5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 10

Terra Formars  (4)

The final episode about Adolf and Team Germany

1. Adolf did some damage and even managed to take out the chief roach, but there are still a lot of them and he’s down for the count.

2. One of the roaches uses a stomping form of CPR and the chief roach is back on his feet.

I remember reading this in the manga and thinking, “Ah crap! Adolf did so well and now he’s getting trolled like this.” I have the same feeling here. Now that Adolf showed off how strong he is, the roaches want his power even more now. That mustn’t happen though. It would be a disaster if the roaches got hold of him.

Terra Formars  (3)

3. Some of the roaches throw rocks at Adolf and he’s pretty much dead, but then he starts to beep which causes all of the roaches to run away.

Adolf…..I really wanted him to have a happy ending and live his life to the fullest away from Rosa and the Mars mission. Looks like that will be impossible now. He died in a heroic way and if he had to die, then this is the best way to go about it. He protected his crew till the very end. What more can you ask of your leader?

4. Team Germany is free of roaches and look on at Adolf before getting blown up with him.

Even though his group were not fighters, I love that Adolf had people who cared about him at the very end. Rosa turned her back on him and it was jarring to see her asking for money from his account, when the man just died. I’m glad his organization put a stop to all of those money transfers, but even they were sad for a moment about Adolf and then just moved on to their next experiment.

At least he had his crew there with him till the very end. They knew that they were weak. They knew that they had no chance, but did what they had to do for the good of the team.

Terra Formars  (5)

One of the scientist in Germany says that, “A man is strong once he is able to have a trusting relationship with a strong woman.” Which kind of annoyed me, because she’s indirectly saying that Adolf is weak because his wife was clearly not the type to be trusted, but even though he’s not strong in the marriage department, he’s still a capable leader. He became strong once he had a trusting relationship with his crew, and likewise, his crew became strong once they had a trusting relationship with him.

Which makes his death even more tragic, because the moment he gets a group that loves him for him and isn’t using him in any way shape or form, they all die.

RIP Team Germany.

5. The scene shifts and we see Captain Komachi’s team takes on a bunch of roaches; however, unlike Germany, they have proper fighters on their team so they have a better chance at survival.

Plus, they have someone named Onizuka.

Terra Formars (2)

With a name like that, he has to be good!

Their fight will be hard though, simply because some of the roaches they are facing are surgically enhanced ones. Considering how the majority of these changes came after the Bugs 2 mission, it makes sens that Captain Komachi’s team would be the ones dealing with them.

Once we moved on from Team Germany *cries* and saw Captain Komachi and Marcos, I felt like the animation did a huge jump. Everything is more defined now and there’s actual movement shown along with the multiple camera panning.

Overall, this was another great episode. I didn’t really feel much about Eva in the anime, but the scene when she’s punching the roach and crying really got to me. We may not have learned a lot about the Team Germany members, but it’s clear they all admired and loved Adolf. He deserved it too, which is why he’s one of the more popular characters and is got a spin off series based on him titled: Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard.

His death still sucks though, but that’s how this series is like. You get attached and then they die. When I read the manga, I’m always in a constant stage of fear that one of my favourite characters will die. The sad part is that I have a lot of favourite characters and some of the don’t make it.

Great episode!



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