal warlord. Even though it’s been awhile since he jumped into the Warring States period, he’s still incredibly naive his surroundings. It’s depressing that he went through what he did, but it did help him grow.

Yuki left the residence, but is brought back to be Kichou’s bodyguard. I guess this means Saburo is okay now, since he didn’t even want to look at her when she revealed the truth to him. It also means that Kaho will stay! I was afraid that this would be her last episode, but I’m glad she’s in it for the long haul.

Wahhhhhh huhhhhh ahhhh ehhhhh wahhhhhhhh?????? Denjiro knows the truth behind Micchi’s face? What the? Waaaa? Ehhh? Did that seriously just happen?

Who cares about the preview where it looks like the other daimyos wants to attack the Oda clan or that it looks like Mori-dono dies. Denjiro learned about Micchi. He saw his face and, he knows that it looks exactly like Saburo face!

Nobunaga Concerto6

He’s seen everything. He’s seen it all!

What’s going to happen now? Will he learn that it was Micchi who was the original Nobunaga and start helping Saburo now, or will he try to kill both of them?

Wow…I don’t really know what to say. This entire episode was depressing because I don’t like seeing Saburo sad or facing hardships like this. Being betrayed over and over again definitely did a number for him and it sucked. But that ending…..

That was a horrible cliffhanger, because now I need to know what happens next. If Hanbei knew or Tsune-chan, then that would be one thing, but Denjiro? That’s like the worse possible person to find out.

Or maybe he isn’t. Maybe this actually works in Saburo’s favour and not Micchi. Hmmmm. I’ll be interested in seeing where this reveal takes us.


11 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 7 (jdrama)

  1. clear

    I’ve been watching at an odd rate, interesting they chose Denjirou to find out the true face behind Mitsuhide (it was Yuki first in the manga) because he’s… sort of the final boss? Or at least it seemed that way. I have no idea where that’s going to lead to, exciting.

    Anyway looks like it will be Mori’s last chance to shine. I wonder if the boy at the end was Ranmaru or Nagayoshi? I hope they don’t cut Nagayoshi, he was such a cool, intense kid.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Where are you reading the manga from? I’ve only been able to find the first volume.

      With Denjiro finding out the truth, I wonder if he’ll actually help Saburo out instead of wanting to take everything from him…..or he’ll use that information to mess with Micchi and make him start to doubt or hate Saburo. I dunno, but it’s a good twist to this.

      1. clear

        It would be pretty interesting if Denjirou tries to use it as his advantage and turn Mitsuhide into Aida-san (the killer that Saburo thinks does Honnouji… then again he didn’t get to fail history in the drama so who knows if they’ll do the Aida-san gimmick here). Anyway I’m here for the crazy ride now.

        There’s raws up on up to the current volume (11). It’s such a shame no one wants to continue translating it!

  2. junny

    I started watching this (finally!) and am four episodes in. Liking it so far, quite funny, and I’m happy to see Fujiki as Hanbei – if you’re interested, try Love Revolution and Hotaru no Hikari for two of Fujiki’s non-cheating roles, heh. Mukai is also doing quite well as Tsune-chan.

    So they’re still keeping Denjiro being opposed to Nobunaga? I was wondering when he’d join Saburo’s side because wasn’t he posing as Kinoshita Tokichiro (who would become Toyotomi Hideyoshi)? Maybe the change will come in the next episode.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Yay! Glad you’re enjoying it and I’ll be sure to make note of those two dramas.

      Have you seen the anime? If not, then I won’t spoil anything regarding Denjiro. Then again, the drama is drastically different, so I don’t know. Plus, that cliffhanger in today’s episode makes me question whether he’s going to help Saburo or use it to destroy him.

      1. junny

        Nope, haven’t seen the anime, so I’m going into this a bit blind – had to brush up on my sengoku history! Are the changes good? And Yamada still has no beard!

        1. mochirochi Post author

          The changes are good. It’s very different from the anime, but it works here. I never knew the history about Nobunaga, but once I found out I was shocked.

          The lack of beard is the only bad thing about the drama, which is incredibly shallow to say, but I feel like it’s okay. The only time he was okay with any facial hair is in the Yuusha Yoshihiko series.

          1. junny

            Yeah, it seems to have deviated a fair bit from history, especially re Denjiro/Hideyoshi (that is, if he really is gonna be Hideyoshi), which is why I had to double-check. But if they’re doing the Battle of Anegawa right, we should see Ieyasu back in the picture before long.

            I only saw Yamada once before this, in the film MW with Tamaki Hiroshi, where he had no beard and looked ok (albeit a bit scruffy). I think maybe it’s the sengoku hairstyle that is making his beardless face stand out more.

  3. Ulidz

    Hai,, i love ur review about this drama…

    And for this cliffhanger in the end.. i’m not really suprise denjirou the one who found out.. that bcoz its make sense.. in the history denjirou who the one kill micchi after honnoji’s accident… i think they want in the path of history n thats good

    Even i don’t know what twist this drama will give us.. its make excited about the final.. how they will end this drama

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I knew that Micchi is the one will will kill Saburo, but I didn’t know that Denjiro kills him right after. I guess the reveal makes a lot more sense now, but I wonder if he’ll be the cause for Micchi to turn against Saburo? That way Nobunaga is completely gone and he’ll be free to take over?


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