Karen Senki episode 10

karen senki (3)

The episode starts with a news reporter, or someone, who keeps following Karen around. They ask residents from the market that she frequents about her, but all of them say that they don’t know anything about her. It’s a lie though. It has to be. Someone like Karen isn’t that hard to forget. The machines are also interviewed and complain about how fast she is. They can’t predict her movements or do anything to her. It’s simply impossible.

After the camera is abandoned, we switch scenes to Eleanor, the clone friendly jazz singer, and learn about her past. Before that though, she’s saying that she’s near the end of her clones and decides to give the performance of a lifetime to the audience that came out to see her tonight.

But in regards to her being at the end of her copies/clones, does this mean that she’s going to die soon? If so, then does this also tie into the fact that Touka is becoming more and more rebellious? The powers came due to the robots being there and taking over, so if it decreasing or becoming more sporadic then does this mean that the time for peace is near?

Maybe we’ll find out in the last two episodes.

The war broke out and Eleanor is now branded with an Eleven mark. It doesn’t do much to her life though, but that all changes when she’s betrayed by her lover. She use to do everything for him. She’d wear make up to look good. She’d wear perfume to smell good for him. She’d sing, just because he asked her to. Then she catches him having sex with someone else. That jerk.

karen senki - Eleanor

Eleanor completely shuts down her feelings for him. He tries to apologize, but she coldly says that she already called the cops on him. They’re both killed, but we know that Eleanor survives since she has a lot of clones.

We go back to Karen and find out where she got her special guns from. It involves a cursed bullet that flew down from the sky and hit her. It’s pretty fatal, but a nice old man saves her from it. He brings her to that temple we before and starts to surgically remove the bullet without any anesthesia.

karen senki (10)

The bullet chooses its gun and Karen releases the power sealed from the cursed bullet. What power? We don’t know, the episode ended at that point. I’m going to assume that this has to do with Touka or Karen’s abnormal speed and strength.

Some more questions are answered here, but unlike the previews episodes this one didn’t really flow as nicely when they were being revealed. It’s still an okay episode, just not as good as last few that’s come out. I understood the part regarding Eleanor and Karen, but not the first portion of the show. I’m not really sure how it fit in with everything else that happened.

With two more episodes left, we’d probably see Karen up against Seek right? If she destroys him, will he say, “I’m glad that I was able to serve humans?” It would be something he says and what he always wanted to do. This is simply his form of tough love, which is horrible though. Even though I liked him, he still needs to be destroyed just because of all the blood on his hands.

But if he dies, then what would that mean for the Elevens? This show, when you get a few questions answered they spring up a bunch more. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how all of this ends.


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