First Impressions: OCN’s Dr. Frost

dr frost

Pre viewing thoughts:

This is a first for me. I’ve never watched a kdrama that is based on a manwha. There have been shows that were adapted before, like Full House, but I never watched them. And if I did, I didn’t watch one where I’ve actually read the source material before. That’s why I’m excited for this, because I quite like Dr. Frost and psychological so I’m hoping this will be good. It does have the added perk of being on OCN, who has a no romance rule which I appreciate and the first episode was just two minutes shy of one hour. I can handle long shows, but sometimes it’s harder to watch it all in one sitting.

Dr. Frost is a case by case type story with a bigger one that weaves itself through the situations. I’ll be interested in seeing what cases make it on the show and which ones don’t.


The story here involved Dr. Frost figuring out what is wrong with Anna, a famous actress who feels like she’s constantly being watched. Dr. Frost suspects that she may suffer from dissociative identity disorder. Multiple personalities. But is curious as to why she thinks that she’s going to kill herself.

dr frost4

This is a random side point, but whenever I watch a show or read a book that mentions this disorder, I’m reminded of Harumi Chono from Paranoia Agent. Even thinking about her makes me feel horrible. Her personality disorder ended up really messing with her life. Such a great show. I recommend it if you like psychological stories that make you think.

Anna seems to fit the dissociative identity disorder model as both of her personalities are very different from each one. One is cold and the other is sweet. One uses their left hand and the other uses their right. But something doesn’t seem right. Some of the traits definitely fit, but others, like her shoe size not fitting and her being at two places at once, seem to contradict the evidence.

Turns out that Anna doesn’t have multiple personalities. She suffers from someone who is trying to take over her life. Jeong Seong Hye, aka the fake Anna, suffers from identification delusion. This is the same condition that John Lennon’s murderer had. When adoration and/or jealousy go to the extreme end and become obsession, then the worst case scenario can happen. The fake will become so good at their new role that they’ll have no choice, but to kill the original. The thing is, Seong Hye truly believes that she is Anna and has thrown away her real personality for this dream.

dr frost3

The two share a past, but one that only Seong Hye seems to remember. The two are actors, but she keeps losing out on the roles that she’s auditioned for. Roles that Anna keeps getting. Seong Hye is a great actress, but everyone calls her Anna’s fake. Seems kind of harsh. Since she heard this so many times, she kind of snapped and started to become Anna. She even went as far as getting plastic surgery to make her look more authentic.

Anna’s manager also ends up being complacent in the fake Anna’s scheme. He was hoping that the real Anna would end up dying since he didn’t want to deal with her anymore. Real Anna is a bit of a jerk and high maintenance, while fake Anna isn’t. Seong Hye is the better actress, better person, and the better Anna.

In the end, Dr. Frost and Sung Ah save the day and with any luck, Seong Hye will be placed in a mental hospital instead of prison. That way, she’ll hopefully be able to get the treatment she needs to have a better life.

First Impressions:

Like a lot of adaptations, I’m going to have to stop thinking that this will be exactly like the original when there will always be changes to the story. Liberties need to be taken in order to entertain the viewing audience.


I am a bit bummed that it is so different though. Dr. Frost doesn’t seem like the original one. He was way too cold to Sung Ah when he never really had a problem with her. He may not have emotions, but he isn’t rude or flippant. Maybe he is, but he’s rational which is why he wouldn’t have tried to say that he doesn’t need an assistant. He would have simply known that this was protocol and went with it. There were times when he was like the original, but other times when he looked like he had a chip on his shoulder.

Sung Ah suffers too, as it seems like she’s dumbed down a bit for this drama. She’s closer to the original, but I don’t remember her acting like this either. And Anna is a student at the university who becomes an actress after having her first session with Dr. Frost. She shows up again after she hits the big time.

It’s been awhile though, so maybe I’m only remembering how things were like when I stopped reading and not how it was in the beginning, but some of the liberties taken were not enough to deter me from the show.

If I ignore the changes and just look at the show as a whole, it was okay. The case involving Anna was interesting, but needed a bit more meat to its story. I kind of wish it lasted for two episodes instead of one so it could have been developed more. The actors seem capable, which is nice, and I do like Sung Ah so far. She may be slightly different, but she has some spunk to her.

For a first episode, it did it’s job in telling us what to expect. It still needs to find it’s footing, but for it’s debut it was okay. It wasn’t horrible, but it also wasn’t as good as I would have liked it to be. This is my fault though, because I thought it would be similar to the webtoon and didn’t expect so many changes. Now that I know, I should be fine for the next episode.

Which is good, because the previews seem to be showing us the history behind Dr. Song and Dr. Frost. This is happening a lot sooner than I thought it would, but considering how this was one of the best arcs of the series, I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’s done well.


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