Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 9 – Heartbreaking….

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

Aki-lovely just finished stabbing Ulith, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop battling. She needs to since her wish is to heal Ulith’s scar. Just wondering, if this wish gets tainted then I would what would happen. Would Ulith be even more evil, or will Akira become something that Ulith hates even more? If she wins though, can Ulith really be healed?

Hitoe is okay. I guess it looked worse than it felt. She just feels bad that Iona had to remember some sad memories. Iona, being the Girl of Black, doesn’t understand why they are so nice to her when they should technically hate her and Mayu for creating the Selector game. But even though they feel like Mayu shouldn’t be forgiven, they understand her pain.

Yuzuki speculates that Mayu’s wish is to have everyone know how it really feels to be lonely, which is why the girls become cards and get trapped in a secluded place where they can only talk when their Selectors allow it. And if you lose your wish, then you face the loneliness of knowing what could have been.

It’s still harsh, but it isn’t out of revenge to the world. She just wants everyone to understand her pain.

Ruko then says that if Tama and Iona are Mayu then that means Mayu can’t really be that bad of a person.

Ulith is okay, but instead of focusing on her health, despite the small wound, she taunts Tama and calls her vomit. It’s sad too, because Tama inquired about Ulith’s health and instead is made to feel bad for even speaking to her in the first place.

selector spread WIXOSS (2)

Chiyori seems to have lost her spirit after speaking with Fumio, but Eldora pushes her to continue battling even though Chiyori seems to have a losing record. Chiyori calls up Hitoe and Ruko and asks them to battle her, but before they can say yes or no Akira shows up and challenges her instead. Chiyori doesn’t want to, but gets egged on by Eldora.

….show, please don’t let Chiyori lose. Why do I feel like the show is going to let Chiyori lose?

What is Eldora thinking? She knows that Chiyori has no chance, but is still pushing her to continue to battle. Wait. Since Chiyori’s wish is to be a LRIG and remain in the WIXOSS world, maybe Eldora is doing this to protect her? If Chiyori loses again, then her wish will be tainted and she’ll forget everything that has to do with WIXOSS. It’s harsh, but it is the only way to protect her from the harsh realities of this game.

Chiyori agrees to battle, but before they can open the battleground Ruko drags her away. Akira wants to chase after them, but Iona calls her over and since she’s a sucker for Iona she waddles over there.

selector spread WIXOSS (4)

Hitoe realizes what I think Eldora wants to happen, so she agrees to fight Chiyori. Even though both Yuzuki and Eldora are strong, the odds are in Yuzuki’s favour. Chiyori doesn’t realize that her deck can’t stand up against the red one, but Eldora knows.


Eldora then asks Hitoe and the others to remain being Chiyori’s friend even after she loses. Even though she wants to lose for the sake of saving Chiyori, she’s still going to give it her all. The outcome is the same though, but it’s kind of heartbreaking to know that Chiyori and Eldora had this awesome relationship and only Eldora will remember it. Chiyori will go back to her old life and forget all about WIXOSS.

Hitoe did end up coming back though, so maybe Chiyori has a chance too?

Meanwhile, Tama feels a battle taking place and even though she knows talking to Ulith will only cause her pain, she still continues to do so. Even though Tama likes to battle, she doesn’t enjoy it when she’s with Ulith. The only problem is that if they continue winning, then Ulith can get her wish granted and Tama can be a human and be with Ruko. Do you help someone who is evil so that you can find happiness, or do you lose which will only bring pain to yourself and those you love?

Akira then shows up and says that she’s no longer Aki-lucky or Aki-lovely. She’s just Aoi Akira and will be the one who will beat and save Ulith. She has no chance though, so what is she thinking.

selector spread WIXOSS (9)

What a depressing episode, but it is something that had to happen in order to protect Chiyori. It just sucks that she’s going to forget Eldora and all of her time with her. I wonder who Eldora will end up with now? We know that LRIGs don’t die, they just go to the next girl, but I wonder who?

Akira facing off against Ulith has me conflicted. Do I want to see Ulith rehabilitated and be a nicer person, or do I want her to continue doing what she’s doing since she’s a pretty great villain. Unlike Mayu, who created this game because of extreme loneliness. Ulith is just crazy and likes seeing people in pain. She’s a grade A sociopath that should be stopped, but I kind of like having her around because she really doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than her own desires.

Only three episodes left and I have no idea how everything will get wrapped up. Maybe we’ll get a movie or a short OVA. Something though, because I don’t want things to end like this.





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