OCN’s Bad Guys episode 8 (kdrama)

bad guys4

“No matter what crazy things I do, it doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, I will be acquitted by a psychiatric evaluation. Why? Because I’m a psychopath.”

Jeong Mun is a killer according to the private investigator that followed him. Only, he never actually saw Jeong Mun do any killing, he just saw a stalkerish side of our favourite psychopath. Jeong Mun would come out every Tuesday and follow a girl to their house and then slip inside. An hour later, he’d come out and that girl was dead. He’d then come back and visit the crime scene after each murder.

This is still not enough conclusive evidence to prove that he’s an actual serial killer, but if he’s being framed then that means he knows the real killer. Or at least he did. It also connects him to the death of Gu Tak’s daughter as she was the last victim of the serial killer case.

If Gu Tak knows what Jeong Mun might have done, then why didn’t he bust a cap in a certain someone’s rear end? I want to say that it’s because he believes that Jeong Mun is innocent, but he did just pull a gun out and aim it at him. I want to say that maybe Gu Tak is using a small fish to catch a bigger one, but like I said before the gun is already out and aimed at Jeong Mun. To his credit, Jeong Mun just stands there and waits for the bullet to come.

Only it never does.

Before anything can happen, Inspector Yu and Prosecutor Oh arrive and question him as to why he left the hospital. They send him back, while Inspector Yu takes a ride back with Prosector Oh. Their conversation is an interesting one, as we learn that that Jeong Mun didn’t actually kill his parents. Yay! He just killed the thieves who murder his parents, which is completely understandable. I think a lot of people would have done the same thing. But he did it in a brutal and excessive way. He was acquitted for this charge, but according to Prosecutor Oh, this is what triggered Jeong Mun’s psychopathic nature and helped shaped him to be the Hwayeondong serial killer.

bad guys3

Random side point: I like that the drivers on this show behave like actual drivers. I’ve watched my fair share of kdramas and whenever there is a driving scene I start cringing, because the driver will look over to their passenger and keep looking at them for a good minute or so. That’s just dangerous. I remember getting nervous during every car scene in Ooh La La Couple. So I was happy during the prosecutor drive, but then he turned to look at Inspector Yu and remained looking at her for close to 10 seconds. That’s so dangerous. I drove the other day and tried to do that and got nervous after half a second. How they can just keep looking is beyond me.

It just proves to me that I’d never want to drive near a character from a Korean drama. They’re not safe drivers. This is also my biggest problem with kdramas, which is weird because people will usually mention different things. But safety like this is more important to me….

Anyways, Jeong Mun heads back to the hospital where a scary Gu Tak is there waiting for him. Tak says his piece and then aims his gun right back to Jeong Mun’s head. He won’t kill him though, because only knives have a 100% success rate on Jeong Mun and even then he always seems to survive them. With the gun lowered, Gu Tak and Jeong Mun head out to find the truth about the murders.

Meanwhile, the serial killer from the first case was killed via strangulation, but someone higher up wants it to be called a suicide by hanging and leave it at that. Even though the man was a horrible person, it’s still not ethical for him to die like this, especially when he was murdered. Inspector Yu questions this, but is told that the higher ups have already decided what the truth is and she can’t do anything about it. She’s annoyed, because she’s green, so this would be a perfect time for someone shady to come and manipulate her.

Prosecutor Oh shows up and tells her that he was Team Criminal to disband. Either via self destruction or by making them disappear. If Inspect Yu helps him out, then he’ll make her life incredibly easy. That’s not enough to sway her though, so he drops one hint before letting her go. He tells her that the last person to see the serial killer was the Commissioner.

bad guys5

When she talks to the Commissioner about this and the reason why she was chosen to work with Team Criminal, she gets her heart shaken and walks away with tears staining her cheeks. With this, she’s now siding with Prosecutor Oh. I don’t trust him though, so I’m pretty sure this will backfire on her. That being said, I loved that she used the dog analogy to pretty much tell the Commissioner that she was done working for him and switching sides. It was clever.

I have to say, I like that we’re seeing more of Inspector Yu. Despite being one of the main characters and part of Team Criminal, she isn’t really shown much. Her main arc is getting kidnapped and then punching Madame Hwang, one of the greatest kdrama villains ever. Other than that moment, she hasn’t really done much. I’m glad we’re seeing more of her and that she’s doing something.

Gu Tak finds out who the car belongs to and strips off Jeong Mun’s ankle bracelet so they can go hunt down the owner. The guy, Cha Jin Man, comes to pick up Gu Tak, but gets freaked out when he gets up close and personal with Jeong Mun. He tries to run, but Jeong Mun grabs him and throws him into the backseat of the car. To make sure they are not disturbed, Gu Tak closes the door. Now, no one can see anything, but they can definitely hear Cha Jin Man’s screams of agony as Jeong Mun keeps hitting him over and over again.

bad guys2

Unfortunately for the two, Cha Jin Man doesn’t know much of anything. He was simply instructed to drive Jeong Mun to certain places by Doctor Kim. Doctor Kim is a psychiatrist who treated Jeong Mun in the past. For what, I have no idea. But if I had to guess, I would say he helped awaken the sleeping killer in the psychopath and let him experience a whole new world that he’ll never remember.

Ung Cheol is finally shown. He’s back in jail, which probably means that Tae Su is there as well. Prosecutor Oh more or less orders Inspector Yu to question Ung Cheol and Tae Su about who told them to kill Jeong Mun. This is meant to help find cracks in Team Criminal, but doesn’t it seem odd that she’s asking this question?

Why does it seem like Gu Tak was the one who put the hit on Jeong Mun? That can’t be right can it? In the last episode, Tae Su was told that if he didn’t do the job then he’d be killed. Ung Cheol was almost killed for not doing it too….was Gu Tak really the one behind all this?

Tak and Jeong Mun find the doctor, but before any answers are revealed Jeong Mun shocks Gu Tak, because he can’t trust him anymore. Jeong Mun vows to find the truth, but he’ll do it alone. This has to suck for the police department, because the tracking device is now gone and now they have a serial killer on the loose. A serial killer who was meant to be in jail. If the media catches wind of this, then this will ruin the reputation of the police department and cost a lot of people their jobs. It also sucks for Jeong Mun too, because he got drugged by the good doctor, who then kidnaps him. The doctor use to drug him all the time, so maybe during these hallucinogenic moments, Jeong Mun killed people without realizing or remembering it.

Inspector Yu finds Gu Tak at the church and asks him if he’s the one who caused all those problems for Team Criminal? It’s definitely a valid question to ask and one I’m wondering as well, but I feel bad for Inspector Yu because it’s clear that she’s being manipulated by Prosecutor Oh. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being the mastermind behind everything, including Jeong Mun’s killings.

bad guys6

Episode eight of Bad Guys was really good. This episode was mainly about Gu Tak, Inspector Yu, and Jeong Mun and while I missed the other members of Team Criminal they needed to be away for everyone else to come full circle. Despite how it may seem, Ung Cheol and Tae Su are more rational then Gu Tak and Inspector Yu. They may not trust Jeong Mun fully, but they also know when a bad guy is working behind the scenes.

For some reason it feels like the next episode will be the last one, but I think this has 11 episodes all together, so I wonder what will happen next. Team Criminal has to come together in order to find the real killer, but none of them trust each other and Inspector Yu made sure to create enough cracks to make it that way.

Prosecutor Oh…he’s a smart one.


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